What is your NSV this week?

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  • That it didn't phase me in the slightest that I gained half a pound this week. So many times I've struggled all week only to see a gain, and I'd often want to break down and/or give up. But this past week I watched what I was eating just fine and did a lot of extra walking, and I'm consistently fitting into 16's, so a small fluctuation is really nothing.

    It's huge for me that I didn't feel one twinge of anger or regret that the scale didn't go down after working so hard. It really helps to keep a chart! With that I can see the overall trend is still going the right direction.
  • my NSV is... that im still going strong with my new lifestyle! holding true to my new eating habits and doing some sort of exercise every day and my activtrax work-outs thru the week!
  • I have 2 NSV's this week. The first is I walked 3 miles in an hour without difficulty. When I started I was lucky to walk 1 miles in an hour and I was huffing and puffing.

    2nd I measured my bra size today (mine was just not holding my girls right). I have gone from a 42 to a 36 since August. Now I have to buy a couple new ones. I just bought new bras in August.
  • ive got a couple... i keep poking my sides cuz i cant get over how hard they r getting (good thing im not ticklish). i turned in shower n realized there werent any rolls on my side its flipping amazing!
  • I am fitting in my XL shirts again. I put them away and now they fit. I was wearing 3XL shirts when I started so this is huge for me. I looked in the mirror and thought I look good today. Yes I am still fat but I think back at how I looked 5 months ago and see a huge difference.

    Have a wonderful day.
  • I decided to begin my weight loss journey! That must be a victory, no?
  • I think a man may have flirted a bit with me today.

    And if he was just being pleasant, well that is still a huge step up from being treated as if you are invisible.

    Plus........ I feel pretty today!
  • This is a ridiculous one.

    I made it half way down the hall at work before I had to duck into the bathroom to pull up my underwear, my pants and oh... MY GIRDLE!

    Even my control garments are sliding off! Woohoo!
  • Thats funny and wonderful at the same time Radiojane. I have had to buy new Bra's Since I started losing weight. I hate buying them only to have to replace them in 3-4 months. Enjoy buying new undergarments.

    Wrting about undergarments reminded me of something. I had to buy new bra's again. I bought new ones in September and again a few weeks ago. I bought the new ones smaller and had to use the last hook. Yesterday I had to move them to the nearest hook. This is a good thing but I might have to buy a new one sooner than I thought. I was happy to finally be able to fit into a sports bra.
  • I have my closet separated into two sections, "the wearables" and "the unwearables" lol. I have been consistently moving clothes from the unwearable section to the wearable section. Today I put on a pair of pink curdoroy pants that I wore when I was a month from goal back in 2005. That really shocked me. Now my closet is more than 75% wearables.
  • Even with all the stress of 2 sick kiddos, 1 kiddo having her birthday, and my 9 mos old (one of the germ factories) being glued to my side, I haven't just called for pizza delivery, or just grabbed something quick that's in the fridge for hub's lunch. I stayed on plan and actually slid in under calories for the last 2 days, but I'd rather do THAT with healthy, filling, nutrient rich food, than to grab a 2 minute nuke job, filled with all the stuff I've been avoiding for 3 weeks.
  • These are awesome NSVs!!

    Angieand2girls, I did the same thing in my closet but I had made a separate section for the stuff that was too big! I packed it all up this week and was a little sad doing so as they were nice clothes and I was really comfortable in them (figuratively and literally) but it's now part of my past. And someone will get good use of them. So happy for you and your corduroy pants!

    Angihas2, that's a HUGE nsv! Hope the kids feel better soon. So happy you stayed on plan, it's so hard. But you did it!!

    I bought a 0x sweater today, I haven't worn a 0x in probably 8-9 years. Now granted, it's an "open" sweater you'd wear over a tank top or dress so it's not meant to be buttoned but I can pull this off! Mentally it was so freeing to buy. They had a 2x and a 0x on the clearance rack, I brought both to the dressing room. The 2x was like a dress on me. A few months ago it would have been too tight. So happy today!
  • my workout pants r soooo baggy they look like im carrying a "load" so tried my daughters on for some idea of where i am and they fit me beautifully! Mine r a 1-2Xn hers r a 7-9! What an awesome feeling it was this morning!
  • I went to the doctor on Tues. My BP was 110/70, the lowest it's been since I was a teenager.
  • Great NSV ladies. I went swimming with my daughter today. My bathingsuit is about done. Its too big. I remember a few months ago it was torture to get the top on and off. Now I kept having to pull the top up so my boobs did not fall out. I really loved it when I bought ones that fit now I have to buy more. Its a good thing.