What is your NSV this week?

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  • Mine is the size 3x bathing suit that 6 months ago was a torture to get on and off is getting too big for me. I was amazed at how easy it was to get on/off today even wet . Also the bottoms are a bit loose, not falling off but I can pull it out about 6inches. I had to smile at this. NOt that I want to buy another suit but I love not having to struggle getting it on.
  • I have had a rough year. I gained 30 pounds throughout the year. Well, I finally lost that 30 pounds. NSV: I saw a friend that I hadn't seen in a year. When she saw me I looked the same!! Yes, I would have liked to have been leaner but I would have been devastated if I had gained when I had expressed my desire to lose weight to her.
  • I went up and down the stairs in the stockroom at my job without breathing hard and having to stop to catch my breath. Now I can work on my speed!
  • My waist is visibly going IN! Holy cow!
  • A while back I bought some knit tunic tops in a size that fit and also in a size too small. This morning I wore the small one shopping and used the large one to wear over my swimsuit!
  • Wearing a size 16 jean comfortly now . Goal for me are those slim 14's . I can do this !
  • i realized ive lost 1/3 of my goal weight! My collar bones have come out of hiding!
  • I loved all these great NSV. We ROCK. Keep them coming. I want to read more successes. Even small ones add up. Remember you are amazing.
  • I just love my body! I still have too much excess fat, and I can get totally consumed by pinching all the extra fat on my arms, thighs, gut, butt, etc. But I am far more likely to be caught flexing my newly-acquired arm muscles or tapping my rock-hard thigh muscles or doing a spontaneous Warrior Pose. I am too fat, yes. But I am also surprisingly strong and flexible, and though I will not win in a sprint, I will totally outlast most people on distance. (Plus, truth time - I really like my shape in general. I am a pear, but in the right clothes, I can mask my huge thighs/hips while emphasizing my small(er) waist.)
  • I wore my size 10 jeans to work yesterday. They were really tight and by the end of my shift, I wanted them OFF, but they fit! Hard to believe that at the beginning of this year, I was wearing a size 22!
  • I just noticed that there was space on both sides of me when I sat in the bathtub. My hip bones are also starting to stick out a bit.
  • Lauriedawn. I have been doing the same thing. Saying to myself "I look good". I am sure most people still see this fat lady but I see the progress I have made. I can't wait to see those muscle I am making stronger under all this fat. Its like I am remaking myself from the inside out. When this fat goes away and it will I will have an awsome body underneath. Its amazing.

    epicskyline Congrats on the size 10. I think I was 18 the last time I fit a size 10. YOu go girl. Congratulations on your loss so far BTW.

    ellezony That is funny. I was laying in the tube and noticed that my stomach did not go up as far. MY easier to get out of the tub right?

    I have one. A size XL shirt I have not been able to fit into now looks great. The sleeves were always too tight, not anymore.

    I am loving these.
  • This is probably a little silly buuuuuuuuut,

    My husband can pick me up and I can wrap my legs around his waist. He did that to me yesterday evening when he got off work and it sort of took the both of us off guard haha. I have been going back and forth between the same 5 pounds for the last month or so, but I have lost inches. Not sure if that has made a difference, but that is my NSV of the week, probably the entire month lol.
  • Quote: I just noticed that there was space on both sides of me when I sat in the bathtub. My hip bones are also starting to stick out a bit.
    I did this the other night. There hadn't been space between my hips/butt and the bathtub in a really long time. I was so excited! LOL.
  • My nsv is that my butt shelf (I had literally a flat ridge above my butt, I swear I could have sat a shot glass on it and it would have stayed ) is gone, there is just a normal taper there now.