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Default If I knew then...

This may have been discussed before in another thread but as we all try to lose weight and get healthier and fitter, we learn things that work and don't work for our bodies (and mindsets). If you could go back in time to the beginning of your weightless journey and give yourself some pointers what would they be?

My top 3 would be:

1. Always eat breakfast
2. No amount of exercise is a substitute for a proper diet
3. Plan your treats
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All fast food meals have 2-3 times as many calories as a similiarly sized homemade equivalent.

Sitting around makes you more tired, not less so.
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When you stop losing weight for a significant amount of time, get your thyroid checked and do not give up!
Eat less pasta (even whole wheat)
Eat a larger breakfast, regular lunch, and smaller dinner
Do not substitute healthy snacks for homemade goodies!

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smaller portions goes a long way!
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Trying for normal
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Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.
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1) find a plan that you can eat food you enjoy AND feel physically good following
2) find 3fc for support and accountability
3) don't stop
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F - Yeah, I'm doing this.
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Every time you think you are hungry, have a glass of water first. You are probably just thirsty!

Don't let one slip throw you off track.
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Don't let yourself get too hungry. If you do get really hungry, throw some protein at it.
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1) Hunger is not an emergency or nature's call for Doritos.

2) I really don't need that much food.

3) Don't wait until you feel like it to exercise. Just do'll be glad you did.

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I want to feel better
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Eating does not make your problems go away.
Don't eat everything in sight over the weekend because your are going on "THE DIET" on Monday.
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Starting over
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Don't worry about what you will look like after you lose the weight.
Stop thinking that it is impossible to lose the weight.
Don't look at the big picture, just focus on one pound at a time.
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Don't wait for "tomorrow" to get back on track when you slip.

When you feel hungry and you've just eaten, take a five minute break and just breathe. Have a glass of water or tea. Reassess whether you're really hungry after that.

The "hungry ME" who demands treats and food has NO CONTROL over my hands and mouth. It may shout all it wants, but my MIND has control over what I actually pick up and eat. If I can take a few minutes and breathe, and realize that the two are separate, it is much easier to resist her ranting, or to calm her with expectations of healthy on-plan eating later. She doesn't want to starve, and I understand that. She needs to realize that I do indeed understand that, and then she calms down some.
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1.) The food is not running away. You don't have to have it all in one sitting.

2.) Stick with it. Even if you're not perfect all the time, just try to be stick to plan most of the time. Don't give up.

3.) Plan ahead. You can have anything, but that doesn't mean you should have everything.

4.) Stay hydrated, hunger feels a lot like thirst.
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I think I'm losing it!
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1. Pay attention to why you want to eat. Perhaps you'd rather do something else that is less destructive.

2. It's OK to leave food on your plate. Really... even if you paid for it. You can walk away from it.

3. Purchase treats in single servings -- eat it and be done with it. Don't keep bags of candy in the house. If you want ice cream or a cookie, go out to a shop or bakery and puchase one -- just one.

4. Don't eat in the car. Keep your seat upholstry clean and enjoy not having to vacuum out the crumbs so often.
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1. Eating off plan might make you feel good short term, but it really stinks long term.

2. DON'T GIVE UP! you cheat, you have a bad day, life happens, move on, get right back on the wagon and keep on moving.

3. Stop eating when you are full regardless of what's left on the plate or how great it tastes. That next bite is not worth the feeling of being over stuffed!
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