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Lightbulb How does it feel to lose the first 100 lbs?

There was a thread in the maintainer's area about how it felt to be thin. It's an old one and not as active anymore but reading it gave me tons of inspiration.

Most of us starting in this area of the forum have or had to lose 100+ lbs. Right now it feels like a far-away goal. I currently weigh 270 lbs and in the back of my mind I think I'm not only going to look the same at 170 lbs but also feel the same. For example, I still feel like I won't be able to climb stairs, or get up off the floor with ease (I'm 27 but already it feels very difficult to sit on the floor cross-legged or easily get off the floor and even the chair).

For anyone who's lost about a 100 lbs (not necessarily reached goal), how did you feel? What could you do that you couldn't do 100 lbs before?
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I can do anything!
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AMAZING. Beyond Amazing. There is no describing it.

I can do anything.

ETA: at my high weight I was sore all the time, my joints ached, I had no energy. Now, everything is easier. I feel no pain, at all... I can run and jump and squat and sit on the floor. My mind is the only thing holding me back now. My body isn't in the way anymore.

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I think I'm losing it!
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Trust me; you won't feel the same 100 lbs from now. Physically, so much will change. I can remember that I actually felt smaller -- even shorter (I'm 5'5"). When you stand next to a tall man, you actually feel petite -- even with more weight to lose! I even felt smaller behind the wheel of my car!

Baths were a joy because with very little effort I could get out of the tub. And, taking the stairs was fun, not a chore. I even took tap dance lessons for a while!

It's really a great feeling. Unfortunately, I've never experienced it for very long - I hope to keep the weight off this time. Sometimes, I wonder if, when I've lost all the weight, I'll miss the exhiliration that comes along with LOSING. It can be frustrating as it's happening, but all in all, it's thrilling to see and feel yourself getting smaller.
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On a break with Baby #5
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It feels incredible in very subtle ways. Since I have lot the wright slowly, with plenty of mainenance and breaks for various reasons (like the one I am in now) the changes are almost imperceptible, and yet they hit me at the strangest times.

Being able to cross my legs without having my muscles quivering with the effort of trying to keep them together is one.

Realizing I don't have to select my hairstyles based on which ones make my face look fat, because it looks normally proportioned no matter what I choose.

My kids giving me hugs, and realizing their arms can easily go around me and not just clutch at my belly.

Things like that aren't obvious at any particular weight, but cumulatively they signify the change in my body. Things that used to be hard, like getting up off the floor, are much easier. Just little bits here and there that remind me how different I am now, and why I never want to go back.
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I'm not sure it "feels" like anything, which I think is why it's so easy to gain weight back..... I keep expecting to FEEL differently, but it's just me in here... and the only reason it feels a bit "differently" than all the other times I've lose lots of weight, is that I have a "record" of myself at the beginning in the form of my disability application. And because I've journaled all the way, this time (I haven't kept many of the journals, but just the act of writing them has solidified some of the experimence in my me).

I've only lost 100 lbs once (this time), the previous times I lose 70, 65, and another 60 - 65. Though the first time I would have expected it to feel more, I don't know more "something" than the current 100 lbs, because I was in my teens and had gone from 225 lbs to 155 lbs. The proportionate amount of weight was higher.

The problem with weight loss in terms of "feeling it," is the same as "seeing it." Every morning you wake up and look in the mirror and you look exactly the same, and you feel exactly the same too, and trying to remember what you looked and felt like 20, 30, 50, even 100 lbs isn't really easy, because that person doesn't exist anymore and they haven't for an awful lot of yesterdays.

This time, I knew I was going to have a challenge feeling differently, so sometimes I make a list of all the things I couldn't do when I started that I can do now. It helps me see the difference, even though I can't always see or feel it.

I really encourage folks to "write it down." If you haven't lost it yet, right down what you can't do, what it feels like to try, what you can do and how it feels to do it, how you feel afterward... be as descriptive as possible, because you want to remember it, so that you're determined not to ever have to try to lose it all over again.

The weight comes on, and comes off slowly, so if you're not paying attention, you don't feel any differently. Heck, in so many ways, I don't feel any differently in my head, than I did in kindergarten, 41 years ago.

I still remember passionately feeling (and still feeling today) that a "restroom" should be a beautiful room filled with recliners and couches, not toilets; because I can't say I've ever rested in a restroom.

