Fiber One Bars

  • So in an effort to get more fiber, I bought some fiber One bars. If I remember correctly, they are yummy and I could use the extra fiber on most days. So as I sit here eating my morning snack, I look at the ingredients. The very first ingredient is Chicory Root Extract? So these contain more Chicory Root extract than anything else? Second is chocolate chips (that's why they are so good), and 3rd is whole grain oats.

    I guess I will search for a home-made granola/oat bar recipe today. I just have to believe that I can do better on my own.
  • Fiber Plus bars
    Here's my take on the Fiber Plus bars: they are only 90 calories, and they taste fantastic.

    I figure that 90 calories is okay and if I deprive myself of a "snack", then things could get ugly!!!
    I just account for everything I eat and figure out if 90 calories fits into my day.

    Good luck.

  • Yea - I try to avoid looking at ingredients. (just kidding...sort of)

    I am actually a big fan of the Special K Protein Meal Bars. I LOVE the chocolately chip ones. They are 170 calories (so almost double the FiberOne bars) but they too have 5g fiber plus 10g of protein!

    Just another suggestion...
  • I am on the Dukan Diet and have to eat oat bran on that. I make a pancake every day with 2 tbs of oat bran, a tbs of plain greek yogurt, an egg, some sweetener and I use pumpkin pie spice for flavor but you can add whatever you wanted. Cook in a non-stick pan, for 2-3 minutes each side.

    You can also make a savory version, leaving out the sweetener and adding whatever spices you wanted.

    Or you can cook oat bran into hot cereal and use all kinds of flavorings and toppings, whatever fits into your plan.

    Not quite as convenient as a packaged grab and go bar, but very tasty! And if you do find a recipe for granola bars that you want to try making, you can probably add some oat bran to those, to up the fiber.
  • When i lost ALOT of weight (like 60 plus pounds in 5 months) a few years ago i ate either a Peanut Butter Fiber One or a Chocolate Oat Bar every single day.... i think they have 150 c's in the pb one and 140 in the chocolate one.... they were yummy but not super filling...
  • I prefer the Kellogs' Fiber Plus Chewey Bars. This way I can have one sweet per day and not binge (cause I won't overeat them or I'll be on the potty).

    Yeah, they are processed, but the rest of my diet is super clean, so this is my one treat I have. I also sometimes indulge in skinny cows or weight watchers fudge bars.
  • I really like the Clif Mojo bars. They are 190 calories or so and have at least 10g of protein, plus they are all natural (70% organic, too!) They're my go to snack in the afternoon.
  • Mmmmm....I love the Fiber One Oats & Chocolate bars! I have been trying to avoid them for the past week or so because I'm trying to replace them with more healthy options (like a baked sweet potato) for the time being until I hit goal. They are so great, though, and have just the right amount of chocolate!
  • hmmmm Fibre One bars.... I look at them as a slightly better chocolate bar for when I need a treat LOL
  • Sandi --

    If you're looking to add fiber to your diet, Fiber One is an excellent source of insoluble fiber. I would recommend the cereal over the bars. One serving (of the ORIGINAL cereal, not the sugary concoctions) contains 14 grams of fiber and only 60 calories. I usually put a half a serving on my yogurt in the morning to add a satisfying crunch. Admittedly, the cereal looks like worms. But I swear -- it's delicious!

    Chickory Root is naturally occurring plant fiber but also claims some additional health benefits (like lowering cholesterol).

    As far as making your own bars, sure -- you can do it. But I've not successfully made a power bar with more fiber. The modern world is full of innovations that I can't reproduce in the kitchen. However, I do enjoy Alton Brown's power bars: but I still keep my serving size small because they aren't exactly low in sugar.

    As a side note, I also like making fiber one cookies for potlucks or cookie exchanges because they're usually a lot lower in calories than the other cookies.
  • Oh I am totally declaring Fiber One off my plan. My reason is different though. Have you tried the new Fiber One Brownies? THEY ARE DELICIOUS! I could not stay away from them. I will NEVER BUY THEM AGAIN!
  • Quote:
    As a side note, I also like making fiber one cookies for potlucks or cookie exchanges because they're usually a lot lower in calories than the other cookies.
    SHUT UP!!! those look AWESOME!!!

    thanks goddess
  • Quote: SHUT UP!!! those look AWESOME!!!

    thanks goddess
    What she said!
  • I can't buy Fiber One because they taste to good and I will binge on them. I do eat quite a few of the Kashi granola bars and find them tasty and satisfying.
  • Fiber one bars are so good! I prefer the quaker oats bar over it but they both are great.