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Beverlyjoy 02-08-2012 04:35 AM

Hi relosers! I am still struggling with evening. It's totally stress eating. I am grateful, however, my weight is the same as last Wednesday.

I will keep trying! Today, I am going to be going to check up on my stepmon (who had surgery last week) and also an out of town visitation for a family member who passed away. I am going to be packing my healthy food.

Have a healthful day. Remember to treat yourself as well as you would treat a good friend.

thistoo 02-08-2012 06:40 AM

Beverly, you have really been taking it on the chin lately. A little stress eating is perfectly understandable. I hope today is easier for you. I'm very sorry about your loss.

I'm down a pound this morning after holding steady all week. I was hoping for more, but I'll take it! I think maybe I haven't been eating enough calories for my activity level. I've been exhausted since last Friday and I think that might be the culprit. That and my twice-daily workouts.

Normally I aim for 1400 calories a day, but without any grains or dairy it's really tricky to push that number up. There's also a part of me that has big-time anxiety about taking in more calories, even though I know I can't lose on too few. It's tricky, finding that weight loss sweet spot! My body is so weird.

I'm sore from last night's strength training workout! I was supposed to get up and do yoga this morning, but it will have to wait until later in the week when I'm not quite so achey. Spin bike later, most likely.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

rakel 02-08-2012 08:07 AM

I gained about 15lbs over the holidays (2mo) and am slowly working on getting back on track... This is not my first time around the regain barn, but I am happy I nipped this in the bud before 2 months became a year and all of my hard work for naught...definitely frustrating but like some other girls were saying, I can't give up...as long as I am breathing I'll pick myself up again and keep going.

DixC Chix 02-08-2012 09:01 AM

Excuse my language but... WTF??? Weigh in this a.m. - 213?!! I cannot figure out how my body works. Obviously I wasn't really 217 on Monday but holy crap! I will keep tracking daily to see if there is a pattern that is different from my previous pattern (low on Mon, high on Thurs) or if this is the anomaly from returning to clean eating. Anyhoo...

Taxes done, laundry done, mil passed. Today I go to my part time job, then will meet friends for an afternoon movie (hope I stay awake), then may stop at Costco/Walmart for Homeless Ministry distribution this Saturday. I also need to make a stop at JCP to return a Christmas top.

B: coffee, yogurt, egg+egg sub, banana
L: ham and turkey roll-ups, bell pepper and hummus, clementines
D: 3 oz steak, peas, carrots, pumpkin, blueberries
E: property maintenance job

Caroline - Congrats on the -1#!! I must agree wholeheartedly that you may not be eating enough to support 'two-a-days'. How 'bout some more protein? In the past I have snacked on roasted chicken breast strips - 3 oz 140 cal. I love having breakfast fritattas - yours sounds especially delish! And slo-cooker cinnamon chicken - details please?!

Beverlyjoy - :hug: Hugs to you. Be careful on the road.

mahtha, red, Hannah, rakel - Welcome to y'all!

Mandy - glad you are back on track.

Justwant - Yay for staying OP!!

Penguin - get well soon :hug: Glad the bread turned out well. That's a good way to cut cals.

just a thought on evening eating - I have given myself manicures and teeth whitening as a way to interrupt/delay unplanned snacks. Even brushing my teeth can make me not want to spoil my fresh mouth.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

iDream 02-08-2012 09:07 AM

Good morning ladies!! I hope everyone had a fantastic night!

DixC~ How'd the taxes go? You've reminded me that I need to gather up our tax stuff. I don't mind doing them all that much--if I can do it alone. With the kids hovering and the hubs asking me 'how much are we getting? Do we owe? We don't owe do we?!?!' it gets difficult to concentrate. :lol:

thistoo~ Congrats on the loss!! :carrot: I'm sure you've heard this before, but you might not be getting enough cals in. Especially if you're working out twice a day! Your bod won't let go of anything if it thinks it's starving so maybe try upping the cals next time you stall out and see if that helps. When I lost last time there towards the end I would stall out and I was working out harder than ever. Someone mentioned calorie cycling and mentioned this site: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm it figures the calories you need for maintaining/losing/faster losing (and who doesn't want that ;)) and gives you a 7 day schedule where you have low cal days and higher cal days. Anyway, just thought I'd share it since it really helped me last time. :)

Beverlyjoy~ sorry to hear about your loss :hug: I hope that your stepmom is doing well! On another note--I'm a night eater too. It's part of my 'down time' routine and I need to cut it out!

Mahtha~ Welcome back!! It's so tough when you're just not ready for it isn't it? I've btdt! Well, here's to being ready and tackling it head on! You can do it!!! :carrot:

redjb7~ Welcome! This site is so awesome and if it can keep me on track--it can keep anyone on track! ;) Congrats on the grandbaby and I'm so envious of your upcoming trips! That's motivation for sure!!

