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thistoo 02-07-2012 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by DixC Chix (Post 4207028)
Exercising my will power should burn calories, too!


That is fantastic, thanks for the giggle!

It's true; subconsciously I keep thinking that since I'm putting in the effort again, I should just magically get to be back at 150. I also keep having moments where I kick myself for not sticking with it, because I was *so* close to my goal back then. But I think it was a lesson I needed to learn in order to maintain for real for the rest of my life, so I'm trying to look at it as a good (sort of) thing.

Good morning everyone! I hope you're all having a great morning. Breakfast for me today was a sweet potato and ground turkey frittata, which was super delicious. I made up the recipe last night because I was tired of broccoli slaw frittata.

Lunch will be pumpkin chicken chili (no beans) over broccoli, and for dinner there's leftover cinnamon chicken I cooked in the crockpot yesterday, along with green beans. For snacks I've got walnuts and raisins and an orange. I do love citrus season.

Beverlyjoy 02-07-2012 12:38 PM

Yesterday was mostly healthy. Once again I ate extra in the evening. I need to 'nip this in the bud' as they say. I will work very very hard tonight on NOT eating after 7:30.

Actually, I hardly worked my Beck program yesterday, except to write down what I ate. It proves to me that I do better when incorporating the things that have worked for me in the past. At the very least - I must plan/measure/log, read over my advantages of staying on plan, and not eating standing up.

Yesterday, I went to see my aunt in hospice. She was having a good day - we had a wonderful visit. I am grateful.

Another relative, who was also in hospice, passed away yesterday. He lives a couple of hours from here. So, I'll go there tomorrow for the visitation at the funeral home and I can swing over to where my stepmom is recouperating from her surgery. Actually, it will work out well - bacause I need to go back there anyway.

I have much to do. As always, I appreciate all of your support, wisdom and kindness.

mahtha 02-07-2012 01:00 PM

I'm SO in!
About 10 years ago I lost almost 50 lbs. Went through a messy divorce and lost another 20. Fast forward a few years when peace and contentment gave way to laziness and here I am, heavier than I have ever been.

I've been struggling for a while and just wasn't ready to do anything about it until about a week ago. I'm back on my WW plan and back to 3FC for the real life support I need to do this for the last time.

:wave:Hi everyone, it's nice to be home.

redjb7 02-07-2012 02:03 PM

back again
I would like to join this thread if that is ok. I am back again after a few years of ups and downs weight wise. I need something to help me keep on track - and having people here to talk to who are going through similar stuff definitely helps.
I would like to lose about 100, but anything is good. I also have several "reasons" to lose. Last year my first grandbaby came into the world - she is now 1 - I am 60 and want to live for a while to see her grow up! One son is taking me to Australia in September, the other son is getting married in England a year from March. Those are immediate goals. I am also tired of having Gerd, sleep apnea, and approaching the danger of tests that might go up if I don't take care of myself. Time to get serious again.
I love reading your posts, they give me inspiration. I can find some common ground. My husband is fit, at least outwardly, and totally doesn't understand why someone should have trouble with food.

Thanks and have a good week!

Justwant2Bhealthy 02-07-2012 02:26 PM

:welcome: back, MAHTHA ~ yes, the stress of life can do that to us; but glad you came back here once again. :D

:welcome3: Back, RED ~ my DH is very slim and has trouble keeping his weight up; but he is very helpful to me now (I had to explain about trigger foods; now he hides them and that is very helpful). HE does have to watch his cholesterol, and eats the healthy meals I give him.

I've had a good week so far; eating is staying on plan, but like BEVERLYJOY -- I get hungry in the evenings. So now, I save up some calories for then so I won't overeat. If I don't eat something, my blood sugar level plummets on me; it's a catch-22 situation for me. So, I have to be really diligent.

When I was younger I could get away with just a tea at night, but if I was really starving or low on cals, I would have a bowl of cereal (skim milk; as). I have noticed that I get hungry at 11 am; 5 pm; and mid-late evening -- I read somewhere that this is very common. I was wondering if that is becuz my body is anticipating a meal shortly thereafter ... hmmm.

However, if I have a more substantial dinner, I am less hungry at night; so I will be tracking that to see what foods work well for that too. I have delayed my snacks to try to cover those times; and trying some distraction techniques as well. Hope it works.

Have a great day ... :val3:

konfyoozed 02-07-2012 02:45 PM

okay ladies. after a crazy not-quite-on-plan weekend because of a retreat where i had no say in what food got put on my plate for 4 meals (dinner friday, then breakfast, lunch, and dinner saturday) then a superbowl party on sunday that got a little out of hand with the sweets available. and you know, it's just common courtesy to try everything so you can tell people it's yummy. at least that's my story and i'm sticking to it!

was back on plan yesterday got a good workout in last night, and my typical afternoon walk got cut short because of necessary housework, but i'm getting them both in today so i can have a piece of pie with the hubby tonight after dinner (chicken fajitas!).

mahtha 02-07-2012 02:56 PM

Justwant2Bhealthy, thanks for the warm welcome!

redjb7, Welcome, from one thread newbie to another.

