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Default I am an either onplan or offplan person. Not much in between.

Yes...that's me. It seems that I am either very diligent with my plan/choices OR - I just eat anything and everything. It's one or the other.. and nothing in between.

It kind of makes me feel crazy. Crazy that I just can't eat - that food is my reaction to all feelings (good or bad), fatigue, stress, illness, celebrations. It's frustrating. I am sure many of you deal with this, too.

Since there's no inbetween, it seems I must work at being onplan. I don't know how to eat much to eat without a plan. It is what it is. Sometimes it's frustrating. But, I will move forward the best that I can.

I am always grateful for any food sanity that comes my way.

Thanks for listening.
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I am exactly the same way and the end result is that I am either gaining or losing weight. The only time in my life that I have maintained weight is when I was trying to lose weight but failing.

I have accepted that I will always have to plan and monitor my food intake. While I found it depressing for some time, I have come to accept it as no different from having to plan and monitor my money. Just a part of life that I have to keep from driving me crazy.

I too am grateful for any food sanity that comes my way.
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I'm exactly the same way, and the only time I also maintain is when I'm trying to lose weight and failing. It is really a matter of mindset for me. Either I am being conscious of what I eat or I am in open rebellion. For me , it is much harder to be in open rebellion if I am weighing myself everyday - usually the periods of not eating mindfully coincide with not weighing regularly. As soon as I get on the scale and see the unfortunate effects, I switch back in to a cautious and conservative attitude towards food. So now I just make absolutely sure to weigh myself every morning, even if I am dreading the results.
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