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Default Why Does Temptation Never Have to Do with Apples?

Remember the biblical passage where Eve is tempted by an apple? Nowadays, you need to dress it up if you want to tempt me with it. Add a chocolate and sprinkles shell or some carmel and I might consider it an indulgence.

Now, I'm not saying that I need something fabulous to consider going on a "bad for me binge." Sometimes it can be a freezer burnt, half-melted ice cream sandwich from last july. I once considered eating year old valentine's candy. I'm not discerning.

Today someone brought in a box of fruit and cookies. Like a huge massive box of each, leftovers from a lecture series. The girls that work up front in my office had already samples the cookies. They were very colorful cookies from a whole variety of fields: ones with chocolate, ones with fruit, ones made in layers with pudding stuff. And all of them were very eye-appealing. However, the girls were spitting them out. Apparently, they weren't nearly fresh enough anymore and they tasted awlful.

The box of fruit was nearly the same. Warm and mushy, the kind you might find at the bottom of the fruit bowl the day after a family picnic. I found it to be pretty gross and dismissed it.

However, I had to answer the phone in the kitchen and I had to stare at the box of cookies for a good 10 minutes. My whole body wanted those cookies. Not just one of them, all of them. And I'm not even hungry!!!

So, here's my question: I know the fruit is gross so I dismiss it without thought. But when the cookies were gross, my body STILL wanted them. Why can't I shut off my brain in the same way when it comes to a "bad for me binge" as I can for, "that's so gross I wouldn't give it to my dog?"

I feel like a freak!

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Your not freak! I have eaten candy and other crap that did not taste good just because it was there. Cause my hand knew to just put it in my mouth. How about donuts? They give me terrible indigestion, they don't taste that great, and are usually greasy. Yet bring them into work and my fingers want to wander in. Your not a freak, its just learned response.

Miss Chris
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I can relate, and you are not a freak. I have done the same thing with day old donuts, and candy that I found at the bottom of my desk drawer! The candy could have actually been from the previous owner of the desk, and I still had to fight myself to throw it out! YUCK!! Then just yesterday I ate 3 Oreo's, just because I had the calories available to do it, after the first one, they didn't even taste good, and I kept telling myself to put them back, as I was stuffing them in my mouth. I don't know why I do those things either, but you are definitely not alone.

I also think it helps to realize that you do it, sometimes I think the only reason I stop myself is because I know that I do it.

Hang in there, and be proud of every battle that you win!

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You're not a freak and you're not alone ... but in this particular case, I have another theory ... you KNOW what less-than-ideal fruit looks likes and have an idea what it tastes like. You never had these cookies before. They LOOKED good but you were expected to take other people's opinions that they tasted bad ... so you had no first hand experience -- lol!!!
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i don't even want to think about all the gross stuff i've eaten in my time. when no one else will eat it -- don't worry, holly will.

i think we're all just like you, jessica.
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if only she'd lose weight
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You're not a freak. Now if I realize I'm doing it, I'll spit it out right away.

Yeah, I wish I craved steamed green beans & grilled chicken instead of chocolate chip caramel brownies or Spicy Nacho Doritos.
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You are battling with more than you know.....sugar, carbs . These things have a physical effect on the body, they numb and calm the body. A scientific fact. Sugar reacts on the brain much in the same way as sex. We have learned to use these foods as a drug.
We all have. What you are having to do is break the cycle ,physically and mentally. These are life long habits as well. Did you know it normally takes 7 years to create a brain pathway(a habit) so it is no wonder it is such a battle. Do know though that you can choose to create changes in a permanet way. It takes a bit of time and real dedication but you can do it. I know for a fact you can. I still battle mine from time to time but the longer you are OP the easier it gets. That first week is the hardest and God knows day three and four are pivital days. For a time to really suceed and break the chain of behavior and desire you have to stay OP for an extended period of time. It works. I even took a sabatical of a month from the stringent dieting and while I did not lose in that Month "off" neither did I gain. I allowed small bits of my untouchables and once or twice blew it in a big way but the next day or two or three I made sure I mae up for it. Why? I did not want to back track. To relose what I have already lost. I have done that so many times. This time I kept my goals in tact. It has been a long process for me but I kid you not if I can do it , trust me anyone can. It only took me 48 years to get it !!! To bad I wasn't so smart years ago but at least I have found my sacred zone. MY goals!!! You can to but realize you are battling you on all fronts. It's not just the food you know but how you relate food to your life, how you see yourself, loving you enough to make your dreams come true. Only you can do this but you can, you can, you can. Hang Tough Babe. This support group is the greatest use us all like a tool for your success. We are here for you. God Bless
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