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  • Hi relosers!! ... yesterday was a healthful day... always grateful for that! I really concentrated on working most of the facets of my plan. I accomplished many - grateful for that too.

    -eat seated only - almost all of the time (it's so easy to just 'stick' food in my mouth)
    - no seconds
    - slowed down
    - concentrated on TASTING the food
    - did my journal work
    - read my advantage cards, etc.
    - exercise
    - sponataneous exercise (walked up and down the stairs for no reason except to do it)
    - lots of water
    - planned my food ahead of time
    - used distractions to resist some unplanned food (gave into a few extra's too)

    DH and I went to the grocery together yesterday... I made sure no candy bars jumped into the cart!

    Today we are going to some friends/neighbor's for the Super Bowl. I'll enjoy the game... but, the commercials, mostly. There will be four little kids running around. I know I'll love that, too. I've planned for some healthy foods and a taste of dessert.

    Thistoo, Vladadog, Penguin. - thanks so much for your kind thoughts in regards to the stresses and passing of a long time friend - along with two other family members in hospice. I appreciate it.

    Somehow, I am not into total bingeing in the face of all his stress. I am 'hanging on' to sane eating, mostly. Not always right on plan... but, doing the best I can. I am REALLY grateful for the willingnes to try.

    Healthywb - ah, yes... I remember the Period Fairy. (that made me giggle!) So glad you accept the fluctuations that come with this TOM.

    - Welcome back. Glad you didn't 'wait' to come back. We have all been in your situation. Carry on.

    - great to get that walk it. Lot's of folks are trying out chile chocolate!

    Mandy - that's one tough situation. Hop right back on your plan and you will be fine.

    Thistoo - it's nice of you to watch the kids... even nicer that they eat healthfully so you can avoid extra temptations.

    Have a great day.
  • Quote:
    Gained a few pounds and thought "I don't want to go back to 3FC until I can say I had lost them. Then gained a few more, then a few more, etc. Stopped weighing every day. Stopped counting calories a long time ago. Went from tracking my calories online, to guesswork on the calories, to not even paying attention. Before I knew it I was up 39 pounds from my lowest (I may have only seen 210-211 for a brief moment on the scale, but I saw it). Every time I went up into a new decade I thought, "oh, I can handle this."
    boy Kris, you pretty much summed it up perfectly right there. I have to admit I wonder about some folks who were so present on 3FC a year or two ago when i was here really regularly. I hope they are still maintaining but I can't help but worry. We share so much here, the good and of course the bad, and people start feeling a little like "family". I hope the missing members of our 3FC family are doing well and not just waiting to come back till they can say they lost any regained weight.

    It hurt to come back and admit how badly I screwed up but I know I wouldn't be where I am, back on track, if it wasn't for 3FC.
  • Hi guys

    I just wanted to pop in and say hi, as I 'know' a lot of you! I am a reloser too... doing okay getting it back off but stalled at 199 at the moment. I think it will start moving again shortly, since I am changing plans (from Medifast 5&1 to Medifast Transition which will get me to a whole foods plan). Going to add in exercise also.

    We have to pat ourselves on the backs for not giving up Hang in there guys, it is so worth it!
  • Quote:
    -eat seated only - almost all of the time (it's so easy to just 'stick' food in my mouth); - no seconds; - slowed down; - concentrated on TASTING the food; - did my journal work; - read my advantage cards, etc.; - exercise; - sponataneous exercise (walked up and down the stairs for no reason except to do it); - lots of water; - planned my food ahead of time;
    - used distractions to resist some unplanned food (gave into a few extra's too) ...

    BEVERLYJOY ~ ^Great tips there^. You have a lot on your plate right now, but good for you for hanging in there, and continuing to face in the right direction, as KAPLODS likes to say ...

    I would like to tell all you ladies that I think the best thing you have done is to come back to 3FC's -- for heaven's sake, don't stay away just out of embarrassment. You must realize that many of us here, if not most, have lost and regained at some time in our lives before we came here (like myself), or while here, or after coming here.

