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NEVER EVER going back
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Default Do you know what the NICEST THING about being on plan is?

I'll tell you... in MY case? It's the ENERGY that I now have that I didn't realize I was missing!!!!! I'm getting out of bed easily, organizing things again, taking on new projects. It's amazing! I knew I was getting sluggish not eating on plan but I didn't realize it was to THAT extent!!!!!

What is the nicest thing about being on plan FOR YOU?

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back to square 1(70)
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That IS a great perk!

For me, I think it's just the peace of mind I get from knowing that I'm doing something good for me and my health.
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The nicest thing is having people ask how it's going and have the HONEST answer be, it's going great! and not, well, I haven't been exactly on plan.
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On a break with Baby #5
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For me, that overall feeling of well being is great. The whole day just seems a little smoother and more in control when my eating is where I want it to be
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I was just here coming to post my reason for staying on plan today - and it is because I am super busy at work and need to feel good and have the energy that staying on plan gives me.

So I agree 100%!!!
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I went to the nurse practitioner this morning, and I was able to tell her, in response to her questions, that:

I had lost about 35 pounds.
I was eating a good quantity of fruits and vegetables.
I was exercising regularly.
I no longer get the headaches I got regularly before I started this.
I do not use caffeine in any form.

And that, my friends, was kind of awesome.
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For me it has to be the energy. I have energy to do everything, I need to do, which makes me feel GREAT! Another nice thing is I fit into my size 14's today! woohoo!
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I think for me, the nicest thing about staying on plan is that I am seeing that I can do something good for myself and put me first and that I am worth it. I am seeing that I am becoming more confidant by doing this.
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Beauty, Brawn and Brains!
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Being a great pooper.

Yes, I said.
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I don't feel guilty!
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One day at a time!
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First, feeling good about myself and then after a few days, it is physically feeling better!
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I think I like the feeling of being in control. As long as I am "on plan" I can much better deal with anyone or anything that comes my way.
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It's mine for the taking
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Losing weight! . The closer I am to my plan the better I lose; that's my favorite perk
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1. It always feels good to do the right thing
2. More Energy
3. No Guilt
4. Actually watching the progress as the number on the scale goes down
5. Knowing that my kids are being influenced in a great way
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*More energy
* Peace of mind that I'm no longer killing myself
* More time (bingeing all day talks lots of time )
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