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Default NSVs (that's right, plural!)

Big trip this past weekend, visiting family. The people I hadn't seen since losing weight were all very complimentary, but not overly so, just the right amount! And a number of things happened that I didn't expect...

1) We had a couple of formal dinners, so I dug around in my closet and tried on a couple of things that I was certain would be too small... and they weren't! I was excited to wear these dressy clothes that I bought a while back, since I don't get to dress up very often!
2) We did a tour that required climbing 13 flights of stairs, split into two rounds. I found that I had no trouble at all!! Even after walking 4 miles with stairs for exercise that morning! A few people around me were huffing and puffing and even my skinny little brother said he could feel it a bit in his thighs... not me!
3) We were given special polo shirts... now, this has always been an issue... they're always men's sizes and to get it big enough to go around me, I had to get an XL which then hung down to my knees! ugh. This time, I got a L, hoping for the best... but it was too big! So I traded it for a M, thinking it would fit soon... but it fits now! yay! And the length is right, so I could actually wear it comfortably!

So, all in all, I had an amazing weekend... gained a couple of pounds back, but pleased that I easily got up each morning to exercise and didn't go CRAZY on food, just a little crazy. The extra pounds will come off and it all really brought home for me what the benefits of losing 70lbs really are! Still have a ways to go, but this weekend was really motivating... Oh, and the airplane ride was much more comfortable this time!
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Yay Jen! And you look terrific!
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Jen you look stunning! So glad you made wonderful memories on your trip!
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Congratulations Jen! You look so beautiful ~ healthy glowing skin, shiny hair and you look lovely in that dress Good job!
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Those are some very rewarding NSVs! Such a credit to the work you've been regardless of what the scale says (which I'm sure is great anyway)!

I hear what you say about the whole shirt thing. I have always struggled with that as well. Sucks to get a nice free shirt to celebrate something you did and not even be able to wear it. I have one hanging in my closet from a 5k I walked last year and will be adding a new one for a 1/2 marathon I'm walking this year. I refused to get the larger shirt because I know I will fit into those normal sized woman cut shirts soon enough!

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5th Mini: 100 lbs, 192.4 (-100)
Final: Goal, 175 (-117.4)

One for every 5 lbs lost. So long suckers!!!
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You look AMAZING! Love the dress, too! Looks so good on you

Congrats on the NSVs!
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Congrats on so many NSVs! You look awesome in your dress.
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Thanks guys!! I had such a great weekend and I'm even more motivated to keep on...
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You look great! And congrats on your NSV-filled weekend
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Jennnnn!!!! I just found this thread while (stalking...cough...)I mean looking for you!

Three words. YOU...LOOK...GORGEOUS!!!! Was wondering where you were hiding? Glad to see your still doing FAB and that you had such a wonderful time with your family. Ya..NSV's are GREAT...aren't they? I still remember when you hated exercise...I'm so PROUD and motivated by your accomplishments!

I've been eating like food is going out of season all week...and so it was funny to see (on your blog) that you were also going through your hungry week. I even think we're on the same TOM schedule? I guess it's true...the old sayin that you establish the same biological clock schedule as your friends (didn't know that counted for e-friends too..)

Take care and on your NSV's!!!

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