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Default If you could lose one pound per week.....

and in 52 weeks be 52 pounds lighter - would you be satified, even though it took a 'long time'? Or 104 pounds in two years? It's an interesting thought. Just curious.


My dietician says a pound a week is a good loss. It seems like I am too impatient for that. But, if it was a 'garanteed' thing I could go for it. - I guess.
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Trying to be in the 160s
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I'd take it! Two years passes in the blink of an eye.
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i came across this video the other day! i hope u enjoy it

what 1 pound looks like.
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One pound a week is actually the plan I am on right now. So far so good.
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Oh most definitely I'd take it. Especially since my previous trend was to gain one pound per week and wonder what the heck happened at the end of a year!
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I would definitely take it. In fact this is my goal. If I lose more quickly, I'm happy. But I limit my expectation to 1 pound a week (and I have to look at it over a month, because it's definitely not a straight shot down).
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I had a thread asking the same question
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Yes. I'd take it. It wouldn't mean my goal weight by my 30th birthday. But dang I'd be a lot lighter than I am now! And sure I hope for faster than that.
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For me, it depends. If I bust my butt to lose more, then I would not be satisfied with 1 pound per week. If I was aiming to lose 1 pound, and my diet was geared to lose just that one 1 pound -- and I was able to do it. Then yes, I would be happy. But for right now I am trying to lose more. So, if all my hard work only resulted in 1 pound per week, I would not be happy. Mind you, I'd rather have a 1 pound loss than a stall! But in the long term I'll take my chances rather than the guarantee of 1 pound.

(I feel like I'm on "lets make a deal" and I'm choosing between the sure-thing 1 pound/week loss vs. what's behind door #3)

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Sure I would take it anything lower than where I am now would be great. But I have to agree with Joe... if I am busting my butt and its only 1 pound then I wouldn't exactly be thrilled.
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Satisfied? Probably not. Losing weight isn't easy. Heck, I'm preaching to the choir, huh? If I'm 100% on-plan and my body choose to only give up one pound a week at this weight, I will likely feel cheated. However, 6 months down the road I could be looking at a 24 pound loss and that would make me happier....but, probably still not satisfied. It would be nice to have lost 24 pounds. But still not as good as maybe a 48-72 pound loss. I know me. I'm kind of an all or nothing kind of gal. But.....maybe that's my problem? (Things that make you go "hmmmm.")
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With a little over a year under my belt, I'm averaging a little over a pound a week. I'm good with that. It took me 48 years to put all this weight on, I don't mind taking a couple of years, or more, to take it off. I don't do well at all if I feel like I'm deprived. If I were to decrease my food intake to the point of losing more than I am now, I would most definitely feel deprived and end up falling face first into mass amounts of food.
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Well, considering the last time I lost weight, averaging 8-10lb per month, was always a struggle, yes, I'd be happy with 1lb per week if it's not a struggle. I'm trying a new plan this time and it hasn't been as hard as before, but my average loss is 1lb per week. Any loss is better than a gain!
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Depends on how much effort that one pound per week took.

I average 2lbs per week, but I'm bustin my *** to sustain that :-)
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I was thinking about this thread all day after reading it on my phone this morning.

If I didn't have to diet and exercise like a maniac in this guaranteed scenario, I'd be happy to eat a balanced diet with moderate exercise and thank the heavens to be guaranteed the 52lbs change in one year.

In my current real life, I *need* to lose more than 1lb a week to make it feel worth the effort that I put into it. I need the scale progress to give me incentive to trudge on and I am feeling selfish writing that here.
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