Beverlyjoy, Your cup runneth over. Congrats on the great attitude and determintation not to throw up your hands "until you have more time" to focus on you.

thistoo, I'm so on the same page with your comment about not sticking with it being a life lesson. A hard one.

DixC Chix, I love your idea to journal your food here. I think I'll join you!

iDream, Congrats on facing the scale damn the consequences. I only wish I had that courage over the last year or two, it would have saved me al ot of heartache.

k0nfyo0zed, congrats on keeping your NQOP weekend a short one. It's when those stretch into an "Oh, what the ****, I've already blown it" that things get ugly.

For all of us it's a new day, right? I know it's only been 8 days back OP for me, but I'm finding it OK. For me it's all about the planning: I plan my dinners for the week then work backward and backfill each day's breakfast and lunch. For me, having a "normal" family dinner is a big deal - I feel deprived otherwise and that's where the frustration kicks in. (and nobody in my house has noticed any difference in what's being served ;))

I'm also really lucky to have a small fridge in my office. I can stock up on fresh veggies and fruit so there is always something to munch on if I'm hungry - that keeps me away from the Doritos and other junk in the vending machines.

It feels good to be back here around people who really understand this journey.:hug: to you all.

konfyoozed 02-07-2012 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by mahtha (Post 4207552)
I plan my dinners for the week then work backward and backfill each day's breakfast and lunch. For me, having a "normal" family dinner is a big deal - I feel deprived otherwise and that's where the frustration kicks in. (and nobody in my house has noticed any difference in what's being served ;))

i do this too. i plan dinner first, count out the calories (including a little bit of seconds just in case). then i just sort of graze during the day and let the bulk of my calories come at dinner time, leaving about 250-300 for my after workout greek yogurt and string cheese snack. planning it this way keeps me from eating everything at night. after dinner snacking is what gets me in trouble the most.

also: i fill a 2L bottle (old soda bottle) the night before and stick it in the fridge, and try to drink it all during the day (plus an extra .5L during my workout time) to make sure i get enough H2O in.

HannahBoo23 02-07-2012 08:47 PM

ME TOO! I'm in! I need to keep reminding myself to stay committed! I've recently gained about 30 lbs going to college, and I need to start losing again!

patchworkpenguin 02-07-2012 11:25 PM

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been tired and sacked out on the couch for the past few days, just not feeling well. A little snuffly but mostly just tired.

The bread turned out well. It rose faster than it normaly does, which I'm not sure is due to the applesauce but easier on me! Since this is the only bread we {and my dad} eat I'm trying to make it as healthy as possible.

My eating was lousy yesterday and I didn't even keep track, but today was better but I didn't feel like eating much!!! I must be sick!

Tues, Feb 6
B= 1 c cereal, 1/2 c milk, 1/2 banana
L= 2 c milk, slice bread with apricot preserves
D= 2 homemade tacos, 1/2 c black beans w cheese
S= 5 bliss, 2 cups choc milk.
E= none

Beverlyjoy 02-08-2012 04:35 AM

Hi relosers! I am still struggling with evening. It's totally stress eating. I am grateful, however, my weight is the same as last Wednesday.

I will keep trying! Today, I am going to be going to check up on my stepmon (who had surgery last week) and also an out of town visitation for a family member who passed away. I am going to be packing my healthy food.

Have a healthful day. Remember to treat yourself as well as you would treat a good friend.

thistoo 02-08-2012 06:40 AM

Beverly, you have really been taking it on the chin lately. A little stress eating is perfectly understandable. I hope today is easier for you. I'm very sorry about your loss.

I'm down a pound this morning after holding steady all week. I was hoping for more, but I'll take it! I think maybe I haven't been eating enough calories for my activity level. I've been exhausted since last Friday and I think that might be the culprit. That and my twice-daily workouts.

Normally I aim for 1400 calories a day, but without any grains or dairy it's really tricky to push that number up. There's also a part of me that has big-time anxiety about taking in more calories, even though I know I can't lose on too few. It's tricky, finding that weight loss sweet spot! My body is so weird.

I'm sore from last night's strength training workout! I was supposed to get up and do yoga this morning, but it will have to wait until later in the week when I'm not quite so achey. Spin bike later, most likely.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

rakel 02-08-2012 08:07 AM

I gained about 15lbs over the holidays (2mo) and am slowly working on getting back on track... This is not my first time around the regain barn, but I am happy I nipped this in the bud before 2 months became a year and all of my hard work for naught...definitely frustrating but like some other girls were saying, I can't give up...as long as I am breathing I'll pick myself up again and keep going.

DixC Chix 02-08-2012 09:01 AM

Excuse my language but... WTF??? Weigh in this a.m. - 213?!! I cannot figure out how my body works. Obviously I wasn't really 217 on Monday but holy crap! I will keep tracking daily to see if there is a pattern that is different from my previous pattern (low on Mon, high on Thurs) or if this is the anomaly from returning to clean eating. Anyhoo...

