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Building a Better Me
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Default Buffet Tips

Today we are going to a buffet for a birthday party...(here)

I have been avoiding places like this because I don't trust myself. We will be there from 11:30 - 3ish, so right over meal time, plus an hour driving there so eating before I go is tough.

Can you give me your best tips and tricks for surviving a buffet?
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Salad and one or two slices?
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For me - I scope out what's available - make the healthiest choices - this usually includes a healthy salad with a small amount of vinegar and oil and a main meal. Remember: no second helpings. It's one time only to the buffet for me.

That has been helpful.

I sometimes include a small taste of something as a treat.
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Yikes ! It doesn't even look good. Pizza wouldn't be worth it. I'd do salad! Hard boiled eggs (looks like they might have those), grilled chicken...oil and vinegar dressing. Make it big. Go back for fruit (usually salad bars have those) for dessert. That's all I would do. Take your time eating. Good luck!
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Steamed vegetables and baked sea food... both low in calories (most of the time) so if you want more you don't feel weird!
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Eat before you go!
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Buffets are all-you-can-eat for everything out there... which means of course, all you can eat veggies and salad! It doesn't have to be a disaster.

Like others have said, I would suggest one plate of salad to start. Maybe take a small break after the salad to let it digest and fill you up.

Load up your plate with mostly plain veggies (without sauce or cheese) and whatever mostly plain lean meat is available.

I'd avoid foods with unknown sauces and coatings since it's very hard to estimate calories for that stuff. They will likely be laden with salt, oil, fat, etc.

Good luck!! Also maybe you could take a bag of baby carrots, celery sticks, apple slices, etc to munch on in the car before you go?
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That place looks terrible. I think you can do ok though if you stick to the salad and fruit part. You can do it and stay strong. Focus on catching up with your friends more then the food. Good Luck, Stay strong.
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I have had relative success in situations like that (for example, potlucks) by always keeping fruits and veggies on my plate, and by sitting with other people who are also trying to eat healthily. That way, if something does look irresistible, you can split it 3 or 4 ways.
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Building a Better Me
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Thanks everyone

It was a pretty horrible place. (Lots of fun for playing - but eating? Not so much.)

The salad bar was even pretty crummy! Lettuce was decent, but the rest of the veggies were limited - not even carrots!! So I just went with lots of lettuce.

Luckily? The bad-for-me food wasn't that appetizing, so I was able to avoid being too terribly bad. (Minus a DELICIOUS cupcake that the birthday girls mom had brought!)

And made up for it with a veggie rich, lean meat filled dinner!
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I don't have a strategy for buffets and parties because those are so not my danger zones. My danger zone is when I'm alone and no one is watching. I will starve and dehydrate before I'll be the fat lady at the buffet or going for a second plate at a party. It's like the one shred of pride I have left. I know I'm not fooling anyone when I get a small salad and some fruit or whatever, but I just hate to think that I'm eating and someone is thinking to herself, "yep, that's why you're fat!"

Also, buffets just carry the ick factor for me.

So, twisted pride and germaphobia! Now if I can just pick up a new neurosis for when I'm alone, I'm all set.
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