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Default advice on buying clothes as you're losing weight


I'd like to treat myself to some new clothes on my way down the scale, but don't want to buy things I'll wear for a really short time frame.

Any advice from anyone who has lost a lot? I hate to wear baggy clothes, but don't want to waste money either.

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Second-hand stores have been a lifesaver for me. I've picked up tons of clothes from stores, for 1/3 the price of buying them new.
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I agree with Raelynn - I've found some amazing things at second hand stores. The only bad part is you really have to look around a lot to find them!

Another option would be, if you have any of your large clothes that you really like, you may be able to have them altered - though I wouldn't go through that expense unless I REALLY liked them and they are decent quality (or unless you can alter them yourself).

Plus, since you're shopping for clothes you want to be able to wear right now, a lot of the clothes that are in-season at the moment are on sale ... discount stores like Walmart and K-Mart have some pretty nice looking stuff that's been marked way down.

And lastly, try to select items that will mix and match, which of course is the mantra of all frugal shoppers!

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I have been thinking about this also.

I have lost 10 lbs. so far (I think it's mostly water weight though).

My pants are so baggy and you I don't look as though I lost anything, and if i'm going to lose weight I want it to show.

I think I'm going to wait until next weekend though, and buy myself an inexpensive pair of jeans and leggings at Walmart or K-Mart or whatever, and this will be my reward.
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I've been down this path before ... as the weather warms up think about casual warm-weather skirts ... they 'last longer' through the weight loss. You can get one with an elastic waist or a drawstring and it won't look so bad if it's a size too big.

Do you have a 'SAVERS' store near you? They are very organized and have plus sizes. It's all secondhand stuff, but usually in excellent condition.
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Your welcome to come raid my closet I think I have every size known to man. Though I have given away most my 9's and 11's. I have dyed alot of my smaller clothes to make them look fresh and new. Accesories rock and a belt with a whole lot of loops!

Miss Chris
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hmmmm..... chris, that gives me ideas.....

i wonder how well a clothes swap thing would go? i guess it could be tricky, but i bet some of us would be able to supply others with clothes!

me and my ebay mentality, i guess. right now, i don't really have any clothes to give away. the pants that got too big also got too worn out from me being fat in them, and had to be thrown away. i bought a pair of jeans at walmart that are strechy, and i wear them pretty often.

i'm rambling. i'll stop now.
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If money's an issue, try putting some clothes on layaway when you get ten pounds or so from the next size down. You can pay as you lose, and it's also a great motivator!
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I buy stuff at the salvation army, consignment shops, and on GREAT sales. and i limit myself to 4 pairs of pants, 4 tops, and 4 sweaters. i had to break down and buy a winter coat because i had NOTHING and couldn't find a coat anywhere else.

and i also buy only every other size, especially in pants. if i actually had to dress up and go somewhere fancy, i'd be absolutely out of luck and would have to borrow something..

oh. and i've also gotten some great things from friends and relatives to get me through.

total weight lost: 262
to go: 60-70
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Holly, it's funny you mentioned a clothes swap - I belonged to a board some years ago where some of the smaller people sent their old clothes to people who were needing a transitional wardrobe. I never participated myself, and I'm not sure how such a thing would work ... I suppose if there were any generous ladies out there who want to give away their larger things, they could post and then personally make arrangements with ones who would like to have them.
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Fashion Bug is another place that has inexpensive clothes in plus sizes and also lots of marked down items.

Also, Lane Bryant has been having some incredible mark downs, stuff for 9-19 dollars.

If you wear dresses, those are something that can be worn through many sizes.
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Yes, Fashion Bug has a great clearance rack. $8 for a top is not bad at all.

I'd have to say my favorite is Kmart. They have those Riders pants, which fit great. I had to buy a new pair of khaki's and they had them in denim (which will last longer), so I got them.

I will say this for them--they don't know the meaning of clearance when it comes to plus sizes. I don't think $11-$17 is a clearance price.
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I have to say that thrift shops are a great way to buy transitional clothes. Also, I find a great motivator to buy clothes that are a lad bit small (always off the clearance racks). Every few weeks I try them on and it is always such a huge excitement when they begin to fit.
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