exercise question-riding staionary bikes

  • Hi,

    Does riding a stationary bike tone anything besides your legs? Like your hips or behind-those are major problem areas, and I don't want to use this as my main form of exercise if it's useless in reducing those areas.

    I plan to start a Leslie Sansone video when I've worked up more stamina, but I"m not there just yet.

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  • Bike riding is excellent for bums, legs, calfs and even tummy's so I would imagine stationary bikes would be the same. If you can make it harder then easyier with resistance then that will tone even more muscles. Changing the position of your feet can help work out different muscles as well. Try pushing with the tip part of your foot then the heel part to work out a greater range of leg and bum muscles. It's basically all round great non weight baring exersize. You do miss out on upper body but that's about all.

  • May I point out that spot reducing is a sad sad myth perpetuated by the fitness industry.

    Doing any cardio exercise is an excellent way to lose weight and get in better health. You're burning calories and increasing your metabolism. THAT'S what is important. Gradually you will lose inches in those problem areas. So, the exercise is not at all useless.

    Don't get caught up in the thinking that doing a certain kind of exercise will make the problem areas disappear. I mean, if that were true, I could just do sit-ups and get a washboard tummy with flabby arms and hips.