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Default Finally figured it out

There is an article in the latest Biography magazine about this 90/10 diet where you eat 90% healthy and 10% 'fun' food, that being your ice cream, chocolate etc. The idea is that you get some 'fun' food so you don't feel deprived. I think this is where my problem is. I have been going along thinking that I shouldn't deprive myself of food I like to eat as it will just make me resentful and I'll eat more than ever. The problem though is that I can't just eat in moderation, I eat 'fun' food all the time so I'm really at 90% unhealthy food and 10% healthy food instead of the other way around. It's no wonder that I'm not losing weight. I think I need to go cold turkey on the unhealthy food and start eating right until I can factor some 'fun' food in without overdoing it. Maybe when it comes to food I am an all or nothing person and I'm not going to lose weight until I give up all the unhealthy stuff. It's worth a shot!
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90/10 - maybe if you are maintaining. I would be more like 95/5

Here is an idea for those unhealthy snacks - when you get home from the grocery store break up the portions into little baggies. I do this with chips, crackers and cookies. This will teach you what a portion is.. and you might stop at one baggie.

If I really get a craving - normally it's licorce - I buy some. I go to the store and get a single size bag. If I don't give into my craving I will eat everything else first and still buy the licorce.

Hope this helps
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Back in January & February when I was doing what I was supposed to do, I still ate the foods I craved, just less. Need fries...small fry. Need ice cream...1 scoop, the good stuff.

Today, (I am back on plan) I have a bag a Peanut Butter M&M's at home for dessert if I end up with enough calories left (240) that will be my dessert. I have been craving them like crazy!!!
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90/10 is what I try & do. It works great when I'm following it.

Mmmm, peanut butter M&M's.
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Oh no!! Now I'm craving peanut M&M's!!

I know what you mean. I was existing almost entirely on junk food, and my worst problem was to sit down every night after the kids were in bed and "rewarding" myself with a big bowl of ice cream. I could polish off a half gallon of ice cream in 3 nights, or put a way a container of Ben & Jerrys in no time. I knew that any diet plan for me had to include a dessert. I work Pria Bars or Slim Fast Snack Bars into my daily routine and then I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I can still have my sweets and stay on plan. It gives me something to look forward to and I don't feel deprived.
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Want to feel better
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You all have some good ideas that I think I would like to try and maybe will help. Thank you.

I have been needing to find some kind of balance to this eating thing. To think that I will never eat another cookie, ice cream or chips is unrealistic. I just have to find how I can have a little with out going overboard. If I try to deny myself when I have a bad craving ~ I end up doing like slimdown mentioned ~ I have a whole bunch of stuff and end up still eating the thing I was craving. It would have been better off to just eat the thing I was craving in the first place and have it over with.

glynne (Gayle)
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For those sugar cravings...

I got this recipe that I tried today from another board on here... it sounds gross but I loved it!!!

Take 1 cup of Fat Free Cottage Cheese.

Stick it in a blender and blend until it's really smooth.

Then, boil one cup of water and dissolve a small package of sugar-free jello in it (whatever flavor, I did LIME, YUUUUMMM!). Wait until it's all dissolved and pour it into the cottage cheese.

Blend. (stick your finger in and taste it, if it doesn't taste dessert-y enough add a couple teaspoons of Sugar Free vanilla yogurt insant powder).

Pour it into a bowl and let it set. It's suppose to be "cheesecake." Cheesecake it ain't but it's still super yummy and you can eat a TON of it.
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I think I've adopted the 90/10 WOE without knowing it. By doing WW I can have what I like as long as I don't have too much. I don't have a problem with sweets and never use sugar (lucky) but I love chippies and cheezels and salty stuff like that as well as a wine with my dinner. I eat extra good during the day and at night I have mini packets of chips, never buy the big bags even if it is cheaper, also like Sandi said always get the good stuff. Since your not having as much you can afford the best, that way your taste buds are satisfied with less. Oh not to mention you have to be very strict with yourself and don't allow any treats unless you've earn't it or planned it first. Eating like this takes willpower but I do find it much easyier to stay on track if I can at least have a little of what I fancy

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