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Default Oh no...Easter candy!

I went to the store today, and they already have their Easter candy out!

I manage to get through the temptation of Valentine's Day candy everywhere, and they already have their Easter candy out.

I will stay on the straight and narrow path that leads away from the Easter candy aisle, but I do have to say I love me some Cadbury Creme and Caramel Eggs...
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I know - it was hard to pass the wall of solid chocolate bunnies. Luckily no candy Holidays for quite a while after Easter?
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It's been out at my grocery store for weeks. They seem to pride themselves on having peanut butter eggs (my kryptonite) and Cadbury Mini Eggs all year round, practically. Seriously, they had them in December. So far I have walked past the peanut butter eggs successfully every week, but it's really, really hard.

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Peeps!!! Can it be Easter without eating a little yellow Peep?
It will have to be this year, for me. (Just ONE little Peep?? Please?)
It's hard for me to be around candy, but I'm going to be strong this year. Really!! Any time I'm tempted to eat anything sugary these days I just picture my mom having to prick her finger several times a day to monitor her glucose level, and of my father with his diabetic neuropathy, unable to walk during his last 10 years of life. NONE of that for me.
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It's so nice once Easter's over. We get a few months break from the holiday candy. That is until July/August when the Halloween candy starts making it's appearance.
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But with Easter candy, all you have to do is bite off the bunny's ears, turn it upside down, and shake out all the calories.

Oh, wait - I think this is the logic that got me in trouble in the first place. . .

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Righto. Does the madness ever stop? I'm still tripping over Valentine's candy that was brought into the house (not by sir) and we're looking at Easter crap already. Enough I say. I need a temptation free zone...LOL
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Cadburry Eggs going to avoid them this year I hope
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I have come to the conclusion that it is very hard to stay on plan during the fall/winter months. Halloween wasn't an issue as candy doesn't do it for me, but once Thanksgiving hit, it got harder. From December 6th to January 8th we had 9 holiday events. Is it a surprise, I'm still working on losing the last 1.4 pounds from the holiday weight gain?

Plus, I'm less active. It's only the gym that I'm doing. I'm not gardening or biking or walking to and from my son's school very much. And I'm hungrier. Sticking to a lower calorie diet in the summer was so easy. Not so much now.

I really think there is a reason that candy and cookies and such are more popular in the fall/winter months... Or bodies want to be well fed for the "harsh" winter and we are fighting against nature ipby trying to move more and eat less.

My guess is that for the rarest of my life the wing months will be a struggle to keep from gaining. All the candies and stuff are just part of all that.
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Starting over...again!
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Honestly, ever since I found out that I was allergic to nuts I haven't had a problem staying away from holiday candy. I am also allergic to caffeine. That means no chocolate and no nuts. That means the majority of candy is off limits for me, which will help in the weight loss department. It's a win-win situation for me!
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I have no trouble not buying the easter candy in the store, I just avoid the isle. But my step father is killing me! He has already started buying the kids some, usually just peeps which aren't bad but today he got my son a chocolate covered chocolate marshmallow. And of chose I had to try one little bite, and of course it was delicious, and of course my 3 year old didn't eat the whole thing. Now its sitting here just staring at me. Ahhh! Its definitely going in the garbage as soon as he leaves
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Ack! I saw the Easter stuff when I went to the grocery store tonight. The little skinny mini girl in front of me grabbed a Cadbury Egg and a Pepsi. Mmmm....a great dinner. I thought for a fleeting second about getting one of those eggs, but I happily stuck with my veggies and chicken purchase. Yayy me!
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You know, I've never really liked seasonal candy that well. Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies and peeps (omg, hate peeps!) just don't do it for me.

The only thing that's hard is the fact that they have big massive bags of the good candy like Kit Kats, Snickers, etc. on sale. But, if I can avoid those throughout the year, I just have to continue to suck it up.
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The only thing worse than the Easter candy being out - was the Valentine's Day candy half price.

Everything is just out there in our faces. It makes it so hard to stay away.

I have a friend who does the following with all the holiday candy all year. She uses her imagination - that the candy goes through a dirty gas station toilet before it's packaged up. That thought grosses her out and she stays away from it. It may be worth a try. : Ugh!
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Whatever you do, don't bring it home. Resist in the store for a few minutes and you will walk out feeling victorious. Bring it home and cave in, and you'll fee bad. For those of you with small children, or who buy some for entertaining - there will still be plenty of it and nice choices the day before Easter, no need to have it hanging around any longer than that.

We can do it!!!!!!!
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