I bought a new blouse 5/31...

  • So I went and bought a new blouse 5/31 to go and yell at my ex-boyfriend in. (You gotta look your best when you do something like that, you know.)

    It's Ralph Lauren, size 1X. It's linen, so no stretch at all.

    It was pretty tight when I bought it - not obscene, but tight in the arms and shoulders, very fitted across the boobs and when I sat down in it, lots of tummy. But it was pretty, and looked good standing up, so I bought it.

    Well, I tried it on again last night. It's too big!! It's baggy! It looks like crap!!!

    I wore it to work today since it's going to be unwearable soon and I had to wear a tank top under it and leave it unbuttoned because it is at least a size too big. In just 3 weeks!!

    Staying 100% OP, swimming an hour a day and biking an hour a day, plus lifting heavy freeweights twice a week...apparently...works!

    Yay me.
  • Thats the best feeling ever. I am really happy for you. I can't wait to ditch my jeans this week. I decided that having jeans be a bit snug would make me work harder so I am moving down a size Friday and donated my old ones to someone on 3FC.

    Congratulations again on your progress. You are really an inspiration!!!!!!
  • YAY! How awesome! Next time you see him, you're going to be even hotter! It's a nice feeling when all of the hard work pays off.
  • Yeah, YOU!!
  • That is awesome! It sure makes ya feel good when your clothes are getting big! Way to go!
  • Happy dancin'!!