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Default "What do I know today?"

Beth taught me this wonderful game:
Originally Posted by bethFromDayton View Post
When I'm in a lousy mood I start listing good things that I know (as in "What do I know today?")

They can be personal: I get a paycheck, my jeans are too big in the waist now, DH brought me flowers for Valentine's Day. My knee is improving. I like our new couch. It's getting easier to get up off the floor.

They can be about other people: DD the younger got a great scholarship. DS is having a great semester and called last night. DD the older is planning her wedding and getting excited. BFF is doing well. 3FC friend had a great day yesterday.

They can be political, since I'm a pretty political animal and close follower of things. <State> legislature passed/rejected <insert here>.

I know that's sort of Pollyanna-ish, but I'm often accused of that. There's always so much good going on around me and I find reminding myself of it a powerful way to get out of a funk or put things in perspective.

Does anyone else need to play it?
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Living Intuitively
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As I mentioned in another thread- I'm finally facing one of my biggest fears and burdens today. I'm going to the banks with my DH is discuss my financial failures. -_- I'm anxious. So very anxious. Feeling just about every negative emotion I can muster, but I'm trying not to!

I even went to the gym this morning!

So here is what I know today:
- I'm going to feel SO much better this time next week (I hope!)
- I'm so lucky that Colorado Springs has a community acupuncture place. I can drop in today and get some ear seeds/tacks to help manage my anxiety.
- I'm going to have leftovers tonight- so I can watch a bit of tv guilt free.
- I bought a groupon for massages a few months back and today I'm going to schedule my first one! (Better then stress eating!)
- 3FC brings me so much comfort and happiness.
- Today when I sat in the spa- I looked down at my body and couldn't see my tummy sticking out past my bust! Hooray!
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Yay, I've been doing this everyday since she posted that

Today I know-
That I can feel my hip bones "finally"
That my under ware is firmly an eight instead of a ten.
No doctors appointments for me or the kids until the end of the month.
That I will be seeing my Florida friends soon.
That chocolate quakes rice chips are so yummy.
That I'm proud of myself.
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Today I know-
-That I have truly grown as a person because my emotions are all over the place and I am frustrated so the two headed fire breathing purple dragon wants to come out and destroy (binge eat and yell at people) all that I worked hard for.
-I still have the best son in the world and I am so thankful to have him in my life.
-I have a roof over my head, a good job w/ steady income and everything in my home is mine.
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