JustWant~ What is it about nighttime eating? I could go all day without eating sometimes and when the kids go to bed it's all I can think about it--big dinner or not! However, it sounds like you need some more calories? There's nothing wrong with a healthy snack at night--just don't devour a whole bag of chocolate rice cakes...like I've done. ;) Perhaps something high in protein to stave off the hungries?

kOnfyoOzed~ LOL I had to write that one down! ;) Great job getting back on track! Super Bowl can really kick your diet in the gut and kill it. Mmm, chicken fajitas! Sounds yummy!!

~ Welcome! I'm from IN too, not a lifer, but loving it here. :)

Penguin~ yay on the bread turning out! Makes you wonder why there aren't more recipes calling for applesauce doesn't it? Fat free yogurt works as a substitute too. :) I hope you're feeling better soon, I'm finally catching the kids' cold and I'll be down Zicam until I start to feel better.

rakel~ Welcome and congrats on nipping the gain in the bud! A few months and 15 pounds is so much better than 2 years and 90--lemme tell ya! ;)

Okay ladies, I was all prepared to come here and not tell you about my night-binge last night...but since I'm in for good this time, I must. Two words: Chocolate Cake Oh yes I did. I had bought it on Super Bowl Sunday during a less than stellar will power moment and had a piece that night. Last night in an effort to get rid of it--I gave it to the kids but there was still some left over...which is what I ate last night. Argh! On the plus side I didn't gain and I'm even down again so that's good--which kinda makes me think I'm not eating enough cals during the day, which is bad. Anyway...I'm still ticked though because I need to stop! Thankfully there's no more cake and the cookies that are left will be going to the kids--I tried to get the hubs to take them out of here but he didn't.

Still no exercise going on here--my shoulder has been killing me (the result of some home improvement projects I suspect) and I can barely move my head/neck sometimes. I want to jump back into working out but honestly, when I'm in pain, it's the last thing I want to do. :( I'm going to continue to ice it and take Motrin (which I hate doing) and if it's not better by this weekend I'll be calling the dr. I wouldn't be that concerned...but it's popping and it feels 'wrong' in there somewhere.

Okay, I've written a novel so I'll end it by saying~ Have a great day ladies and be sure to be good to yourselves and DrinkYour Water!!! :D

thistoo 02-08-2012 09:09 AM

Dix, here's the secret to my cinnamon chicken:

Line the bottom of your crockpot with tin foil. Place one whole chicken in the crockpot. Pour a little lemon juice over the chicken (I don't measure anything, so I just squirt some juice in there straight from the bottle. You could also put cut fresh lemons in if you'd rather.) Sprinkle cinnamon and salt over the chicken skin.

Put the lid on, cook on low for about six hours. Your chicken will come out falling-off-the-bone tender, much like a grocery store rotisserie chicken. It's an adaptation of an old chicken recipe of my mom's, but the original involved a butter baste. Cooking in the crockpot retains the moisture without all the butter.

thistoo 02-08-2012 09:18 AM

Dix and Sandye, you're both absolutely right, my calories are too low some days and that's causing the problem for sure. I added sweet potatoes to breakfast this week to help push them up, and I'm trying to get almond butter in my snacks for more of a boost.

(This is the first time in my life I've had trouble getting in *more* calories. It's really weird!)

Anyway, I managed to push my intake up to about 1600 total yesterday, and this morning I was down a pound, so I absolutely think that's key. I've done calorie cycling before without much success, but I think that was because I usually used high calorie days as an excuse to eat a bunch of junk I shouldn't have at all.

This time around I'm restricted to whole foods, and it's more work to push my calories up. But between the almond butter, sweet potatoes, and the hard boiled eggs I've been using for snacks, I think I can do it.

Rakel and anyone else I missed yesterday, welcome! This is a great group and we're glad to have you. I know checking in daily has really helped keep me focused on losing again (for good this time!) Rakel, congratulations on catching the gain before it got out of hand. I wish I'd done the same.

time2lose 02-08-2012 09:54 AM

Hi everyone,

I hope that you don't mind if I join this thread. It seems perfect for me. I lost 100+ pounds over 2 years but regained 43 pounds in 2011. I was caring for my father who was fighting cancer. I know exactly what caused the weight gain. I could not keep my regular routine, was constantly on the road eating fast food, ate like my parents when I was at their home, had lots of high calorie food brought in by neighbors and church family, and lastly, really did some bad emotional eating.

My father passed away last week so I gave myself the week to feed my emotions. Now I am back on plan. Seeing the fragility of life makes me want to get the most out of life and that means being a healthy weight so that I can be as active as possible. During the past year, my father and I had many conversations about life in general and one way that I want to honor him is by living the fullest life possible. He told me so many times that a lifetime goes by quickly, so get the most out of life that you can.

I have started my old plan and I have to say that it feels good. I will probably have to adapt it, but this is a good place to start. I have today off of work so I am going to surf 3FC and make food plans for the next few days. I hurt my food on Sunday so I won't be able to exercise for a few days but that will be the next big plan.

