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Default Ideal Protein

Anyone doing the Ideal Protein Diet? It seems like everyone in my office is doing it and some seem to be doing very well others not so much. Is this some new miracle diet or is it like all the other fad diets only works for the ones who have the money and the will power to stick with it.
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Hi in my opinion it is a fad, humans are have a pack mentality. One person tries something usually someone that is a leader, admired, or respected and the band wagon starts. I have a lot of experience with diets trust me, I know someone that was doing it for a while and she and her husband quit it. There are better ones out there that are proven and are helping thousands of people lose weight, get healthy and change their lives. Why are the people doing well on it not. There is a blog serioustrainerguy on wordpress he is a Trainer that had something up about I believe a bit ago.
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I had to go look it up. It appears to be pretty close to a diet I was one a while back.

There was a Groupon for this "diet package thing" back when I lived in Salt Lake. (

So, I went to this bariatric physician who pretty much supported this sort of diet. His "deal" was that he'd give you menus that basically worked out to be very low calories (900-1200 calories), very high protein, very small amounts of healthy fat and very small amounts of healthier complex carbs. He sold much of the same types of foods it looks like the "ideal protein" company does. My favorite was this Bariatrix VHP (very high protein) meal replacement shake. I think the goal was to eat something like 60grams of protein each day? And you had to do cardio for 3 hrs a week and 1 hr of total body strength training .

With that low of calories, I often felt hungry, but after day 4 or 5 it wasn't that bad. He pushed eating a 3pm snack and added in a medication that "eased" the desire to eat after 5pm. I tried the drugs 3 days and then stopped - it worked, no side effects and I can't really recall why I stopped.

I did the whole thing for three weeks, lost like 18lbs. And ****, with a recipe like that, who ISN'T going to lose weight?! He would monitor your approximate muscular mass to ensure you weren't losing too much muscle and would up your calories if that happened. I don't think its anything you really need to pay to do though. If you have a scale that does the same thing (withings, is one) and you can get much of the same supplements/meal replacement/high protein snacks from a number of gastric bypass food websites.

I'd be inclined to say the same thing about this diet. The basics sound reasonable, but I don't think one would need to overpay for their specific food items, etc.

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I don't know anything about it. But whenever I check the board I click 'new posts' and I do notice the Ideal Protein board here is VERY active, if you wanted to check it out.
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I found out about the diet the hard way as I clicked on a link from the front page to read a thread about "mug cake." The guy I used to babysit for was one Nutrisystem (I think) and had all sorts of prepackaged goods and mix packets and such from it, and he told me to help myself with anything while staying over. I discovered the little cakes you make in the mug through a microwave and loved them! And when I saw someone asking for that recipe, I was excited to see it in one of the replies, but I didn't quite understand using "one packet of drink mix." Um, what kind of mix? I should have looked at the section of the forum I was in.

I experimented with it a couple of times, and when I came up with something I really liked, I posted a photo of the little cake I made along with the alterations I did. Then I was told I added three ingredients that are not allowed on the diet! Kudos to those that are doing well on it, but if I can't have nuts in my diet (especially walnuts), I'd just rather do my own thing.
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