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Jenniffer 01-07-2003 02:12 PM

4 Month Dedication to Angi

As most of you know, our Angi is in the process of adopting a precious baby. One of the guidelines for this adoption is to be at a "healthy" weight. She has 4 months to go, and is struggling a bit.

I propose that we stand next to Angi during the next 4 months encourage, support and inspire her daily. She needs her friends right now, and where else better to find them is here?

So..anyone want to join me and cheer Angi on? We will be benefiting not only Angi, but ourselves too.

I dedicate my next 4 weightloss months to Angi. Angi...if I can do it..so can you!!!!

snowball1 01-07-2003 02:19 PM

I'm there! Jennifer, this is a great idea!

Angi, I'm here to support you in any way I can! Together, we can do this :)

SuchAPrettyFace 01-07-2003 02:37 PM

You can do this, Angi!!! :)

soiley 01-07-2003 03:13 PM

I am a rabid, fanatic (but the nice kind of rabid fanatic) Paul McCartney fan, and I belong to a internet group of like minded people. We do something on that list called SOUL. It stands for "sending our united love", and I have been both a sender and a recipient in the 7 yrs I've been on the list. I can testify that it works, so Angi, I'm SOULing for you and hope you get over the rough spot in the road. {{{{{ hugs }}}}

Step 01-07-2003 05:06 PM

((Hugs)) to you Angie.

I've been down the adoption road. It's an exciting but stressful journey. I can only imagine that having the stress of weight loss added to it only makes it worse. (My agency didn't require me to lose weight).

My son arrived from Korea at 5 1/2 months in June of 97. He just turned 6. Beleive me the joy of having him in my life far outweighed the pain and stress of getting him home.

You can do it, I know you can and I'll gladly 'hold your hand' each step of the way. ((HUGS)).

PM me if you want to talk about adoption!!


KittyMilk 01-07-2003 05:24 PM

Don't give up Angi. Your so close to getting there, I just know you can do it and make it in the next 4 months.

suzie76 01-07-2003 06:31 PM

dedication to Angi
Hi Angi,

I am sending support and encouragement your way! I wish you best of luck. You can do it :)


Jennelle 01-07-2003 07:32 PM

If there was ever a noble reason for losing weight, this is it.

Go Angi! :)

csbutton 01-07-2003 07:43 PM

You Can Do This Angi! ! !

I'm right here beside you holding your hand with your fellow weight loss sisters! ! ! ! ! !

Sandi 01-07-2003 11:06 PM

What a GREAT idea Jennifer!!

Angi sweetie - I am there for you ALL the way. I know you can do this!!! Just come here every day and feel the love and support!!


Charbar 01-08-2003 09:08 AM

Angi - you keep in mind your goal everywhere you go! You go girl!!!

We are here for you every step of the way cheering you on.

Don't even think to hide from us - you know we are capable of hunting you down - and then we will all sit on you :lol:

It's Mission: "Baby be Mine"
Angi boot camp begins today!

We love ya!


Jenniffer 01-09-2003 01:10 PM

Hmmmm. No signs of Angi. Anyone feel like a road trip?

AngiKL 01-10-2003 11:16 AM

Here I am! I just sat down to weed through all the unread messages since I haven't been reading in a long time.

I started from the top and went on a mission for them to all show up as "read" so I could see the new ones the next time I came in.

Anyway, I've been sitting here, reading posts for about 45 minutes before I came across this sweet thread. I am really floored by your kindness and support.

I am renewed!

Thanks again. I will be checking in daily again and will let you guys know what is going on with our adoption in general. Here's where we are now: we have been struggling with the paperwork for our "formal application" with the agency that has pre-approved us. We are just one step away from having that done. I need to get pics of both of us, have it notarized, and make a copy of the whole giant thing. OK -that's THREE steps!

We are refinancing our house, and cashing out the equity to pay for this, and that isn't finalized yet.

So, that's the status.

Interestingly enough, we've already chosen a name - Elijah. There is a small chance we could get a girl, and in that case we will not subject her to that name. But, for now, my weightloss effort is calle "Project Elijah."

Thanks again for you encouragement. I'm going to give my DH my password so he can peek in here and read your kind words.


danlovejoy 01-10-2003 02:38 PM

Thank you for your encouragement
Hello all! I am Angi's DH. (Dear husband? Dumb husband? Dork head?) I want to thank all of you for your kindness. It is very touching and helpful to have support like this.

What is so frustrating and ironic about this process is that Angi has been losing weight successfully 'til now, just slowly. Now the goal line has been moved. Not only does she have to lose weight, she has to do it at someone else's pace. Yuck.

Anyway, if you are the praying sort, please pray that I will encourage Angi as much as possible. We are on incompatible diets. (I'm low-carb and she's on 4 oz. of protein a day! :p ) Also, I am having trouble getting back "on the wagon." I have 16 pounds to lose to get to adoption weight, and around 60 to get to goal.

Also, I need to get back to cooking. I've had a pretty yucky week and haven't felt like doing anything.

May God bless you all. You're very sweet.

gonzostar 01-10-2003 02:41 PM

ooh, how fun! i think it's great that you posted, dan (just guessing that's your name). good luck... they're making you BOTH lose weight in order to adopt? wow.

you guys will make it. even if they're different diets, at least you're in it together!

(i occasionally get grouchy cuz my guy is super skinny -- he's on the "gaining weight" diet. argh.)

anyways, GOOD LUCK again.

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