While it is somewhat discouraging to have gained weight, I remind myself that I am not back to my highest weight. I was thrilled when I hit this weight when losing the original weight, so I am working to get back that enthusiasm and look forward to losing more weight.

mahtha 02-08-2012 09:56 AM

I feel so at home already, thanks for the warm welcome and comraderie.

Yesterday was OK. I had planned some snacks for the superbowl that I didn't end up making, so we had appetizers for dinner last night and I still managed to stay under my points for the day.

B coffee, english muffin/butter spray
L salad, grilled chicken, ff dressing
S berries, green beans
D steamed mussels, seafood stuffed mushrooms

My lunch plans for today just cancelled and I didn't pack a lunch so I may have to fall back on a WW meal for lunch. These always feel like a snack rather than a meal - good thing I have carrot sticks and green beans handy to munch on.

We have a really busy weekend coming up so I'm trying to plan, plan, plan so I can stay OP. Have already scoured restaurant menus and planned my dinners so I don't blow it. Damn, this can be a lot of work, but so much easier with a group of like-minded friends.:D

mahtha 02-08-2012 10:11 AM

Welcome, Cheryl! I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. How courageous of you to give yourself a little time and get back OP - I would have seen that as an excuse to slide for quite some time. Hurrah for you!

konfyoozed 02-08-2012 02:26 PM

hey everyone! (p.s. for those that struggle with my ID - i should probably change it but i've been here for almost a year - my name is mandy. feel free to use it, it's much easier :)

today was weigh in day, and much to my surprise, i was down 3.1 pounds! :o i didn't expect it to happen because of the way my weekend worked out, but i guess working out twice a day before and after has helped a lot.

3 pounds down, 74 to go. and.... 35 weeks to do it. 8 months to lose 74 pounds. it'll be tough, but i can do it. 2.1 pounds per week. 9-10lbs per month. a little aggressive, but i SO WANT onederland by my birthday. i couldn't think of a better gift than weighing in on my birthday and seeing 199.9 (unless i see lower...) i haven't seen a 1 in front of my weight since there was a 1 in front of the year.

angelsgirl1983 02-08-2012 02:42 PM

Hey Everyone! I am new to 3 Fat chicks, but really want to see the end result be successful so a friend said to log onto a site for support and comradeship! So here I am!

I am aiming for a May wedding of a close friend and want to knock the socks off of people when they see me. Just really struggling with major sugar cravings and have a snack machine calling my name all day long! ARGH! I'm doing the point plus from weight watchers but i don't attend meetings. Just wondering if anyone has a carb craving blocker remedy?

konfyoozed 02-08-2012 03:05 PM

i don't really have a carb blocker remedy for you, but i found that avoiding the snack machine became really easy if i either carried no cash/change or kept my wallet in the car (or a locker if your job has those) or otherwise made it impossible to buy a snack :)

patchworkpenguin 02-08-2012 03:42 PM

Hubby texted me that his Dad has been taken to the hospital for pain in his arm/shoulder, they think he might have had another stroke, but we haven't heard anything definate. Crave your prayers and well wishes.

Mom had a bone density test and is fine, I've been having fun with 'my mom is dense' jokes. :dizzy:

Mandy, great job with the 3 lbs.

Angel'sgirl, welcome glad to have you join us.

Mahtha, hope your busy weekend goes as planned.

Cheryl, sorry about the loss of your Dad. Good job giving yourself time to grieve then getting back on plan.

Caroline, I hear you on the high calorie days to eat junk. Sounds like something I would do ;)

iDream, I wonder about the subs also. Seems that they would be a lot more accepted and widespread but I've had a hard time finding them. Several of us at Bible study use this same 'starter' but I seem to be the only one interested in making changes, but I"m not the only one watching my weight either.

Rakel, good job on stopping after two months! I kept up my denial for a lot longer!

mahtha 02-08-2012 03:50 PM

Congratulations, Mandy! :carrot: What a great reminder to stick with it even when you've *not exactly* been OP! You could easily have thrown up your hands and planned to start again next week. Congratulations to you! I'm looking at an August birthday goal of -50 pounds, let's cheer and nudge and push and pull each other over those finish lines.

Welcome, angelsgirl1983. I don't have a carb blocker hint for you either. Carbs are my downfall. I plan/allot points for double portions of pasta or rice or potatoes when I know they're on the menu. As far as chips and things like that go, I find it much easier to say no than to have a "normal" portion. I could easily eat a bag of chips/Doritos/Cheeze-Its/etc in one sitting. The key for me is not to start.

I keep carrots, raw green beans, pea pods, etc. handy so I do have something crunchy when I need it. As a last resort I'll make SmartPop popcorn, but I do it knowing I'll eat the whole bag...

A HUGE tray of gorgeous cookies just went by my office from a caterer trying to get our business. On the heels of all the Superbowl leftovers brought in to the office over the last few days it's been one long food fest here. I had a good week last week so I keep reminding myself that thin feels better than the temporary sugar buzz from any cookie. (OK, that and I'm saving points for real pizza on Friday night:D)

mahtha 02-08-2012 03:54 PM

patchworkpenguin, I was still typing when you posted. Hoping that your FIL is OK. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

thistoo 02-08-2012 05:53 PM

My prayers are with you and yours, Penguin.