This time, I won't let myself forget, because I've written so much of it down, and have kept at least enough of it for me to remember. Any time I'm tempted to give up, I remind myself of what I can do now, that I couldn't do (such as shower without a shower chair, and lift my hands over my head without pain), and I list all the things I still want to do, that weight loss and exercise might allow me to do (because if my health issues, I don't know what I'll ever really be able to do, but "just not going back" is motivation enough not to quit).

I may never "feel" different, or truly appreciate how far I've come, but now I have my written proof that I AM different, so I can be motivated by the facts, not just my feelings (or lack of them).

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I'm still discovering new things, so some of it is fresh in my mind.

My knees felt better going up the stairs at only 25 pounds down.

Getting up from the yoga mat is one fluid motion, not a roll and a heave and pushing up with both hands.

Getting in and out of my sportscar is easier and more fluid.

I don't feel like I'm oozing out the sides of my chair at work.

I'll have to ponder this a little more and see what else I can come up with.
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Everything is better! I can run, play with my students at recess, sleep without waking everyone in the house up from my snoring, walk up stairs, carry tons of groceries, bags, etc., wear cute clothes, do almost everything my trainer asks me to do (sometimes it takes a few tries, but I get there eventually), fit in booths, movie theater seats, roller coasters, plane seats. I can do normal household chores without taking breaks, touch my toes, fit in my car without looking like a clown in a toy car (seriously!), and cross my legs... The list goes on and on...

I used to think like kaplods. One thing I did was make "notes" on facebook and I do go back and read it. I try on clothes every 5-10 pounds, even if I know they won't fit yet, just to see how close I'm getting. I share every single "I just ___! I haven't been able to do that since ___!" moment I have with anyone who will listen. I am determined to enjoy maintaining my weight loss for the rest of my life, and if I happen to lose more in the process, maintain that loss also. Cherish every moment, and never take it for granted.
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Thank you so much everyone for sharing your experiences. I absolutely feed off the positive energy and excitement from these kind of posts. It's an instant mood booster.

kaplods, the idea about writing everything down is brilliant. There are so many things I'm unable to do or do them with a lot of discomfort. Despite that, I still give in to binges and unhealthy eating. And then I feel miserable about not being able to do much physically. It's a vicious cycle. Maybe if I write how I feel at every step, what I can and can't do and what my mental and physical limitations are because of my weight, it'll keep me from giving in to future unhealthy habits. Thank you.

I would love to see more posts on this.
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It's different for everybody, good or bad. In a lot of ways I felt better, but in others my mind just wouldn't catch up. The issue for me was that I had lost sooo much weight and spent sooo much time on it (almost a year) that it became a really frustrating experience for me that I wasn't yet thin. I didn't even feel "normal" sized, although I probably was close. I, like a lot of people, had body dysmorphia and had a hard time accepting that I wasn't 300 pounds anymore. I think that's the reason (the frustration of it all) that I gained all the weight back, and quickly.

However, body dysmorphia does end given enough patience, and then you can start to enjoy your new self more.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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It's weird, but 55 lbs. made me lose my mind LOL 100 came and went with a "oh wow that's cool" but 55 was the most I'd ever lost and I thought I was a rock star LOL

As for how I feel after 100, or 165 now, is a funny answer - I'm one of those weirdos who never really was miserable being fat. I didn't hurt, I didn't shy away from social situations, I had/have true love in my life. Losing the weight sure made it easier to get around, and I have some more energy I think, but more importantly, I'll probably LIVE longer. The older I get, the greedier I get for life And the life I have will be better as I age etc.

I was ALWAYS a genuinely happy person, no matter what size. I NEVER once felt I was a 'bad' person for being fat, or that thin people were 'good'. That didn't change. I worry sometimes when I read posts about "when I lose 100 pounds i will feel XYZ about myself" nope, not always the case I'm afraid. If your self-esteem or self-worth is predicated on how much you weigh, it's bound to shift. Losing weight is no cure-all for what ails you but it sure feels grand
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Originally Posted by Trazey34 View Post
I worry sometimes when I read posts about "when I lose 100 pounds i will feel XYZ about myself" nope, not always the case I'm afraid.
I know what you mean, and this reminded me to add that when I suggested that folks write down what they can't do now because of their weight... to make sure it really is something they can't do (and not just something they don't want to do) because of their weight (is it really the weight stopping you, or your own fear that you think will disappear along with the weight).