    KRIS ~ did sum up well how one can slip into a gain; it's gradual; and it's sneaky; and it's annoying as heck -- but it's best to come back, and face it, and continue on in the journey.

    Every time I see a RETURNEE in the Introductions forum, I send them over here becuz they need the support you all can give them, and for all the great tips mentioned above. We can encourage & support each other, and help each other learn how to lose the weight and keep it off for good ...

    Have a great week everyone; continue on ...
  • A minute on the lips = a month on the hips!

    Saturday rest day + cinnamin rolls and fancy coffee with my neighbor does not make for weight loss. I knew that but...crap. Back to 217.
    Sunday circuit and tread + brunch out and superbowl munchies (I thought seven layer dip was healthy but DUH - its the chips!!) and still at 217. Both days were my mistake for not planning EVERYTHING. I am not at the point where I can trust myself again.

    BBL for personals.

    B1: coffee & cream, yogurt,
    B2: banana, egg + egg sub
    L: WW pasta and sauce, provolone, clementines
    D: WW tortillas, beans, cheese, tomato, spinach, blueberries
    E: yoga, water aerobics, treadmill
  • Hi relosers! Yesterday went well until AFTER the Super Bowl game - where I ate healthfully - when others had a spread of fattening unhealthy goodies.. I made good choices all day. For whatever reason (maybe stress from a stressful week & feeling 'deprived' when I wanted to comfort my self with food all week & I didn't)- who knows) When I got home from the party -I had chocolate milk, crackers and bread... all unplanned. It's not the worst I've ever done. But, it just doesn't feel so good.

    However.... I've gotten up with a new resolve to have a healthy & wonderful day. I've planned my food and will aim to do what I know will help me. I just must muster up the 'willingness'. It is always about willingness to try and do what I know works.

    I will go see my Aunt in hospice and give her a hug and a kiss today.

    I have writing to do and other things related to work.

    I am also getting nervous about my gallbladder removal surgery next week. It should be a good thing - in the long run. I'll be brave. I don't want to gain weight back as a result.... please, please, please.

    DixcChix - you said: A minute on the lips = a month on the hips!
    I'd like to tattoo this to my brain!

    Justwant2bhealthy - I agree... kudo's to all folks coming back to lose weight again!

    lynn - I am doing a 199 happy dance for you. Carry on... you WILL get lower.

    vladadog - yes... coming back after regaining is a pride thing too. GLAD you are here again!!

    Have a GREAT day/week.
  • Hello ladies, can I join?
    My name is Sandye and I'm a regainer and want to be a reloser!
    A quick bio:

    I used to a be a regular here on the challenge board where I got to know a great bunch of girls who helped me to stay movtivated until I met and surpassed my goal weight and went on to be in the best shape of my life--even ran a 5K!! That was 2 years ago and I lost close to 90 lbs.

    Fast forward nearly 2 years, a bum foot--which took surgery to fix and still isn't 100%, and several depression fueled binge eating sessions and here I sit at 237.4 as of this morning. To say I gained it back and then some is an understatement.

    I have been angry at myself for most of the last year and just kept right on eating to comfort myself. I have been ashamed to show my face here and still can't bring myself to post on the challenge board, but I hope to soon. I have decided that being mad at myself and eating myself into a coma just isn't going to get the weight off! So here I am.

    I just turned 40 so now is the time to get my ample bootay in gear and get this weight off for good!!!

    My goal weight is 140 so I've got a long way to go, but I know it all starts with the first step so here I go!

    I look forward to getting to know you ladies and cheering you all on!!
  • Sun, Feb 5
    B= 1/2 coffee 1/2 banana
    L= 1 c potato soup + sourcream, 1/2 turkey sandwich, square chile choc
    S= 1 c ice cream
    S=1/2 banana, 5 choc almonds
    L= 1/2 homemade burger, fries + ketchup
    S= choc muffin
    E= none

    Yesterday wasn't a particually good day. I feel like I still have PMS from last month, Hubby only had coffee for breakfast so his acid reflux acted up in the middle of church so we had to leave early, then he napped most of the day when this is the day we were supposed to get out and do stuff, like groc shop and fun stuff for me. So in the end all we got to do was groc shop. He doesn't take very good care of himself, so I see this these as being preventable if he would just bother himself to eat breakfast and watch what he eats.