Sue, there's always carb- and sugar-laden junk in my office too. There's no escaping it! Since I've given up grains it's a lot easier for me to pass it by without a thought, but giving in too many times is partly responsible for my huge regain, so I feel your pain. Especially those caterer cookies. YUM.

patchworkpenguin 02-08-2012 07:45 PM

FIL was sent home from the hospital not long ago. As it turned out a new-to-him Dr cut his arthritis meds to see if he really needed them or if they were causing another problem, but apparently FIL doesn't function well without them, which accounts for the pain in his arm/shoulder. At any rate, he's on his way home and it wasn't anything worse like another stroke. Thanks for the prayers. :hug:

ANewCreation 02-08-2012 08:29 PM

Hello and thanks for the encouraging words! I have been on plan for the last three days and I'm feeling very encouraged!

I am aiming for 1660 calories a day. That's what my fitness pal says it will take to lose 1# a week. It's a start ;)

I've been busy with my new grand daughter and her big brothers (hence forth referred to as my bonus boys, who I also adore). Being busy seems to keep away the munchies! I've also taken up crocheting in the evenings to keep me away from the munchies while I watch a couple of hours of tv.

Watching my simple carb intake was what worked for me before and that's pretty much what I'm doing now. I've always been a person who prefers whole foods so it isn't too hard. Yet I need a sweet at the end of the day so I've restricted myself to the one sweet I love more than anything else: chocolate! I allow myself 9 hershey kisses in the evening. Plus one small glass of red wine. That comes in at 335 calories. Yes, a large chunk, but since I'm not snacking during the day, it's working for me. But, should it cause me to stumble I'm not above eliminating it. Got to do whatever it takes, right?

Calories for the past three days:
Day 1: 1585
Day 2: 1710
Day 3: 1268

Besides chasing around a 3 year old (one of my bonus boys), I also swim 3 times a week at the Y. I love swimming and it's probably the one thing that has kept me from putting on all the weight I'd originally lost! My bonus boy loves the water too and some days I bring him with me and chase him around in the water. Fun way to burn some calories!!!

Forgive me for not addressing each of, especially the newbies! I'm way behind! I had no idea this thread was so active, but I'm not complaining-- I love seeing so many of you here. I wouldn't wish a backslide on anyone but it does my heart good to know I'm not alone in this.

Thanks again!

Justwant2Bhealthy 02-08-2012 09:07 PM


Just wondering if anyone has a carb craving blocker remedy?
Hmmm ... I wish I did -- I'd bottle it, sell it, and become a gazillionaire!!! :lol:

Last night, I had a bowl of bran flakes for my evening snack (1 cup with skim milk & AS), and that got me through the night. It was an old trick I used many years ago when I was hungry or under in my calories. Now they do have carbs in them, but here's some other tricks I use ...

... a slice of cheese or cube of cheddar; leftover lean meat; hot tea; soup broth (chicken is my favorite); jello; mocha coffee, low sugar hot chocolate, yogurt and/or fruit. I also have 100 calorie bags of microwave popcorn in my cubby for emergency cravings (that's my sub for the junkies).

:welcome: to our newest returnees, TIMETOLOSE & ANGELSGIRL -- the most important thing is that you came back, and you are on the right track once again. :D

MANDY ~ congrats on the 3 lbs; that just goes to show us that it's all about averages; a fluff here and there can disappear over the week.

Eatiing went well today, but I felt hungry all day; turns out I was low on my calories yesterday even with the cereal in the evening. I am aiming for 1600-1800 calories these days; and 2000 is a maintenance day for me. I still have room for a snack tonight; so I'm OK. Will have some tea with that too.

rakel 02-08-2012 10:07 PM

Man, I'm not sure I will be able to keep up with everyone, but I'm sure I will get to you know all better in time.

I haven't logged my food for today yet, but I'm about to do so now. I think I did pretty well for today. I'm still a little hungry but I probably won't eat anything else. I think my body is just still adjusting to not eating as much, so I need to just put up with a little hunger. I haven't done my workout, and probably won't. I ended up having to clean, make dinner, and work on some freelance projects so I didn't have a chance...and now it's kind of late and I feel tried. I might go to bed early tonight.

rakel 02-08-2012 10:24 PM

Ugh, just did my calories and I am 500 over :( and I'm still so hungry.... Maybe I should just go to bed right now. Lol.

And it doesn't help that hubby is watching Take Home Chef while I am sitting here with him!

patchworkpenguin 02-08-2012 10:37 PM

Feb 8, Wed
B= 1 c cereal, 1/2 c milk, 1/2 banana
L=1/2 PB&J, baked chips
S= coffee, 5 Bliss
D= chili, 2 cornbread, 3 choc chip cookies {thanks, Mom!:dizzy:}
S= 1/2 graham cracker, 2 triscuit + cheese whiz, banana
E= 60min cardio

Every been hungry but you couldn't figure out what to eat? My last snack was like that. I tried a few things but ended up eating a banana. Embaressing but true the cheese whiz is made for humans but we buy it for the dog; we squirt it in one of her chewtoys, I think she was mad when I ate some, LOL.