I cringe when I see folks post, or hear folks say that they can't wait to get thin so they can swim. Swimming and water exercise is hands-down the best exercise for most very overweight folks, and anyone with joint and/or mobility issues.

It saddens me tremendously that we live in a culture in which swimming and being seen in a swimming suit is seen as something that only people with perfect bodies should do. Even celebrities are slammed in the fashion and gossip media for allowing themselves to be seen with imperfect bodies (even if the celeb has become a little overweight, or even if they've just committed the "crime" of getting old... really how great do you expect a 75 year old actress or actor to look in a bathing suit?)

I think we've learned to sacrifice too much in the name of weight loss, and the deprivation becomes so overwhelming that we make it not worth the effort. By living life to the fullest, and not letting the weight stop you unless it physically stops you, weight loss becomes much less about "giving up everything fun and rewarding" in life until some magic weight at which you suddenly deserve to have a life.
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I can do a lot more physically. At my highest, it was painful to have to stand for more than 5 minutes at a time (walking was more tolerable, it was the standing still that would make my legs ache terribly). I was slow and lumbering. You know those fold-up tables with the attached benches that a lot of grade school cafeterias have? I worked an after school program and had trouble sitting with the kids. Theater seats were a problem. My asthma got pretty fierce (I thought I had outgrown it but it came back when I got over 300 lbs). I had trouble getting up off the floor, or even out of chairs at times, come to think of it. I was always, always completely and utterly exhausted. I had no agility, no balance. And I couldn't buy jeans off the rack even from a plus sized specialty shop, so I stopped wearing them altogether.

I'm far from my goal weight, but I can walk and stand without issue, and can even run/jog for short distances (although it's something that needs a lot of work yet). I haven't tried sitting at one of those fold-up tables in years but I'm willing to bet I'd be fine now, as I am in theater seats. My asthma has gotten much better and I have high hopes it will go away like it did when I was younger. I can get off the floor easily now, although it's not the most comfortable place for me to sit yet, lol. I'm not tired all the time, in fact I feel like I have a decent amount of energy (still room to improve there). I feel more agile and able as I move around, doing every-day things. Oh, and I'm small enough to buy jeans off the rack at Old Navy (they only go up to a size 20).

The changes are small and slow, but they certainly add up. I can bend and move again. I can squat to pick something dropped on the floor without a second thought, when I used to loathe having to reach for something on the bottom shelf of the fridge. It's been good to feel more able, and I can only imagine it gets better from here. The thing is that it's such a slow change that it may be easy to not notice at all.
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Wow, you 100 lb losers are all SOOOO inspiring!! I can't wait until it's me!! I can only imagine (for now lol) the sense of victory that you all felt having completely such a HUGE challenge. I'm inspired! Wonderful!
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I lost just short of 100 pounds about four years ago, and it was amazing. BUT - since we have essentially the same starting weight, I thought I would quickly address how good it feels to lose 25 pounds. I have started running and weight lifting. Now, when I see people outside running in great shape, I no longer feel a mixture of guilt and jealousy. I instead am simply convinced that I will be like that soon enough. I haven't actually had to stop wearing clothes yet, but clothes that were super tight are now baggy. I have to continually remind myself that I am actually still fat, cuz I really don't feel like it. I feel flexible and light and no longer plagued by guilt.

I love how Trazey and Kaplods continually remind us that fat DOES NOT mean misery, nor is it a moral failing. I couldn't agree more. But I still suffered from constant guilt over poor food choices. Now, I can eat ice cream with my kids and feel no guilt, though I seldom want to anymore.

The benefits of eating well and exercising come way before the noticeable weight loss - at least for me. It doesn't mean I never struggle, but for today, I am grateful I am on plan.
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Lady petite : !st-love the name -at 5'1 my self I also dream of being a petite lady again. I just wanted to thankyou for this thread-it's given me inspiration and ideas already to keep on treakin. I've only lost 20 pds but already feel better. More energy- using walker instead of wheelchair so much- feeling more alert-though all that may just be due to eating healthy now-only 10% sweet or white stuff.
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