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ONEderland, I 0wn you!
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Originally Posted by lunarsongbird View Post
I agree! I LOVE reading everyone's NSVs. SOOOO inspiring!!

I have a bathing suit like this without the straps: (Now please, please, PLEASE can I have this body? )

and the sheath like part is now coming all the way down like a dress. Time for a new bathing suit, I think.
I love this suit!! Especially with a big floppy hat and oversized shades. Where did you get it? I'm about to go scope and, see if they have their suits out yet!

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Living Intuitively
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I got it last year at Target.

Can you believe I'm now on the last clasps of my bra?! Is this really happening?! Nor can I remember to clasp it that way. I will put it on- often get to work and am insanely uncomfy...and have to go to the bathroom to readjust.
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I fit back into my size 10's which I haven't worn since pre-pregnancy! I'm happy, but they are from Banana Republic which are infamously guilty of 'vanity sizing' but hey, either way, these pants were beyond too small last year!
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My husband posted a photo of our daughter on facebook and one of my best friends said that she noted an "average sized headless woman" in the background and only realized it was me because of my wedding rings and diaper bag.

Yay! Someone thinks I'm average sized!
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My coat, a company gift for xmas in 2011, has always been snug but it's the only thing they've ever gave me that I both wear and use.


I can zip it up and THERE IS LOTS OF EXTRA ROOM! Even with a sweater on!

That really makes me feel better considering I haven't lost a lb in two weeks.

And to top that.... A friend of the family saw me in CVS and had to do a double take, saying I look as if I'm wasting away. She was being sincere too. I told her, that was partly my intention LOL. I know I'm not really, but it made me feel nice knowing it's starting to be noticeable.
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I fit into a pair of jeans I haven't worn in like five years :-D I had to lie down to zip them but they zipped!
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I realized last night that my weight and my daughter's weight combined is less than what my start weight was...and also that I can now snuggle her in her bed, on the top bunk, without fear of the thing collapsing in on us as our combined weight is now within the range deemed acceptible.
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the muse of memory
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I'm wearing tights 1 size smaller. They fit fine!

Also: am wearing the dress I bought on clearance 1 month ago. It was a bit too tight to wear to work then. Today: perfect fit!
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Starting over sucks.
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I'm not only 115 pounds lighter than I was in August, I'm 60 pounds lighter than I was in 2006!!!!

Let me explain:

I'm walking on air right now because on a whim, I tried retrieving my login info from the weight watchers account I had in college. I wanted to do this because I had no idea what I weighed prior to about August. I hadn't gone near a scale since probably '07, But when I was in college, my aunt signed me up for WW (at which I crashed and burned), and of course I input all my stats. My logs were all gone, but my community profile was still there, with my starting and current weights. I was 382!!!!!

SOOOOOOO Nice to have proof that I've done more than just lose what I packed on in the last 2 years I've been down on myself because I still had so far to go and I must have been way smaller than this when I moved home, but I wasn't! And it's sort of a relief to know that the 100 pounds I thought I'd gained since 2008 was in reality only about 50 or so!

I am smaller than I was at 22. HECK YES!!!!

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It's great reading all of these!

Today my NSV was pushing the leftover pizza aside to reach my hummus and not even realizing I was doing it! In the past I would have said "oh! pizza!"
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F - Yeah, I'm doing this.
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I hit my 20 lb mini goal and rewarded myself with some new workout gear. That meant shopping . I bought 3 shirts and a pair of jeans in a size smaller! Jeans are a size 18, they are a tad tight, but if things keep going the way they are they will fit in no time Bought new shoes too

Going with a friend to sign up for the gym right now!!

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Downloading 10% complete
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I was short on clothes yesterday, and the only top I could find was one that would creep up to around my waist when I was bigger. I walked around in it all day and it stayed quite happily where it was!
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It's me, Ashleyyy!
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Like a few of you wrote, I too bought a pair of jeans a size too small and I GOT THEM BUTTONED AND ZIPPED. I wouldn't dare go out in public in them just yet (can you say muffin top), but I got them over this big old booty. Size 18.
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Sweets kicks Silverfire! Woot Shiv & Smaslers! Here's to old clothes that feel new again.
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One with the Wind and Sky
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I've had slight gains in the past two weeks. I've been trying so hard not to let it get to me since I know I'm still doing well food and exercise-wise.

I went to jog my quarter mile tonight and my pants would not stay up. I somehow got through it without stopping since I was pulling them back up every few seconds (thank goodness it was dark). These pants are (were?) one of only two pairs I own that are tight enough to stay up for a jog. I must have lost a little bit off my waist this past week.
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