Taxes done, laundry done, mil passed. Today I go to my part time job, then will meet friends for an afternoon movie (hope I stay awake), then may stop at Costco/Walmart for Homeless Ministry distribution this Saturday. I also need to make a stop at JCP to return a Christmas top.

B: coffee, yogurt, egg+egg sub, banana
L: ham and turkey roll-ups, bell pepper and hummus, clementines
D: 3 oz steak, peas, carrots, pumpkin, blueberries
E: property maintenance job

Caroline - Congrats on the -1#!! I must agree wholeheartedly that you may not be eating enough to support 'two-a-days'. How 'bout some more protein? In the past I have snacked on roasted chicken breast strips - 3 oz 140 cal. I love having breakfast fritattas - yours sounds especially delish! And slo-cooker cinnamon chicken - details please?!

Beverlyjoy - :hug: Hugs to you. Be careful on the road.

mahtha, red, Hannah, rakel - Welcome to y'all!

Mandy - glad you are back on track.

Justwant - Yay for staying OP!!

Penguin - get well soon :hug: Glad the bread turned out well. That's a good way to cut cals.

just a thought on evening eating - I have given myself manicures and teeth whitening as a way to interrupt/delay unplanned snacks. Even brushing my teeth can make me not want to spoil my fresh mouth.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

iDream 02-08-2012 09:07 AM

Good morning ladies!! I hope everyone had a fantastic night!

DixC~ How'd the taxes go? You've reminded me that I need to gather up our tax stuff. I don't mind doing them all that much--if I can do it alone. With the kids hovering and the hubs asking me 'how much are we getting? Do we owe? We don't owe do we?!?!' it gets difficult to concentrate. :lol:

thistoo~ Congrats on the loss!! :carrot: I'm sure you've heard this before, but you might not be getting enough cals in. Especially if you're working out twice a day! Your bod won't let go of anything if it thinks it's starving so maybe try upping the cals next time you stall out and see if that helps. When I lost last time there towards the end I would stall out and I was working out harder than ever. Someone mentioned calorie cycling and mentioned this site: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm it figures the calories you need for maintaining/losing/faster losing (and who doesn't want that ;)) and gives you a 7 day schedule where you have low cal days and higher cal days. Anyway, just thought I'd share it since it really helped me last time. :)

Beverlyjoy~ sorry to hear about your loss :hug: I hope that your stepmom is doing well! On another note--I'm a night eater too. It's part of my 'down time' routine and I need to cut it out!

Mahtha~ Welcome back!! It's so tough when you're just not ready for it isn't it? I've btdt! Well, here's to being ready and tackling it head on! You can do it!!! :carrot:

redjb7~ Welcome! This site is so awesome and if it can keep me on track--it can keep anyone on track! ;) Congrats on the grandbaby and I'm so envious of your upcoming trips! That's motivation for sure!!

JustWant~ What is it about nighttime eating? I could go all day without eating sometimes and when the kids go to bed it's all I can think about it--big dinner or not! However, it sounds like you need some more calories? There's nothing wrong with a healthy snack at night--just don't devour a whole bag of chocolate rice cakes...like I've done. ;) Perhaps something high in protein to stave off the hungries?

kOnfyoOzed~ LOL I had to write that one down! ;) Great job getting back on track! Super Bowl can really kick your diet in the gut and kill it. Mmm, chicken fajitas! Sounds yummy!!

~ Welcome! I'm from IN too, not a lifer, but loving it here. :)

Penguin~ yay on the bread turning out! Makes you wonder why there aren't more recipes calling for applesauce doesn't it? Fat free yogurt works as a substitute too. :) I hope you're feeling better soon, I'm finally catching the kids' cold and I'll be down Zicam until I start to feel better.

rakel~ Welcome and congrats on nipping the gain in the bud! A few months and 15 pounds is so much better than 2 years and 90--lemme tell ya! ;)

Okay ladies, I was all prepared to come here and not tell you about my night-binge last night...but since I'm in for good this time, I must. Two words: Chocolate Cake Oh yes I did. I had bought it on Super Bowl Sunday during a less than stellar will power moment and had a piece that night. Last night in an effort to get rid of it--I gave it to the kids but there was still some left over...which is what I ate last night. Argh! On the plus side I didn't gain and I'm even down again so that's good--which kinda makes me think I'm not eating enough cals during the day, which is bad. Anyway...I'm still ticked though because I need to stop! Thankfully there's no more cake and the cookies that are left will be going to the kids--I tried to get the hubs to take them out of here but he didn't.

Still no exercise going on here--my shoulder has been killing me (the result of some home improvement projects I suspect) and I can barely move my head/neck sometimes. I want to jump back into working out but honestly, when I'm in pain, it's the last thing I want to do. :( I'm going to continue to ice it and take Motrin (which I hate doing) and if it's not better by this weekend I'll be calling the dr. I wouldn't be that concerned...but it's popping and it feels 'wrong' in there somewhere.

Okay, I've written a novel so I'll end it by saying~ Have a great day ladies and be sure to be good to yourselves and DrinkYour Water!!! :D

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