Changing my "goal weight"

  • When I started this fitness and health quest in July 2010, I couldn't imagine myself reaching onderland, no less making it to goal.

    I'm planning on conceiving child #2 (TTC) in November. So that is 2 months away. I am a realist, and am coming to grips that I can't make it to 165 in two months. But maybe I can make it to 175. If it takes me longer than that, then I'll be able to take off more before I conceive.

    I have a large frame and size 12 shoe, so I figure maybe I'd be OK with myself at 175 for the long haul. Anyway, I feel kind of guilty by changing my goal weight, which is lame, because I just picked it based on BMI anyways. So I'm gonna do it chickies. 175 is the new goal weight. OK, done. Thanks for listening to this craziness.
  • I think that's great! You have to settle in at a goal that's not only comfortable but realistically maintainable. I, personally, think you made the right decision.

    Good luck TTC!
  • Thanks Gale.
  • I think what you are doing makes total sense. You have accomplished SO much and are SO much healthier now, which is going to be a big asset in your upcoming pregnancy.

    and honestly, a goal is just a number - I am not even picking a final goal at this point. Maybe once I get closer, I'll have a better idea, or maybe as someone recently posted on another thread, my goal weight will find me. Sounds like your goal has found you!
  • Wow, you have come SO FAR. I think that's completely reasonable to change your goal, especially with TTC in mind. Good luck with TTC!
  • You have done great so far, and 175 sounds like an awesome goal. You can do it! We are TTC in November, too, but for #1. Good luck to you!!
  • Thanks all.
    And Emme, good luck to you on baby #1. Maybe we'll be in the pregnancy support section together!
  • Numbers are so transient anyway. Congratulations on making a great decision for you. And congratulations on your plans to conceive baby #2. Proof that my 15YO son is wrong - people do plan pregnancies!

    You and your doctor will decide a number for after you become pregnant. And then, you'll decide a new number. But you are so much more prepared to have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy now.