    I did nothing exercisy yesterday. My shins are slightly sore from walkiing the hills in my mom's neighborhood.

    Usual suspects of bread and laundry today. The recipe for the bread calls for 1/2 c oil {split between 3 loaves} but I subbed applesauce today, using just enough oil to coat the bowl. Hopefully, the applesauce will work and I don't just have a big mess at the end of the day. I feel better about the applesauce instead of that much oil. I also cut the sugar, too.

    I can't remember what I'm supposed to do for exercise today since I changed my rotation,, I'll have to check.

    Sandye, welcome, glad to have you join us.

    Beverly, you and your family are in my prayers.

    Chix, cinnamon rolls are hard to resist!

    Kris, good to see you again! I can really relate to the anger, I feel like such a failure for letting myself regain.
  • Tried 3 times to reply with personals and always hit some key and it took me back without posting. Getting really frustrating so I will just do it easy.

    Welcome to MamaP and iDream (Sandye) - hope to see you posting regularly.

    Multiple post with words of wisdom over the weekend:

    I started
    Step One!

    But the more I do it, the healthier I will become
    Step Two!

    It hurt to come back and admit how badly I screwed up but I know I wouldn't be where I am, back on track, if it wasn't for 3FC.
    Well said

    We have to pat ourselves on the backs for not giving up
    Step Three!

    help each other learn how to lose the weight and keep it off for good
    Step Four!

    feeling 'deprived' when I wanted to comfort my self with food all week & I didn't
    Mind reader. For me, Sat was no exercise day and turned into no diet day, too.
  • Hi everyone; Sandye, welcome! While we're never happy to see someone regain, we're happy to have you join us.

    I watched my sister's kids all weekend and was once again reminded of how exhausting full-time parenting must be. Seriously, those kids wear me out. They're four and six and they have a crazy amount of energy. Also they're really loud. At my place it's just me and a couple cranky felines, and compared to my sister's house it's quiet as a tomb.

    Not that I don't enjoy hanging out with my niece and nephews, but it does take a lot out of me.

    I am on day twelve of Whole 30 and still not having any problems with cravings or anything, though I'm more tired than usual lately (that started before the babysitting so it's not just that. Friday night I was so exhausted I crawled into bed at 9:00. On a Friday! Then I slept ten hours solid.) My weight is holding steady at 211 so while I'm not having trouble sticking with my plan, I'm trying not to get frustrated at the stall.

    It's ridiculous that last week I lost something like four pounds, and this week I'm mad at my body for maintaining. I have a tendency to be a) impatient and b) way too hard on myself, so I'm really working on not doing that this time around. The all or nothing attitude is how I gained back all this weight, after all.

    I have 'goal' clothes hung on every door in my house at this point. My place looks like a thrift shop! It helps keep me focused, though, and the cats don't seem to mind.

    Dix, what a great post! And a good reminder of how useful this group will be on our journey to take the weight off again. We all know what to do, and as long as we keep reminding each other to do it, we'll get there.
  • I haven't had time to read all the pages, but I wanted to pop in and subscribe to this thread.

    I am up to 223. I haven't completely regained all that I've lost and I haven't completely given up either. Yet, here I am....ashamed and so completely off track I hardly know how to get back on the 'horse' so to speak.

