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Question Weekly Weigh Ins

So I am on the journey to lose over 100 lbs.

From January 1st through January 8th, I lost 9 pounds.

I am thrilled. I am in disbelief that I could make so much
progress in one week. I was aiming for 2-3lbs (3-4lbs secretly).

I understand that weight fluctuates up and down for any number
of reasons.

I have kept calories between 1500-1700 each day.
I haven't really exercised.

All that to say, I only weigh in weekly, and I am unsure if
this is a bonafide weight loss or if I just weighed myself on a lower weight day.

What do you think?
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A loss is a loss! I weigh every day and you better believe I celebrate even if it goes up a teensy bit the next day.

Great start! Keep it up!
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I'd be surprised if that drop didn't stick around - as long as you stay on plan. The first week is usually a big rush of weight (not much fat loss, but lots of fluid, some muscle loss). The next week will not give the same results - prepare yourself!
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Did you weigh at approximately the same time both times? Best is first thing in the morning before having anything to eat or drink. That gives the a more accurate comparison week over week because what you eat and drink shows up on the scale while your body metabolizes it. So if you weighed the first time in the evening after eating 3 meals and drinking 8 cups of liquids over the course of the day, then your starting weight might have been artificially high.

But on the other hand, esp. starting off on the higher side, a dramatic first week loss is not unusual. And however the numbers got there, you are 9 lbs down from your starting weight and that's awesome, congrats!!!

Keep going and you'll keep making progress, even if it's not always quite this dramatic!
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I've experienced this loss a few times. I have had a loss like that and then really stuck to plan, started to exercise and lost an addition 2 pounds the following week. I've also had a gain the following week if I consumed lots of salt, ect.

But it's a 9 pound loss! Rejoice!
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Congrats on the 9lb loss!! I'm beginning my weight loss journey and my goal is to get 100 pounds off for good
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Just be prepared because the first week you lose a lot of water weight, which is why there is a big decrease. Next week, you will probably not have such high numbers. Just don't let yourself get discouraged!

You are doing great!
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Way to go. That's great!
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Most—if not all—of it will stick! When we first start losing weight we tend to have a big loss at the beginning! Enjoy it!

I had a big loss like that my first week too, 8 pounds!
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Congrats and you can do it.
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