Rakel, don't feel you have to address everyone each time. No one will get offended. :D

NewCreation, I agree, I felt like the only regainer until Uber posted her comments on regaining. I like that we've banded together to encourage each other.

thistoo 02-09-2012 06:25 AM


Originally Posted by patchworkpenguin (Post 4209459)
Embaressing but true the cheese whiz is made for humans but we buy it for the dog; we squirt it in one of her chewtoys, I think she was mad when I ate some, LOL.

We used to do the same for my mom's Cocker Spaniels. :D Squirt it into a Kong, freeze for a few hours, and it kept them busy for at least fifteen minutes! I never helped myself to any of their treat because we always had some gross flavor like bacon something-or-other, but if it had been the plain 'cheddar' or whatever I would have been tempted.

I actually made breakfast at home this morning (usually I pack breakfast and lunch and eat at work) and it was really delicious. I baked an egg in half an avocado. I'm sure I'll be hungry again by the time I get to work, but I have snacks packed to get me through the day.

My weight's the same as yesterday, which is better than bouncing up again, so that's fine with me. I rode the spin bike for an hour last night and then did some Pilates this morning. My shins are kind of sore, though I don't know what I did to them, so I'm trying not to overdo it with the cardio for a couple days. It would be nice to lose a little faster, but I've been through this before, of course, so at least I'm used to the frustration.

mahtha 02-09-2012 09:16 AM

Good Morning everyone! :wave:

Another OP day under my belt. I can do this!

2 coffee/lowfat milk
english muffin/butter spray

salad/grilled chicken/craisins/lowfat ranch
carrot sticks

flank steak
asparagus/bell peppers/mushrooms

Week 1 I was completely anal about my food choices. Week 2 I've added being really careful about making sure I had all my water. Week 3 I'll add in exercise at least 3 days a week. Little by little I'll get my act together...

I've done WW before, but was finding the point counting confusing with all the program changes. I decided to move into the 21st century and follow the points plus program which, while counting carbs much higher, seems to allow much more flexibility. I'm trying to keep to daily points and only use weekies for special occasions - I'm curious to see how it all works for me.

iDream 02-09-2012 09:45 AM

Gooooood Morning ladies!!! I hope everyone had a great night sleep and is rarin' to go today! Lemme get to personals...

thistoo~ Ooh that cinnamon chicken sounds gooooooooood! I might have to buy some whole chickens the next time I hit Sam's! Isn't it funny that you're having to add calories into your diet? It sounds so counterproductive, but it's not. I love me a good sweet potato--Mmm! I could those bad boys plain just thrown on a grill or even baked in the oven. No salt, no spices, nothin'--I just love 'em that much! Which is super funny considering I loathed them growing up. :lol:

Cheryl~ Welcome! I'm so sorry to hear about your father. :hug: He'd definitely be proud of you for getting back on track to a heathier you and living life to it's fullest. :)

mahtha~ those WW meals can be pretty puny sometimes huh? I try to grab the ones with the most protein in them so that helps a little. Nothing like making your own lunch though--but man, popping something in the mircorwave is so much easier! LOL Great job on the planning for the weekend! I'm not there yet, but since we don't have much going on I doubt I'll be far from home. Way to stay strong too! I'd cave if I had cookies passing by me and yummy foods from Superbowl all around. You rock! Just read your last post--you sound like me! One thing at a time--get the food under control first, get water in next and then exercise! Whatever works right? Right! :)

Mandy~ (thanks! That is easier! :lol:) Woo hoo on the loss!!! Congrats! I love seeing the numbers drop when I least expect is! :) WTG!

~ Welcome! No magic carb craving blocker solution from me--I struggle with the same problem.

Penguin~ so glad to hear your fil is okay! How scary that must have been.

ANewCreation~ I'm a crocheter too, although I'm all thumbs at it lately for some reason. That's a good idea to keep your hands busy at night. Perhaps I should pick up my quilting to keep mine busy! :)

JustWant2B~ I'd buy that bottle! Congrats on a great OP day!

rakel~ Don't worry about not posting personals--it's just one of my weird OCD things that I feel like I have to do. I've have issues...To help you feel less hungry perhaps you should up your protein intake? Switch out the snacks or meals that have more carbs and add in protein. That always helps me feel less hungry. This adjustment period stinks.

So...I ate again last night--but it was rice cakes! LOL I'm making progress! HAHA! I didn't eat a whole lot yesterday so I still think I was well within my calories, but man do I need to stop doing that! I'm thining that ANewCreation is onto something--I need something to keep my hands busy at night and if I can be productive at the same time, all the better! I've got a quilt I'm working on so I'll get back to working on that.

I need to set up some mini-goals out in the open so I can be called on it if need be...

