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Cool Tips On Daily Weighers?

Hello fellow scale watchers!

I have patience on other things, but not hoping on my home scale. I adore my home scale and everytime I weigh myself, morning and at night, the scale goes down..and later days, the scale goes back up again and plus more.

For example..I weighed myself Wednesday morning, and lost 4,,but then Thursday morning, stayed the same..and this afternoon, weighed in and my home scale says 390. I am trying to learn about this ups and downs side..but gets frustrated and am losing my groove.

Any tips on on this method? Have heard that people who weigh daily, lose weight more successfully than folks who don't weigh often. I am hearing great things about this method and for me, which I know its water weight..How do you do it?

Thank you for any input..
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It's not uncommon for weight to fluctuate by 5+ pounds during the day. I weigh daily, but always in the morning before my shower. When I weigh in the afternoon or evening, the scale is reflecting what I've eaten, drunk, etc. throughout the day. So doing it once, in the morning, will give you a far more reliable read and eliminate the stress of seeing the numbers jump around.
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I too weigh in daily. It was a struggle to break the habit of weighing more than once a day. I've made myself a few promises:
1. I will weigh once a day, in the morning before a shower and after voiding my bladder. I will compare it to yesterday's number and take a look at what I've eaten or exercised. If the scale moved up, it may point out a trigger food, or sodium related water retention.
2. I count only 1 weigh in day as official. I move my tracker only on that day so I am not disappointed by the daily ups and downs. It gets very hard on your nerves to weigh in every day, especially if you are like me and take every up fluctuation personally. I was letting my obsession with my numbers beat me, becaus eif it went up I got depressed and angry and would just give up. So now, they don't count. The scale can do whatever it wants all week, as long as by my official wi day it's whre I want it to be.

Good luck on your journey. PM me if you need any help.
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Thank you both!! Will do, once in the morning!! I can live with that..Thanks!
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I vary this, I weigh in every day (and sometimes several times to get a feel for the daily fluctuations) but I only count Monday morning as my "official" weight. I change my slider and in home records at that time as well. It keeps me from getting too crazy.

I also notice that if I get up, don't eat and wait an hour or two I am sometimes a pound lower! Therefore I now have a relatively set "weigh in" time on Mondays.

I also caution you to remember the quote someone on this board has. "The number on the scale isn't the best measure of weight loss, only the most convenient!"
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First, you have to use a very accurate scale. I use an EatSmart scale that can tell me if I've gained or lost .2 lbs or not. It's $30 and has 4.5 stars and over 3,000 reviews on Amazon. I always weigh myself in the same area, you can weigh different depending on how level the floor is, and what surface the floor is. And I weigh myself under the same conditions, naked or in my underwear. If I weigh myself before bed, I'll always weigh more than I do in the morning. I usually weigh myself twice a day, once in the middle of the day or before bed and once first thing in the morning after I pee and before I drink any water.

I find that it's a myth that your weight fluctuates by 5-10 lbs. I weigh 255 lbs and if my weight fluctuates more than 2.5 lbs and I'm not on my period or extremely bloated from drinking and eating too much, then that means I have gained weight. I weigh myself daily but I know what to expect. I am more successful when I weigh myself daily because it keeps me in check on a day to day basis. It makes me think twice about my food choices if it means that a consequence will be seeing the scale go up .2 or .5 lbs and not seeing progress if I make a couple of bad food choices, or choose not to exercise for a few days. If I weighed myself only once a week or less often, I'd be less inclined to be this strict with myself. I know I would still lose weight, but most likely much more slowly.
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The first 6 weeks I only weighed once or twice a week. The fluctuations drove me crazy. Once I was sure that my plan was working, I started weighing daily. I am comfortable with the fluctuations. As the others said, same time every day, as soon as I get up but after potty

Many of us experience out losses in "whooshes" - I will stay the same for 8-10 days and then lose 3-4 lbs within a day or two. I haven't been able to correlate it to anything in particular.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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When I was actively losing weight, weighing daily drove me bonkers! the fluctuations were so crazy, and discouraging. I weighed once a week, in the morning, first thing.

Once I was at/near goal, I switched to daily which I find helps keep me "focused" on staying on track!

Ha, one time my digital scale had a wonky battery connection, and i weighed in at 303.1 for about 9 weeks, but my pants were falling off me and i couldn't understand it hahahahah it had 'frozen' on that battery and i was down about 15 pounds it was awesome!
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i weigh daily, after a potty break and before my first meal. i also weigh before i go to bed at night, just to get an idea of how much energy my body is using over night. it's usually 3-4lbs higher than my morning weight, and then drops down the next day.

don't let the fluctuations get to you, body processes cause them all day long, and daily weighing not for those who get mad at the scale for going up and down. i use it as a tool to analyze what works, what doesn't, how much sodium/sugar causes me to retain water, etc. try making a line graph with your daily weights. as long as the general trend is down, occasional bounces up are nothing to worry about!
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Girl -- let me tell you -- you will drive yourself crazy!

I can tell you how much EACH of my pajamas weigh.
I can tell you how much urine I usually have (by weight) when I wake up.
I can tell you how much water (by weight) sticks to me after a shower.
I can tell you how heavier I am after 4PM and what I lose overnight.

These are not useful. And neither is weighing yourself like a crazy woman!

I agree with people who say "once a day and only once a week counts." And if that is STILL driving you crazy, try actually putting the scale in a closet until you weigh-in (once a week or whatever).
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My rules of weighing daily:

1. Always weigh at the same times during the day and always naked.
2. Be consistent with the time of day that you are counting for your weight loss.
3. Don't freak out with the fluctuations throughout the day or even the fluctuations during a week.
4. Write down your results so that you can still measure your progress by the week.

I weigh up to 7 times per day and I write down every weight. I only count my first in the morning weigh in. But I love to find out what is going on in my body throughout the day. I write it on a calandar I keep next to my scale.
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I weigh once in the morning, every day, with a voided bladder and clothes off, except for underwear (as others have mentioned). I count every Monday as my official 'change the ticker weigh in' on here, and use online charts to log the other days of the week for my own reference. I do NOT weigh in the evening, or even if I am severely constipated or sick. Those skew the scale and drive me nuts.

That would be my recommendation. An accurate scale is hugely important, and that, plus a morning weighing routine, should help you out quite a bit
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Every one works out this problem a little differently.

Me, I hop on and off the scale constantly. Often three or four times a day.

I used to freak out when my weight went up. Now, I've weighed myself so many times over the last two years that I can almost always guess what it's going to say before I get on.

If I'm on plan and the scale goes up, I just say to myself, don't worry, it's temporary. And now, I actually believe it. By weighing so much I've taken the power of the number away.

Doesn't work for everyone, but it works for me.
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I weigh every day, at the same time also. Every once in awhile I will hop on the scale after work, I really don't know why. Just a compulsion thing I guess, but I am trying to break that habit because it's just simply not helpful in any way to me.
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If you are going to weigh every day, in addition to always weighing in at the same time, I highly recommend that you join the daily weigher's thread here in the 100 lb. Club forum. It will give you a good sense of the kind of fluctuations that people see and deal with as a matter of course, as well as a nice little community of daily weighers to encourage you and commiserate with you.

I have slackened my own participation in that thread only because stuff has been precluding me from visiting the forum every day - but I am still weighing every day. I find it very useful feedback, for getting to know my loss patterns (which are not at all uniform, I lose in fits and starts, often holding steady or +/- a couple pounds for a couple weeks at a time). I think it's a good thing to do, but you do have to learn to accept that you won't see your weight march cooperatively downward day after day after day.
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