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Default Smartphone apps

Do you use any to help with your weight loss? Do you have any recommendations?
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my fitness pal
bodybugg has an app now too if you have one.
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I'm going to second myfitnesspal I've been using it about a month now and I love it.
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I really love Loseit. I mainly use their website for tracking, but have their app on my phone when I'm out. The app also lets you scan barcodes to automatically upload foods. At first I was kinda like, "Pfft, I don't eat a lot of processed food with barcodes!" ... but as time went on, I realized just how much food DOES have barcodes - I think I even scanned produce once because I didn't like the count in the system for it (collards, maybe?). Anyway, the barcode scanner is a great feature. I've tried a few different counting sites but I think Loseit has a great set of features. /end infomercial!
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Default My fitness pal

My darling husband swears by LoseIt - I prefer MyFitnessPal. if you are on Weight Watchers, it also has a good smartphone app.
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Fitbit ultra along with the fitbit website and loseit! app. I log my food in the loseit! app and it updates it to my fitbit. And the fitbit updates my calories burned to the loseit! app.
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I'll also chime in for My Fitness Pal. I use it daily and it's been very helpful for me.
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I use Noom, but I am thinking of changing. I am looking forward to more recommendations myself.
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Default re:

I like dailyburn. It's free and lets you trace both food and exercise.
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I love My Net Diary. It is similar to another app called Lose It! and they are both similar to My Fitness Pal. I've tried every app in the store and these three are the top contenders in my mind, but My Net Diary is the best for me. Love it. I have the paid version of everything but they do have free. They also have a diabetes management app, which I don't think has been released in the U.S. yet but it will be soon.
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I also really like Loseit. It motivates me to exercise as I see my available calories for the day going down every time I eat something. I also love how you can scan a ups label to enter your food you eat. Super easy to use!
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For walking outside, I like Runkeeper. It will track how far you walk and how fast, so you can get an accurate measure. It also links into Fitocracy if you use that.

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I use CardioTrainer for gps-tracked activity, Yes!Weight and SimpleWeight to keep track of my pounds lost for different challenges/minigoals, and the PrimalFeed for primal/paleo blogs. I use Fitday to track food and they dont have an android app (i keep trying to switch to MFP or LoseIt, but im so dissatisfied with them). I may get another BodyBugg. If I do, I'll use that app, too.

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