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So last night sucked.

I'm feeling a tad hypomanic, they adjusted my meds earlier that day, I felt okay but they thought something might be coming. it came at 8 p.m

omw home at like 1215 a.m I get off the bus and I'm so out of it and distracted by my music I didn't realize my 200$ wallet full of my life (including i.d and car keys) was sitting on my lap and when I got off the bus I just stood and walked off.

I realized as soon as I got off, one min later had another bus radio the bus I was on, hoping he'd stop and grab it for me. apparently he didn't, unless he stole it, because I waited for himto come back around, he was only going downtown, once he got back into oakland I checked for it and it was gone.

Had to have a friend, the only awake one who drives, and lives pretty far away, go to walmart and get us a new doorknob/deadbolt since my addy and housekeys were in the wallet. Bf took forever installing them, I didn't get to sleep until around 5 cuz I was scared with us not having the doors locked yet.

I had to call off my morning shift job cuz of it, but he was understanding.

I also called and cancelled my cc/debt card, and today am calling the gym to get a 25$ replacement card and give them a new number to bill me until I get my replacement debit or else they will charge me a 35$ fee if it bounces back.

I also have to take a form up to the notary so that I can get a 13.50$ replacement i.d. I'm also being charged 25$ for a replacement cc and who knows how much for a replacement debt. AUGH. Also need to get new keys made, need copies for the landlord and the people downstairs.

JUST got off the phone with the gym and he said that he will waive my fee for a new card because I've had enough hassle to deal with already! woooo! so that's good.

oh well, need to get going to start this craptastic day.
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Lottie, I'm so sorry to hear that you have lost your wallet and all the aggrevation its causing you.
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penguin - great job on the workouts - geez, that's almost two a day!!!! I like to see the overnight weight loss just because if you see that number once, you're likely to see it again!!! Soon!

lottie - I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. Don't you just hate when crappy stuff happens. I've had a stolen wallet returned C.O.D. by mail (sans cash). Maybe you will too although by then, like me, you will have gotten everything replaced. That was nice of the gym to waive the replacement fee.

Beverlyjoy, Butterflymama, jab - Wazzup????

B: coffee, protein shake
L: WW tortilla with beans, cheese, lettuce, bell pepper, mango
D: Big bowl salad with egg, cheese, bell pepper, carrots, SF bacon vinaigrette, raspberries, greek yogurt, walnuts
E: a.m.water aerboics, p.m. zumba - trying it again

I spent most of the afternoon on line with my insurance company's health, wellness and prevention assessment questionaires and results and suggestions with logs and trackers, etc. Interesting but nothing I didn't already know. There was no area to report the 75+# loss so far so they treated me like a new dieter. I did find it odd that they suggested 5-7 servings of grains which I thought was way over what I think of as healthy. And they were still using the food pyramid illustration which shows the healthy grains at the wide bottom base. And they suggested 1899 calories a day but didn't identify whether this was mainentance or to lose. I tend to think of this as maintenance allowance. One other area that they overlooked is vitamins and supplements. (And no comment area to discuss these inconsistencies.)
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lottie--oh no! What a pain!!! At least the gym waived the fee.

DixC Chix--How was ZUMBA????? Yea, some of those websites are, well....not terribly helpful. I know mine put my calories WAY high...there is no way I would ever lose at what they said (I don't remember now..). My wellness coach told me that to get an even close to acurate recommendation you have to set the activity level to sedentary, even if you aren't.

I was SO not feeling going to the gym tonight. That hasn't happened in a long time. What made me really happy was, I didn't even consider not going. Not even once. I went and actually had a great workout. Of course, I felt fantastic after. That is HUGE progress for me....14 weeks ago (pre-trainer), I would have skipped the gym in a heartbeat.

Zumba tomorrow morning! Can't wait!!!
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I'm going to start a new thread for July.
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