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Default What is it about being fat that you HATE? A list for motivation!

Hello again everyone!
I love checking in here every day and seeing the threads and the support and the motivated people.
I feel like I have made such a positive change in this past week. I actually started to do something, joined this board, started a blog for accountability and have started losing!

I wrote a post in my blog yesterday about unexpected things that I had never thought about before that come as part of being fat (all of which I hate and all of which are reasons I want to lose weight). It made me think about starting a thread here also for all of us to share reasons to shed the pounds for motivation.

Some of the things I wrote about in my post are things like fatter/bigger feet (being unable to wear boots and look cute), my inability to feel flexible (with so much fat in the way!), not being able to take my wedding band off, and much more.
(the full post is here btw http://www.3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs...it-like-it-is/

What are some of the things that YOU hate and cannot wait to get rid of?! (Or are now thankfully rid of, or on your way to being rid of?)

Lets share for motivation!!
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I really hate the limited shopping choices for clothing. Plus size clothing where I live are extremely expensive and not that attractive...
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Ugly, expensive, hard to find clothes
Seatbelt extenders
Being afraid I won't fit in an airline seat
Moving the table in a restaurant booth so I can fit
Not being able to keep up
Worrying that a zipline can't hold me
Holding my chin in, standing sideways and standing behind someone for pictures

I need to review these next time I want an off plan snack.
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Not feeling beautiful, hate shopping because everything is designed for thin women unless you like walking around in a moo-moo! I just want to feel pretty again and this double chin and protruding stomach is keeping me from feeling that way.
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My boobs. I was a 42H and girls of that size was miserable. Though my current cup size is only down one (to GG), I've been told as the band size reduces so does the cup, and at 34GG I find the entire area more manageable and normal looking.
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double chin for sure.
and i noticed about 2 months ago that my inner theighs where getting a bit in the way of enjoyment with the hubby
and lack of energy.
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constantly bumping my hips into desks because of how tight rows are vs. how heavy I am.

Paying way too much for clothes that I'm only ok with. Conversely, feeling like no matter what I wear, its not overly flattering.

Feeling slightly choked by the large boobs/double chin combination when lying down.
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Not wanting to be in photos at all.
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Starting over...again!
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What do I hate about being fat?

1. I hate shopping in the "fat lady" section of stores! Good grief! Just because I am fat doesn't mean I want to wear floral printed crap!
2. I love roller coasters but am afraid that I am too fat now to fit in one. I don't want to be the girl they kicked off a ride because she was too fat for it. So I don't go to amusement parks anymore.
3. I don't want my daughters to look at my fatness as a role model for them. I need to be a healthy role model for them, one who can be active and enjoy doing things, not just a bump on a couch.
4. I hate going anywhere because I feel like the whole world is staring at me and thinking, "Oh. My. God. She is so HUGE!!!!!!"
5. Definitely the double chin. I have mastered the art of sticking my chin out and down a bit in photos so I can try to hide it.
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Ditto BellaM! I avoid cameras at all cost!
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I am re-losing after gaining back nearly 70 pounds, which sucks all on its own. But the thing I think I hate the most is the fact that I have to wear bike shorts under skirts again so my thighs don't rub together. I know what it feels like not to have to deal with that! All the more reason to get back to where I was.
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Everything. I hate everything about being fat. Everything listed above and more. Along with all of the physical constraints it's sucked out all of my self-esteem and feelings of living life to the fullest. There are so many things that I don't do because I'm fat. I feel like I'm really only living a pseudo life and I want that to stop. I just need to remember this on the hard days.
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I don't like being the fattest person at all the family gatherings.
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pick your hard
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Being the fattest person around - usually
Not being able to wear what I want
Looking like a beached whale in a swimsuit in the summertime - though it doesn't stop me from loving the sunshine and the beaches here in Greece
I love dancing (and I am a good dancer but sometimes I feel a little too self-conscious to dance
feeling defeated as I get angry with myself for not being strong enough to eat wisely - not anymore )
the feeling that I am hiding behind all these kilos
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My goal = health
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People assuming that I'm stupid (or not intelligent) because I'm fat.
I used to be a power-lifter as a teenager, I know a lot about nutrition, health, weight lifting - but b/c I'm heavy now my opinions don't count.
My sons being embarrassed when their classmates make comments about me.
And my double chin
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