    Well, I'm going to get back on track before I regain it all. I have so many reasons to get back on track. Oldest son is getting married at the end of summer (got to look good for pictures!). Hubby and I are planning to travel this fall (would really like to be comfortable in those tiny airline seats!). Just had a new grand-baby come into the world and I'm going to be her full time daycare provider in a few weeks (got to be able to keep up with her!). The list of reasons just goes on and on as to why it's much better to be lighter than heavier, so maybe, just maybe...(and I so wish I could make a more declarative statement but that's where my head is at right now), today is the day

    Please pray that I don't chicken out of this thread, like I've done so many times before.....
  • Hi... I was thinking about something today. Even when I was gaining weight or not doing so well I always posted at the gratitude thread. So, technically, I wasn't 'all gone' from here. It kind of kept my foot in the door- if you know what I mean. I think it's good to have that connection somewhere at 3fc - so we don't just disappear. Just a thought...
  • A NEW CREATION ~ Just take it one-day-at-a time! I know that may sound like a cliche, but it's really important. Don't look at the end before you even begin. Getting started again is half the battle won -- now that's a cliche, but a good one ...

    DIX ~ I also enjoyed reading your observations from our posts; I am always looking to gleam some wisdom from others here, and make a note of them too ...

    BEVERLYJOY ~ that's a good idea; find at least one thread that really grabs your interest and stick with it. I have picked a few and done the same over time; and make a point of checking in at least a couple times a week.

    CAROLINE ~ hey, whatever works! Having "goal" clothes around as motivation is great. I do that too; I have clothes here that are just a tad tight -- planning to get into them. After that, I'll have to buy some new ones ...

    PATCH ~ you have a lot more self-discipline than me; some of your snax would do me in ... Hope the bread turned out good.

    SANDEY ~ glad you came back; you can join the challenge threads down the road -- one-step-at-a-time!

    Have good one -- gotta go check dinner ...
  • Good morning ladies! Thanks for the warm welcomes!

    BeverlyJoy~ you are so right. Perhaps had I stayed on 3FC I might have avoided gaining it all back. I must remember to stay here no matter what. I've never found a community so helpful in the battle of the bulge!

    ANewCreation~ Welcome back! You can do it!

    I already blew it yesterday--not sure what happened. It could have been the million things I had going on all day, could have been the absolute mayhem that having all of the kids home from school (I have four and had an extra one yesterday) brings, the usual dinner craziness peppered with a science fair project for my 5th grader than had to be started or the hubs walking in with four boxes of Girl Scout cookies in his hands after dinner. Whatever that case, I caved. I ate more cookies than I care to admit and I didn't care. I was totally irked with myself, but at the same time, didn't care. That's the fine line I walk lately...not sure what's going on there, but it certainly didn't stop me last night.

    So, this morning I didn't want to step on the scale. I'm a daily weigher btw, it's the only thing that keeps me motivated some days. Anyway, I stepped on it anyway, I had to be held accountable...and a miracle happened! Not only did I not gain anything, I was actually down!! Thank goodness! The Diet Gods have smiled upon me. I guess eating great all day and drinking my water offset my binge a bit? I dunno, but whatever the reason, I'm not blowing it again tonight! I have a feeling that was my one Get out of Jail Free card.

    So, how was your day/evening? I hope fantastic! Is everyone drinking their water?
  • Good Morning!

    I pretty much stuck to plan yesterday - yay! Down .5 today. Went with sis to her gym yesterday (instead of today) for 20 min each bike, tread and abs circuit section and hip/butt machines. This in addition to yoga class and water aerobics this morning...phfew! Today is zumba.

    I am doing my taxes today (YUCK!) And laundry (not so yucky.) And voting for a local mil increase.

    B: coffee, yogurt, egg+egg sub, clementines
    L: 3 oz steak, peas, carrots, pumpkin, blueberries
    D: Lean Cuisine with extra broccoli, sweet red bell pepper & hummus, banana
    E: zumba

    thistoo - FYI, light child care activity (sitting while playing) burns over 200 cal per hour. No wonder you're worn out!!! Congrats on maintaining your Whole 30 WOE for 12 days so far. Keep it up, girl! I get impatient too - like I should lose a pound for every day I am on track. Exercising my will power should burn calories, too!

    Creation - Congrats on the grandchild and getting to care for her. And the upcoming wedding and vacation plans. Nice!!! All very good reasons to be the best you can be!

    Beverlyjoy - you are so right. Finding a constant in the topsy-turvy world of WL is important.

    Penguin - how'd that bread turn out?

    Have a terrific Tuesday, everybody!