4 Month Dedication to Angi

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  • Whew! I was looking for my luggage and trying to decide what attire would be best for walking the streets in Oklahoma in January, in case I needed to really make that road trip!

    Angi..so glad you popped in. We've missed you, but more so...we want to be here rooting you on and going all the way with you.

    I absolutly love the name Elijah. That was one of the few that I've always loved.

    Dan..Looks like your not the only lucky one to have a wonderful wife...but she is lucky to have you too. You both seem like wonderful people who really do love eachother. I will be praying and thinking of you. I have faith that both of you can reach those goals.

  • Just a quick note - We finished up our massive adoption paperwork and took it to FedEx tonight! That thing was huge.

    That was a major milestone!

  • We found out yesterday that our application is approved! We are very excited.

    They called again to make sure we understand we have to lose weight. Yeah! We get it!

    Now. things are on hold while we finish the re-finance on the house to fund the adoption.

    There always something to worry about!

  • I am so excited for you!!! I know you can do it!!!!
  • Angie,

    I didn't realize that you had finished the paperwork. That's a major milestone! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Yay Angie! Woo-hoo!
  • Congratulations, Angi!!!
  • Ok I just stopped in and read project elijah what a nobel reason for this. I too do low carb dan so i can understand and what a conflict of diets!!!! wow good luck with that one!! DH (dear husband) some times SH for (shi** husband) tries to eat low carb with half a loaf of bread daily! then dives into the cookies. (5 kids in my house ages 8 - 18) i will willingly give you some of mine, i do not ever require any weight loss or paper work, just do not give them back!!!!

    way to go on the acceptance for the adoption.

    can I please join this effort?? I am now getting back OP after a stint of gaining asfter i started work and really need to get back OP and need as manny reasons and challenges to do this as i can physically do!

  • I didn't forget about you Angi! I was able to lose 4 lbs this past few weeks. How is everything going?

  • I have been yo-yoing a little. Today is a new day, though.

    We are having our adoption home-study on Thursday. That's when the social worker comes to our house for hours and decides if we will be good parents. I am doing major cleaning and a little painting.

    Thanks for asking! I need to get on the ball.

  • Angi.. forgive me for being stupid... but does your weight have to do with being a good parent? Isn't that discrimanation?
    I don't get it.

    You are doing really well - don't forget to count the cleaning and painting as exercise! that can be a work out
  • By American standards, it would be considered discrimination and probably would be illegal. But the Korean agency has the final say on who gets their babies. One of their criteria is that the parents be healthy so they're around to parent these children.

    I can't argue that I'll be much healthier when I am off the obesity chart. If we weren't willing to lose the weight, we could have chosen to adopt from another country. It's just this Korean agency that has this stipulation, not the agency we are working with here locally.

    You aren't stupid! A lot of people ask us this. It sucks a little bit and is scary when I wonder if I can really really do it.

    But, I had a TOTALLY PERFECT ON-PLAN day yesterday, so I have renewed hope!

    Support from you guys has made all the difference in the world!

  • thanks for clearing that up! It kind of makes sense.. kind of. I can see where they are coming from.

    All the best to you!!!

    Think of yourself as lucky.. instead of gaining weight waiting for a baby you are losing
  • It's NOT against the law in the United States. I know you would think so, but it's sad to say discrimination still exists. You can read NAAFA's stance on it here: http://www.naafa.org/documents/policies/adoption.html

    I think using weight as a guideline for adoption is a load of crap. I don't care what excuses they're using. Healthy? Do they give you a treadmill exam? Because I'm morbidly obese and I can outrun half the tiny girls in the world. If they want to make sure your child grows up healthy, try giving a body acceptance exam. Have them read the thread on mom's that warped their kids because of bad self-esteem. (Done soapboxing).

    However, keep up the good work chica. We're all rooting for you!
  • We were supposed to have our Homestudy this afternoon, but our social worker rescheduled for next week. Of course, we didn't get the message she left until about an hour before she was to arrive, so we stayed up until 1:30 a.m. cleaning! Arghh!

    This process is so "hurry up and wait." I need to get used to it.

    Oh well, at least all that cleaning and painting was a lot of exercise, like Slimdown said.

    It's still an emotional let-down. Every hurdle is a step closer to our baby and this one has been put off a little longer. I'm a little confused at my reaction to it - I cried for a long time. I guess I was just all emotionally prepared and now I have to do it all over again.

    I won't be doing any more painting though. At least that will stay done!

    Thanks for listening,