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rochemist 02-17-2003 10:05 AM

Today's Challenge: Finding Beauty
With the snow storm of the last weekend and the general blahs of winter setting in for most of us it's easy to see the glass as half empty. Today I challenge each of you to look for beauty. First and foremost in yourselves. I see beauty here everyday in the wonderful ladies who offer encouragement and support to total strangers around the country and the world. That is really special.

I look in the mirror this morning and notice my pretty gray eyes, my full lips, and bed head waves and realize I am more beautiful than any supermodel inside a magazine. Inside and out. Its now easy to notice the way the sun is hitting the snow creating a perfect white winterland outside my door. I can hear a bird singing. The light is seeping into my apartment in such a way that everything looks airbrushed and beautiful.

If you can't find beauty within take it from me. I think your wonderful. Your my friend I have never met and your unique in every way. Find your beauty today.

The ever sappy and wonderful,
Miss Chris:D

Raelynn 02-17-2003 10:31 AM

You made me smile reading your post.

Today I find beauty in myself - I like the way my eyes look with my new purple eyeshadow, I like how soft my hair is too. I am happy with how tall I am, and I am going to walk with my head held high today. :)

Sheila53 02-17-2003 12:43 PM

Spring has arrived in my area and every chance I get I look for the beautiful flowers of spring. Cherry trees and crocuses are blooming and daffodils are just about ready to explode with a cheerful burst of color. This morning, the sun shone through the soft purple curtains we just put up yesterday. And I can see blue sky from my office window.

Goddess Jessica 02-17-2003 12:48 PM

Today it was beautiful to walk out into the morning air without a coat and know that my home town is blanketed in snow. It was beautiful to know that I live where I live.

It was also beautiful to hear my Cute Boyfriend snoring this morning. He snores like a snake. Ssssssssssss... :) I love it.

And I'm just darn beautiful.

Sandi 02-17-2003 01:53 PM

Today I have on a really cute sweater that I was suprised to see that fit. I am pretty today (aw, ****, I am pretty every day!)

I took pictures of Jacob this morning because he looked so cute...I can still see him in my head.

SuchAPrettyFace 02-17-2003 01:55 PM

Today it was beautiful to have a cup of coffee & feel my eyes open after 4 hours of being here. :lol:

gonzostar 02-17-2003 04:27 PM

i slept until noon... so i feel well rested and beautiful. and i have david to remind me!

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