Goal 1. Go to bed at 10:00 and be asleep by 10:30 at the latest.
Goal 2. Get ALL of my water in each day (at least 64oz)
Goal 3. Start working out on Monday

Okay, there, I've written it down. Now to just do it! I really need to work out, but man am I dreading it. For one thing--I'm just plain not feelin' it. I'll be honest, the thought of working out right now makes me cringe. Another thing, I am a 'first thing in the morning' type exerciser. If I wait until after the kids go to school, I tend not to do it. Lastly, my feet. Oh my poor feet. I have issues with foot splaying and joints rubbing and even had surgery last summer on my left foot to break the bone and move it over--it helped and that foot feels better, but the other still hurts. I used to run and I actully enjoyed it. Now I'm scared to even try. :( Plus, my shoulder still hurts!

Wah, wah, wah...I'll stop whining now. Anyway, here's to another OP day! Get out there and have a fantastic day, be good to yourselves and Drink Your Water!!! :carrot:

mahtha 02-09-2012 11:39 AM

What scale are you using?
I broke my digital bathroom scale (or more accurately it died of lonliness over the past couple of years) and am using an analog one but it's obviously not very precise. What are you using? Would you recommend it?

konfyoozed 02-09-2012 02:21 PM

i weigh in on my wii fit. it yells at me every time because i only get on once a week and it's all EVERY DAY BISH! WE WEIGH ALL THE DAYS! and i'm all "screw you scale i'll step on when i'm good and ready, so hold your horses til wednesday" then my cats look at me like i'm crazy because i'm talking to the television. :(

iDream 02-09-2012 03:08 PM

:rofl: Mandy you're crackin' me up! LOL That's exactly something I would do--yell at the Wii Miis on the screen! :lol:

I have a Taylor CalMax digital scale. It's a couple of years old and I got it at Target I think. It's been a good scale and still on the orginal battery so that makes it even better. ;)

Justwant2Bhealthy 02-09-2012 03:41 PM

Well, funny thing that you ladies were talking about Cinnamon Chicken today, cuz I came in to post about just that. Maybe it could work as that "Carb Craving Blocker" we were talking about too ...

TIP OF THE WEEK ~ I was reading a devotion about CINNAMON this week and was reminded about an article I read once -- that in China, researchers found that Cinnamon is a natural appetite suppressant. I had some on my Oatmeal with a few raisins for breakfast. I remember that years ago, I used to chew SF Cinnamon gum a lot. I think I may try that again ... :D

So, besides the Chicken (which I will try), you can put it on cereal, on cinnamon toast & french toast, with apples baked or nuked, or chew SF Cinnamon Gum. Sometimes, I put it in my pasta sauce too -- it adds a nice punch to the flavor; and I often put it in my homemade fiber muffins. Of course, it's yummy in pumpkin & sweet potatoes too. You may be able to get Cinnamon Herbal Tea as well.

MAHTHA ~ I used to have a digital; but I dropped it once and it never weighed the same twice, so DH went out and bought me a nice big analog one -- and I have had no problem since.

SANDEY ~ I do most of my exercises in the AM; when I first wake up -- I do 30 minutes of stretches, toning & flex exercises. I do hand-weights 3 x times a week (M/W/F); and more toning/flex before bed (about 5-10 minutes). I do walking most days (and walk extra when I go shopping purposely taking the long route); and spread my housechores out over the week, doing something each day, and rest one day (usually Sunday). I'll even wash windows or walls just to get some exercise in, but usually I have no problem finding something to do.

Have a great day everyone ... :val3:

mahtha 02-09-2012 03:54 PM

thanks, Ladies! Mandy, I yell at my scale too, but for VERY different reasons :)

Justwant2Bhealthy, I read a suggestion today on one of the WW boards about a late night snack of a apple slices sprinkled with spenda and cinnamon and popped into the microwave as a special treat. Holy cow that made my mouth water, I can only imagine how good a faux apple pie would be right now ;)

time2lose 02-09-2012 04:19 PM

mahtha - I have EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale (http://www.amazon.com/EatSmart-Preci...8821911&sr=8-1) and have been very pleased with it.

thistoo - I am trying that cinnamon chicken this weekend. It sounds so good.

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Mandy, I don't think that I could handle the Wii fit fussing at me!

I am getting back into the swing of things. My weight has dropped 5 pounds this week, but I am sure it is because I have lost fluid. I always have edema after long car trips. My eating plan even feels good to me. I can't exercise yet because I stubbed my toe (and fell) on Sunday. I am limping around and don't think that I should start walking until my food feels better.

konfyoozed 02-09-2012 05:21 PM

the wii fit yells at me, and my fitness games yell at me too. i had one say "well there you are! i thought i was never going to see you again!"

thistoo 02-09-2012 06:19 PM

I have a Tanita digital scale. I've replaced the batteries a couple times over the past five years (once when a houseguest flooded my bathroom floor and shorted it out, and once after I shut it in a closet for a year and pretended it didn't exist) but it's still as reliable as ever. Unfortunately.

