Regainers Relosing. Get it off AGAIN!

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  • I get so annoyed with the scales.

    I've had a digital Health-o-meter for a few years, but it's always been trouble. Different weight every time I step on it if I get a reading at all, but I haven't seen it as a big deal since I at least had a ballpark figure maybe off by 5-10 pounds to get me through to my official weekly weigh-in, which is on a much more accurate balance scale.

    But this past week I thought I'd treat myself to a new Sunbeam scale with a good old-fashioned dial. And it weighed me ten pounds higher! Er, no big deal there either, I can compensate for that in my head. But when I weighed with it on the next day it took me to my normal weight. So I checked the old digital scale for comparison and it says I am still in the same range?

    Guess I'll find out where I really am when I go weigh in tomorrow.
  • Sirenity, I "treated myself" to a new scale a couple of weeks into this and I'm not sure the old and the new readings matched up so I feel your pain! I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever know how much I really weigh.
  • Just doing a drive by for a second, wanted to say hi Busy day here but I will try to get back here a bit later Hope everyone is having a great onplan kinda day!
  • Can I join? I had lost 60 pounds since giving birth to my daughter 10 months ago, and have regained ALL of it in the past couple of months (no longer nursing) and am just frustrated and disgusted with myself. I have a 2 year old son ( they are 18 months apart) and I am having trouble keeping up with both kiddos. I am determined to get it off and keep it off this time.
  • eeyoredja, you are in the right place. We all know exactly what you're going through! I try not to be disgusted with myself, as you say, but some days it's easier than others.

    But we're all here and trying again, which is more than a lot of people do, so right away we are ahead of the game. Welcome!

    (Apparently I have my cheerleader hat on today. I am not always obnoxiously cheerful! I blame the amount of caffeine in my system.)
  • Thanks for the encouraging words Caroline!
  • Welcome, eeyoredja! Caroline the cheerleader is right, we've all been there, done that and now we're committed to doing something different. You'll find a lot of great support here.

    I have no new shoes. The rain stopped, so instead of going to the shoe store I went for a 45 minute walk and it felt goooooood.
  • I went to the chiropracter today because every time I try and exercise, I get shooting pains. It turns out that my neck is completely messed up. I started treatment today and he feels that it is very likely that I will be able to start exercising within a couple of weeks.
  • Quick email too. So far so good this week. Spin yesterday, body pump today. And, slowly getting control back on food. Pizza at the business lunch meeting today.... but I kept it to one piece and some salad. Not bad for me. I'm starting to feel a little hopeful!!

    Gotta love cheerleader Caroline!!! Welcome to Eeyoredja
  • Ok only have another second to put here on the computer.. but wanted to send another dose of encouragement!!

    I had been getting very very depressed. The scale seemed stuck at 279, it was there for over a week!! I was eating mostly on plan (I met a friend for lunch one day), exercising at least 30 minutes every day. Yesterday got on the scale and boom down to 276.4, today 275! Definately a mood booster and a push to keep going.
  • yesterday i was looking at new scales (i'm 99% sure mine's broken - it's like 7 years old) and saw i swear an iScale. no joke. it transmits to your iphone or ipad and keeps track of your weight. crazy!

    can i join in on this pity party we might potentially be throwing? not so much because of my weight (though that seems stalled) but because i can't get rid of things that make me hurt! yesterday it was super intense cramps in my shin (not my calf) that felt like it was pulling my foot towards my knee. and it lasted like 15-20 minutes! i was literally in tears and my husband was freaked out. spent most of the rest of the day in bed with a nasty headache, which is par for the course the day before TOM shows up. today i woke up with a sore throat, what feels like a sinus infection, and TOM, complete with cramps. RAR!

    the good news is (sorta) i'm not hungry. usually with TOM cramps i want to eat the refrigerator, but because of the sore throat and congestion i'm not even wanting my water. (bad news there)... but yeah... maybe i can call this a fasting day heh.
  • I hear you, konfyoozed.
    I feel pretty awful today and have been trying hard to take it easy, drink my water and tea, and concentrate on feeling better. But I'm MAD that I can't work out and I'm MAD at the (probable) idea that the scale won't budge this week because I'm not working out, even though I am sticking to my diet 100%. (This is hard because being sick makes me want carbs, carbs, carbs!!!)

    Here's hoping that we feel better soon, and that ALL of us have a good week, food-wise, exercise-wise, and SCALE-WISE!
  • OK, now I hear a lot of EMOTING going on here; plus illness & injuries are taking their toll as well, I think. Well, you will all feel better in a few days; this too shall pass ...

    And, don't get MAD, get going ... I'm just teasing; but hey, that's not a bad idea. Turn all that emotional energy into something that burns calories -- how about some MOCK BOXING; got a pillow to hit, anyone???

    That's the only thing about the scale: it goes up & down on a regular basis. So many things can factor in there, I'm afraid -- TOM & hormones, salt & water gain, exercise & swelling water gain, and sometimes, I just think we go up & down par for the course depending on what we eat that day.

    That's why I focus more on sizes and inches and other NSV's. I've always done that becuz following the scale every day would drive me bonkers; I retain too much water as it is. This way I can see improvement (even if it's slow) and not get side-tracked by the scale.

    One of my doctors once advised his patients to only weigh every three weeks becuz then you almost always would show a loss of some kind and that worked around things like hormones and such. He was correct at the time. Some people are too impatient for that, but it works for others.

    ANYHOW, I can only try to cheer you all on -- you know things will get better if you just keep on, keepin' on. Hang in there ladies ...

    To JUNIPER & DONNA ~ you both are most welcome to join us here. The more the merrier; don't worry if you can't do all the personals, as there are a lot of posters in this thread and it moves pretty fast. Congrats on a great start ...

    FOOD: had a lean pork chop & veggies & wild/brown rice & barley mix for dinner last night. Chicken breast sandwich for lunch. Today, had ham & chz sandwich + a cupasoup for lunch; chicken veggie stew for dinner. I'm a pretty conventional eater, I think ... but it works for me.
  • This too shall pass, is, of course, where I took my user name from, so I can't help but concur with that advice!

    I think you all should know that if anyone in my offline life ever heard me referred to as 'the cheerleader type' they would fall out of their chair laughing. You guys get all my support, I don't have any left over for real life! Aren't you lucky.

    P90X Plyometrics tonight. I haven't done that workout for a loooong time. I'm very sweaty and my knees will probably hurt tomorrow (arthritis) but it's worth it.
  • Hey ya'll! Im gonna jump in here. Had a roller coaster of a ride. Got to 243 before thanksgiving, gained 15 lbs between then and mid jan. Lost down to 243 again on the first of march then took a trip, too much sodium,etc made me go bk up to 250. Got the water off (mostly) and down to 244.8 then 2 binges in 2 week (EEK!) made me gain back to 251 (yep, more water weight) on saturday. Back to 245 today. Been in the 240's since september SOOOO ready to move ON.