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Unhappy It's Been So Long...Or Why Do I Keep Quitting?

It's been nearly a year since I've been here.
I'm a habitual...idk. I was going to say dieter, but that's not quite correct. I used to be really bad about yo-yo dieting. But as I've gotten older and learned more, I've been trying to eat the best I can and exercise like I "diet", just me being healthy.
I always lose weight, too. I feel wonderful, my depression disappears, I have amazing energy, all my cravings are gone...I'm genuinely happy with my life and myself...but after a few weeks, I just quit...and I don't know why.
Any advice from those of you who have been there and done that?
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I do the same exact thing and I don't know why either. Hopefully you get some good responses.
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Sometimes it's easier to just be comatose with food and withdraw from life and people.

Easier isn't always the best thing, though. We just have to remember the bad side of that choice.
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I wish I knew why....because I am the same way
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There were some questions I had to ask myself: Why do I constantly sabotage myself? Why do I constantly make excuses to NOT do something I say I want so badly? Who do I choose food over my own health?

One of the answers I found was that I was afraid. Another of the answers I found was that I was lazy.

Obviously the answers to those questions will be different for everyone. But I told myself I needed to either quit quitting, or quit trying and be content with obesity. The latter didn't seem like a good option!

I got to a point where I was absolutely sick and tired of being miserable in my own body and I refused to allow myself to live that way any longer. I want to enjoy every part of life, including being proud of my body and taking care of it. Until I got to the point where I committed 100%, there wasn't enough advice in the world that could have helped me.
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Because it is hard to stay committed. It is much easier to just be lazy and not put the effort into working hard to eat right and exercise. On someone's signature it says something like "Exercise and eating right is hard. Being overweight is hard. Choose your hard." (Obviously it is said much better on the signature, but you get the point.)

I say all of this because I had to move my ticker all the way back to the top again because of the same thing, not putting in the effort. The other thing for me was because of a couple of bad years of jobs/financial situations I didn't feel like I was worthy of any effort. Not a good place to be.

But, everyday we need to tell ourselves to never give up. It isn't worth the downhill spiral.
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Keep your chin up... You can do this!
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I've regained all the weight I lost. I'm right there with you. I had lost 80 lbs and it's all back. augh.

I used to track and it ALWAYS works. But I can't seem to track FOR EV AR. SO I've got to find a more intuitive way to eat. It's all I can hope for if it's ever going to stick.

TOday I start a juice/raw food cleanse, then getting back to a vegan/gluten free diet.
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I think I'm losing it!
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I've lost and regained 90+ lbs 3 times in my life, and lesser amounts too many times to mention. As I was losing the weight, it was such a struggle that I told myself, NO WAY would I have to do this again. And, then I just let my efforts slip away.

I agree with the poster that said it's just easier to withdraw from life and be comforted by food. That's my normal mode of operation -- 40 years of that. (Looking back, I think my issues began when I became a latchkey kid at 7 years old when my mom went to work -- school photos between 2nd and 3rd grade show about a 30 lb gain!) It's hard to break a lifetime of hard wiring, and we all need comforting -- some of us just get more comfort from food.

This time, I've taken action to examine myself and deal with emotional issues. I've never known anyone who participated in counseling, but often thought I needed someone to talk to - a professional. It's the best decision I've ever made. She's helped me see that food fills in when I don't get certain needs met. I hadn't even acknowledged that I HAD needs, let alone identify what those needs might be! She has helped me learn to be watchful and notice when certain feelings strike, then examine WHY I feel that way. Most often, there's a logical reason, but my predicted response (with excess food) would've been illogical.

She gave me one interesting example that has stuck with me. I told her about a confrontation with a difficult coworker, and she asked me how I felt afterward. I told her that I was angry, and that I immediately wanted to eat.

She said that mine was a common response, and that people handle anger differently, for example, someone who has had a disagreement may go out and purchase gifts for that other person, in hopes that they can make up and make that person like them again (thus making themselves feel better). I laughed out loud! No way would I buy that "creep" a gift! That's absurd! I'd more likely go out to the parking lot and slash her tires. (Of course, I'd never do anything like that, but anger provokes a vivid imagination in me!)

And, she said, well, do you really think that eating cookies would somehow be any better? Isn't that as illogical as purchasing her a gift? It made me see that my reaction to eat would not have solved my problem, in fact, it was as absurd as spending money on someone that I dislike!

I'm not sure I've told that story effectively, but it was a turning point for me to realize that eating to make myself feel better was not a smart thing to do. It just makes me feel sluggish and puts weight on me, keeping me a prisoner in a body that can't live life as I want to.

I encourage you to continue examining why you've regained in the past. What was it that brought back those old habits? It's not easy; it's not fun. But, I think it just may be necessary to our success. It will always be a struggle to keep the weight at bay, but at least we'll know more about the enemy we're fighting - ourselves.

Best of luck to you on your journey!
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I also do exactly the same thing. My only guess, and this is my current fad or mantra perhaps is that we need to be investing in ourselves and bodies the same way we care for finances, families, or for me just my teeth. My teeth are a weird example but I had several procedures and a few root canals and crowns spending upwards of $6k or more (I didn't have insurance at the time either). Now I finally brush and floss every day. I know that if I don't start maintaining a healthy lifestyle forever the same sort of thing will happen with respect to my health, I'll have more bills need more tests or procedures, or more medications. And I need to not get to the medical equivalent of my dental situation.

I think this site has the potential to help a lot. I have a tendency to be a wallflower and not participate, but owning it like posting our weights, goals and tickers and remaining engaged has to help (I say with optimism and hope).

Find ways of enjoying being healthy, I know what you mean about feeling better all around, I never understand why I quit either. But I'm trying harder to make healthy food delicious, adding more spices and experimenting with new vegetables. I also like the feeling of sore muscles so I'm trying to do sit-ups and other at home firming and toning type exercises I've learned in classes or seen online to maintain a feeling of "fitness" (there seem to be posts here about such exercises, but let me know if you want to know mine). When I feel fit, I like to feed my body healthier foods so I find I'm less likely to eat junk food or overeat if my muscles are sore.

Finally, I don't think the power of positive self talk should be underestimated. I truly believe that looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself how strong and powerful you are and that you can and have already been successful can impact the way your brain works/thinks. *After looking into the mirror myself, I remembered another good one - "today I will not overeat." It's harder I think to lie to yourself, or break a promise to yourself when you have to look yourself in the eyes... but maybe that's just me!

Anyway, it's a journey and I wish you the best of luck!

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