I have a solution to carb cravings, but it's not something most people want to hear. Since I've stopped eating grains and dairy I haven't craved carbs once. And considering what a carb monster I am, that's practically a miracle. But again, it's not for everyone.

My shins hurt SO MUCH WORSE after a full day at work! I have no idea what I did to them. Tonight was supposed to be lower body strength training, but I'm taking an off day instead and I'll do lower body tomorrow if my shins are better. I'm icing them now. It's really not convenient.

DixC Chix 02-09-2012 06:21 PM

Wow!! Everyone - This thread goes so fast that I have trouble just getting something posted that doesn't disappear with the dang OOPS key!! Urggggg!! I like to read about your day/plans/menu etc. Please keep posting. Please don't feel obligated to do personal notes.

iDream - taxes were what I expected. My sympathies for your future endeavor on them. Maybe send Dad out with the kids (movie??) for some quiet time. I had a similar foot surgery - they removed the bone from my 'wee-wee-wee all the way home' toe so it wouldn't rub the one next to it. 100% relief.

thistoo - I have cinnamon chicken in my slo-cooker RIGHT NOW!!!

JW2BH - I use way more cinnamon than any recipe calls for. I love it. I shake it on toast with just a hint of Truvia.

Cheryl - so good to see you back. I'm very sorry for your loss. Hugs :hug: to you for surviving the prior stressful months without gaining it all back. I agree it feels good to get "back in the saddle again".

Angelsgirl - welcome!! I agree with Mandy on not having the money available for the vending machines. The brought in office goodies however, are another story and good luck with resisting. My main thing is to not get soooo hungry. I don't care if I go over on points/cals as long as its on-plan food like fruit and nuts and cheese sticks, etc. instead of M&Ms and chips. You CAN do it!!

mahtha - I do WW P+ too and I am always stunned when I measure out a 'serving' - it looks like a snack!!! I like to use the daily points and occasionally dip into the weekly but I refuse to use the activity points.

Mandy - congrats on the loss! :carrot: I yell at my scale too. Its sooo fickle. I'm back up 2# today!

Penguin - close call with FIL but glad everything is getting figured out.

All the DOG lovers - yes, yes, yes on Cheese Whiz in the busy bones. I also got a fairly long soup bone and jammed it with Lammy Whammies and my girl dug it like crazy.

Today, I had a manicure then went shopping at Walmart and Costco for the food for my church's Homeless Ministry distribution on Saturday. Our sack lunches contain a ham and cheese sandwich, pickle, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, sweet and salty snacks, a couple piece of hard candy, water and napkin. I buy the pickles/fruit/veg/snacks in bulk and then break them down into snack bags. Takes me hours and hours to prep for 100 lunches.

weigh-in: 215#!!!

B: coffee, egg+egg sub, banana
L: tortillas with tuna salad with onion and celery, clementines
D: cinnamon chicken, broccoli, baked sweet onions, blueberries
E: circuit

rakel 02-09-2012 08:41 PM

Today I had weakness... I recently worked on a pretty intense project and our client sent a box of insanely good individually wrapped brownies and cookies as a thank you. I had one today. Then, after work we picked up my mother in law from the grocery store she works at and she brought home ice cream. Needless to say, I ate a brownie and ice cream. :(

B- bacon, egg & cheese English muffin
L- French onion soup w/out croutons, French bread, 1/2 chicken salad sandwich from panera, brownie
S- cereal & almond milk
D- shrimp, green beans and rice
S- ice cream

Total calories: 2267

So, despite the sugary foods the amount of calories isn't too bad...(my plan is around 1960-2000) But still the sugar is not good. :/

patchworkpenguin 02-10-2012 12:00 AM

Thurs, Feb 9
B= 1 coffee, 1 c cereal, 1/2 c milk, 1/2 banana
L= Chili's 2 Philly Cheesesteak sliders, mashed potatos/gravy, 1/3 brownie
D= coffee, 2 pancakes, butter/sruyp {hubby made dinner}
S= 1 c cereal, 3/4 c milk
S= 1 mini Resses, 1 Hershey's kiss, 1 Bliss
E= 20min boxing, 50min Classical Stretch

MIL called to tell us FIL is feeling a lot better.

Rakel, brownies are hard for me to resisit!

Caroline, I never thought of freezing it. We have a Kong but April's tongue is so long she can just lick it out, we bought a different one but then the cheese is just stuck inside, Yuck. Who wants to clean that out afterwards??

iDream, I should be working on Hubby's Christmas present...a sweater he asked me to knit for him. I might be able to finish it for Val's Day if I get with the program!

Mandy, no one wants to be dissed by a game!

Mahatha, I have one that tells me my water/bone/muscle etc % but I really don't like it and wish I had stuck with the plain digital one that was easier to read.

thistoo 02-10-2012 06:40 AM

Penguin, freezing the Kong makes it last longer. That way they can't just lick it out, and it's sort of like a cheese-flavored ice cream treat for them, I guess? Anyway it kept them busy for a few more minutes, at least!

