tiny victories

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  • ok, it's time for the bragging. but about the LITTLE things. every mini-success you have counts! it means something in the end.

    let's encourage each other and share!
  • here's a few of mine
    1. waking up a 1/2 hour early to workout in the morning. i hadn't done that before.

    2. i forgot to eat breakfast and had to eat something at school, from the vending machines (!!!). i got: a nutri grain bar, and mandarin oranges.

    3. last time i had pizza, i had ONE slice!!!
  • Last week while traveling to and from Atlanta, I did not have to struggle with the seatbelts at all, just picked them up and made them click. First time in at least 4 years that this has happened.
  • 1-last time i had pizza, i too had just one slice, which was awfully good for me.

    2-have been under a lot of stress recently and have not used it as an excuse to eat more.

    thanks for the topic!

    all the best,
  • 1. At my Scott's (my fiance's) birthday last night, I had just a little slice of chocolate cake, and when everyone went for seconds, I declined.

    2. I have increased my workout time from 30 minutes to 60+ minutes (it took me a month to gradually get up there), and I feel great

    3. I can wear this pair of levi's that I bought when I had only lost 10 lbs (they were my inspiration pants that I had tacked to my wall lol - size 36 waist)
  • Raelynn--I know all about the inspiration pants tacked to the wall. Mine are a pair of size 10 Tommys, bought them on sale this winter. They're on a hanger, I used red ribbons threaded through the belt loops and tied to the hanger to make them more attractive "wall art". I hung them in the hallway so I see them multiple times everyday. Someday I will wear them.
  • Yesterday my husband brought home Taco Bell which I love and usually prompts a pig out fest. I had 1 bean burrito and was done.

    Been using my measuring cups faithfully on my days off to control my eating.

    Getting my half hour+ movement a day! WOOOHOOOOOO!
    Miss Chris
  • Eating less (counting calories - writing everything down -measuring) moving more. Still not as much of either as I need to, but most days have been better than they were for a while.

    Little steps ~ one day at a time.

    glynne (Gayle)
  • small victories!
    -I can see my cheekbones again

    -I'm starting to lose my double chin-can't wait to see my jawline again

    -bought pants in a smaller size, and a shirt in XL-first thing I bought in ages that wasn't a plus size : )

    -I've been exercising consistently-I've never done that before in my life!

  • saying " no" to ice cream lastnight
  • Like you, Suzie, what I've bought recently has NOT been a plus size. Can't just pick up and wear everything yet but that will come. And I have a closet (well, almost) full of clothes to look forward to trying on for spring. I've had more fun wearing clothes I had not been able to get into for a long time than looking for new ones. I was at this weight a long time on the way UP and only kept things I really liked so they're all things I'm happy to get into again. Am wearing today a pair of size 18 slacks I bought a couple of months ago (and they were still a mite snug then) and they are getting loose. Yay!
  • +I got rid of 4 bags of clothes yesterday

    +I am having no problem sucking down 3 liters of water

    +I weighed myself last night & it looks like I am down 2 pounds.
  • I made m&m cookies with my daughter yesterday. I ate 3 cookies for a total of 6 points. I counted them and still stayed on plan for the day.

    btw, they were really good and worth it!
  • I just exercised for the first time in over a month (besides cleaning and painting ). Did yoga - I have an excellent DVD - Yoga for Weightloss. What's nice about it is that you can pick out of four levels of exercise. Since it's a DVD, you don't have to ff or rewind to the level you want.

    Stretching is supposed to really help with fibromyalgia, so I have double motivation for getting a regular program.

    Anyway, day ONE on my exercise program.

  • Joining Curves for Women and actually letting a stranger take my measurements!