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Default anyone feel fatter on days they don't exercise


I've been trying to exercise every day, but for some reason can't get that seventh day in a row in. I've been taking off Friday from exercising. I noticed today and last Friday when I haven't exercised that I feel fatter and less fit. Is this all in my head? I know this sounds weird, I can't really describe the feeling.


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Sorry Sherry but I think it is all in your head, and mine too. I think it is just because exercise gives you such a good energetic feeling that when you don't have that you feel "fat and lazy". I do have those feelings myself even though I know I won't exercise every day.
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I think it's a bit of both. Exercise helps you get rid of water retention, making you feel less "full." But I also completely think that part of it is all in our heads. I notice on days I don't exercise, or if I eat something *slightly* unhealthy (even if it's on plan), I feel like I've ballooned right up!!!!
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It's a mental thing. I feel like, "man I didn't exercise, I should get NO points today..." but be creful, that kind of all or nothing mentality can only lead to something bad, like quitting.

Sometimes, when I can't squeeze in a workout or I'm just too dang tired, I try doing some crunches or a few (very few) push-ups. Then, I feel a little better.
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I get the same way, trying to get past it, I really am... I push too hard, too fast, and then I get all burned out, like I HAVE to do cardio 7 days, plus toning some days, plus yoga or pilates... now, the way I have it is cardio 3 days, for as long as I can handle it... some days 15 minutes, some days an hour... but I moved, and it all averages out at the end of the week... then I do upper body toning one day, lower body toning one day, and yoga/pilates on the weekend... unless I have a particularly stressful day, then I'll toss in the short yoga tape to wind down... I'm learning to be more flexible with myself, not push myself like I'm a 14 year old athelete... I'm a 26 year old obese woman with fibromyalgia, and working myself like that can have serious adverse effects for me, even if I do get the initial workout "high"
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last month was the 1st time I worked out every day. I had a goal and I did it, but for me it was too much. My goal now is to work out 5 days a week. I need to move, but I also need to stick with it and if I push myself too hard, I'm like PNG, I burn out. I need to find a plan that I can stick to for LIFE. I am really enjoying curves. It will be interesting to see what's going on with it by the end of the summer. I have never ever stuck to an exercise rountine for more than a few months. I am already paid up for ther whole year, so that excuse is not an option.
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i'm with sandi. although i'd LIKE to workout every day, and i was proud i did it last month, no way am i doing that again. but on the days i have planned for no workout, i feel guilty. like i'm slacking (this is today!). but i realize that i'm active in other things that i do, besides an actual workout. i bike to school, 2 miles each way. so i did that today! so i try to keep that in mind so i can feel less fat. it's mostly a mental thing with me.
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I miss my enorphin rush when I don't work out, but it takes 3 missed workouts in a row to start to feel bad. If I absolutelty can't get to my workout I will do my 5 Yoga poses with deep concentrated breathing and movement. This can take 10-15 minutes, but you gals wouldn't believe the boost!

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Default thanks!

Thank you guys, glad to know I'm not alone. I"m afraid of getting into that "perfectionist-all or nothing thinking." I just have to accept that I can't do it every single day, but five or six days a week is great. Hey, better than zero, which is what I used to do!

And Holly-four miles of biking a day-that would BE my exercise! You're amazing!

Take care,
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