Rakel, let go of the brownie and ice cream guilt. An indulgence every now and then isn't the end of the world, and at least you chose to indulge in something special and high quality. A good brownie is one of my favorite things too.

My shins are feeling better this morning, but I went to bed at 8:00 last night and slept straight through until almost 6:00 this morning. My entire staff at work (there are two of them) has called in sick two days in a row, so maybe I am suffering a tiny bit of whatever cold they've got. I could go back to bed for awhile, to be honest, but otherwise I feel fine.

I've upped my calories the past few days, so it's not fatigue due to low calories. Upping them hasn't helped my weight at all; I'm still exactly where I was on Wednesday. It would be nice if I could lose a little more quickly, but there's not much I can do about that, I guess.

iDream 02-10-2012 09:16 AM

Good morning ladies! TGIF!! Oh lemme just say that again--T to the G to the I to the F ! I'm so glad this week is over!

JustWant2B~ Yeah, I just need to get up and going and I know I'll fall right back into doing it daily. It's the finding the motivation and getting over my fear that I'm going to be in constant pain (with the dang foot) with every step...I also need new shoes, which have to wait for now, but I'll get back there, oh yes I will!

mahtha~ Ooooh, I used to have baked (well, nuked) apples with cinnamon and Kashi (and sometimes some Sun Crystals--kinda like Truvia) every day for breakfast! Mmmm, and you'd be surprised how little calories it all had! I believe that with 3 egg whites would run me around 300 calories? Sounds like a lot for breakfast to some, but not me. You gotta start that morning off with a solid breakfast under your belt if you ask me. Of course, I was working out back then...now I'm just eating the Kashi. ;) Either way, it's gooooood! Mmmm!

Cheryl~ congrats on the loss! Hey, five pounds is five pounds, water or not! You take that loss and you dance your booty off in the end zone! Awesome start to your journey!! Woot!

Mandy~ LOL Oh that just cracks me up! I bet they paid someone big bucks to be the snarky trainer on the Wii! ;)

thistoo~ glad to hear your shins feel better, nothing worse than any part of your legs/feet hurting since you kinda can't get away with not using them right? Hope they stay pain free!

DixC~ Congrats on the WI!!! Woo hoo!!! Yeah! On the foot front--funny how such a tiny little piece of your body can cause so much grief huh? I'm actually missing the last bone in my pinky toe which is what's causing my toe to turn, but the bone they cut and moved over was in my foot at the base of my pinky toe. It was amazing how little discomfort I felt while it healed.

Rakel~ Ahh, we've all had moments of weakness and like thistoo said, at least you splurged on something worthy of splurging on. ;) Just put it behind you and start the day fresh! It's no biggie! You'll do better today! :)

Penguin~ oooh, you're one of those super crafty chicks who can knit!!! I've tried and my hands just don't wanna do it. I think because I learned to crochet first that's all my hands want to do. I also stink at doing anything where my hands need to do two different things at once. ;) I'd love to see the sweater when you're finished with it! I've got a crocheted one that is so very close to being finished just sitting in my yarn basket...it's so sad and lonely begging to be finsihed. If I don't get going on it, it won't fit my dd at all and I'll have to give to one of my nieces! LOL

Okay, so I had a few rice cakes last night--but not a whole bag! Woo hoo! Go me! :lol: I made cod for dinner last night with a yummy dill sauce, oh it was good, but I need to add more zing/zip/pizazz to my cod next time and maybe grill it after it's baked...I like my fish a little crispy. :D I'm down a little more this morning so that's a good thing, nothing like seeing those numbers drop, no matter how s l o w l y they go.

Well, I need to get some Kashi in my tummy and start drinking my water! Have a great day ladies and if I don't see you this weekend, remember to be WONDERFUL to yourselves, make GOOD choices and for Pete's sake, Drink Your Water!!! :D

time2lose 02-10-2012 09:39 AM

DixC Chix - It is wonderful that you are doing those bag lunches for the homeless!

rakel - You did good to hold it to one brownie. If I eat one, I am sure to eat more.

Sandye - Way to go with the rice cakes!! You are right, there is nothing like seeing those numbers drop!

Everyone, do you post the food that you have already eaten or your plan for the day? Right now I am giving you both.

Thurs. Feb 9

B - 3 servings eggbeaters, 1 piece whole wheat toast (152.5 calories)
L and afternoon snack - chicken, green beans, 2 clementines, Wheat thins chips (398.5 calories)
D - country fried steak, mashed potatoes (420 calories) This was a deviation from plan but I had to work late and DH had this cooked when I got home. I changed my plan but I would have gotten a lot more food with my original plan.

Plan for today, Feb 10 -

B - 3 servings eggbeaters, 1 piece whole wheat toast (152.5 calories)
L - chicken, 2 clementines, apple (318.5 calories)

We are eating out tonight but I don't know where. We will have to decide so that I can look up their menu before we leave the house. If nothing else, I know what to eat at Applebees and I will have plenty of calories left.

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