Getting out of the 300's

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  • There are a lot of "getting out of" threads so I thought I'd see if there are other people in the 300s who want to chat together.

    While 299 is a far cry from Onederland it will sure be nice to move there one day. When I was here before there was a name for the 200's like Onederland but I can't remember what it was...anyone know?
  • Count me in! And I join you in wanting a name for hitting the 200s -- I've been thinking about hitting "twoderland" as something that will be a huge milestone for me as I haven't seen the 200s since 1990.
  • While I can't officially "join you" in this thread, I wanted to give you some encouragement. I started in the 300s, and I know how hard it can be to work toward twoderville. I'm so glad to see this thread. It's threads like this that helped me when I started, and keep helping me now.

    Keep on keepin' on!! Every day, every hour, we're here for each other.

  • I'm out of the 300s too but wanted to say WELCOME and I know how you feel. Getting down to 299 was one of the happiest days of my life after finding out I weighed in at 328 at my doctor's office a few weeks before I started my diet plan (I assume I weighed a bit more at some point but never ever got on my scale).

    Good luck getting to 299, I hope you are as proud of your accomplishment when you get there as I was. I proved to myself I could do it and just focused on 1lb at a time.

    Edit to add---sorry I just saw you had 698 posts so you aren't new. So instead of welcome, I say "nice to meet you!"!!
  • Good luck ladies. I started off at 335. It was traumatizing. I know the long hard road you have a head of you. Keep at it you can do it!
  • I think people called it the "twoteens"?

    I remember when I didn't think it was possible to get out of the 300's let alone into onederland, but it CAN BE DONE!

  • I am so with you! I want to be out of the 300's like right now! 25.5 pounds to go! My lowest weight was 215 and I started out at 435, so being under 300 is going to be a huge thing for me. I aimed to be there by April first but then I got sick, so I'm now aiming for May 1st, which is right before my sister in law's stagette.

    Being in the same "decade" as my goal weight just makes me feel so much closer to "normal". I can't imagine onederland, but the "two's" will be pretty heady for me.
  • Twoderville!! That's the name I was thinking of!

    And of course everyone is welcome to contribute. I love hearing from folks who were over 300 and have made it to Twoderville and beyond.

    @Elvislover - I have been gone for 4 years so both a Welcome and Glad to meet you are appropriate. I was in Twoderville for awhile back in 2009 then let life drag me away from good eating habits and visiting 3FC.

    @CherryQuinn - you're so close to Onederland! Send us a postcard when you get there!!
  • What do you look forward to?

    Here are some things I look forward to -

    Fitting in airplane seats.
    Not worrying if a booth will work for me.
    Being able to ride a horse again.

    How about you?
  • Wow your list is identical to mine. I'm oh so close to being out of the 300s. Enduring a bit of a stall this month but I hope to be at 299 by the end of April.

    Thanks for starting this one up. I was beginning to wonder where all of us three-bees were.
  • I look forward to not requiring my special "king size" camping chair.
  • Well we all have more comfortable seating in common, haha.

    Another one for me (also seating related) is to feel comfortable in stadium seats. I'm getting Seahawks season tickets next year and want to not feel bad for the poor person stuck sitting next to me!
  • I'm with you on all the things we want. In fact my mini-goals are all what I refer to as "comfort related" instead of weight goals -- although obviously I'm watching both. For me there's the "science" part of tracking calories and carbs and the emotional part of reaching those NSVs. Both bring me immense satisfaction (and truthfully, a little smugness since I haven't been able to successfully do this in over 25 years!). I'm still well into the 300s, and I realized yesterday that when I was at Costco and the grocery store that I actually spent some of the time pushing the cart instead of using it to lean on to support me as I walked through the stores. Anyone else use their cart as a weight support system?
  • I know I'm not technically in the "300 club" anymore, but I sure do feel like it. I guess seating is the main one for me right now. ANYWHERE I go, it seems like seating is a challenge. Restaurant, work meeting, movie theater, sporting event, riding as a passenger in someone's car, ugh...
  • You don't have to be in the 300s to contribute of course.

    For me I feel a little cheated. The day I did my first official weigh in the scale said 315. I thought that was low so I reset my scale and tried again...315. The next day I weighed in at 324. So I've been coming down since 324 and the scale today read 316 which is good but one pound above my ticker still!

    Hopefully my next official weigh in will be under 315 so we can see that little horse move on down the road.