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Miss Melissa
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Default Treats you want to give yourself when you make your goal?

I am just curious what are some things you will be rewarding yourself when you make you final goal. For me I can not wait to get some cute fashionable close in "normal" size clothes which can be twice as cheap and cute! Also I can not wait to have pretty matching bras and underware. Currently I am not able to find any bras that are pretty AND supportive in my size. AND we are planning to take a family trip to DisneyWorld when I get there. I think it will be just as much fun for me and my kids.
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Beach Babe Wannabe
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I want to go on a Mediteranian cruise when I reach final goal. It's a dream I have always had, it's expensive so it's good that I will have at least a year (or two!?) to save.

For making my first big goal of getting to Onederland my DH has said he will take me to the Fontainebleau in Miami (we live in Orlando).. I have always wanted to stay there and walk all over that huge resort!

When you get ready to come to The Magic Kingdom let me know and I will give you lots of local tips! (we live 3 miles from the main gate)...

I also think rewards on the way down are VERY important.. even if it's just a good book. My next reward is at 213 and I am thinking maybe a body wrap or something indulgent that is NOT related to food!

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I want to do laser hair removal (underarms, legs, and bikini line) when I reach my goal! I know it's a bit funny - why am I putting myself through pain as a reward?! But I think the reward of not having to shave all the time will be completely amazing!
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New start 24/10/10
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Lots of clothes and shoes lol and a new slr cam
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self acceptance.
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Custom made jeans.

A cruise to the bahamas.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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S/C/G: check the ticker :)

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I'm not much of a fan of "i get a reward" which is what got me fat in the first place i'm sure LOL I hate waiting! And rewarding myself for losing weight that I packed on in the first place always seemed a bit counterintuitive to me, I made do with some 'way to go's"...... UNTIL i realized that along with weight loss on your body, your feet get smaller! not shorter of course, but less swollen and puffy and fred flintstone-like

I went insane on the shoes I freely admit it. I have a problem
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Did you penalize yourself when you gained weight? Good health is enough of a reward for me.
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Originally Posted by QuilterInVA View Post
Did you penalize yourself when you gained weight? Good health is enough of a reward for me.
Yes. Yes I did.
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Hubby is getting me a jetted bathtub when I reach goal...can't wait!
I'm gonna treat myself to a whole new wardrobe, of course. Right now I'm just wearing the cheapest clothes I can get at places like Walmart or Goodwill. Don't want to waste money on clothes I won't wear for long right now.
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I don't think there's anything wrong with having a special thing/occasion when you reach goal. If it keeps one motivated, good for them! But, I do agree that we need to treat ourselves nicely along the way.

I do plan on pampering myself. I love my pedicures. I want my first massage. I will also be buying 1 special bead for every 10 pounds I lose and creating a lovely charm bracelet for myself. But, my ultimate goal gift to myself? I want Lasik eye surgery. No more glasses or contacts for this gal!
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Calorie counter
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Expensive, high quality clothes. I intend to get a good base wardrobe at the thrift store and start building it up with brand new pretty things that are quality purchases. I'm sick to death of cheap duds.
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Now Loading Healthy ME
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Same as everyone else: new clothes, new shoes (although my feet are surprisingly bony already, hereditary, so I don't think they will get any smaller) but I have smaller goals and smaller rewards along the way: mani/pedi, facials, new hairdo, etc.

My big goal date is July 2012 when my family goes on their bi-annual cruise to the Caribbean, so I want to be at goal by then
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Perfectly Imperfect
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I have not set a reward for my final goal but i do have one for my next mini goal. a new pair of yoga pants! They are gray and pink, I cant wait! only 4 more pounds till they are mine =)
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sugar is the devil
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I have a bunch of rewards planned for minigoals - 10 lbs loss each time. A huge big tattoo piece would be my final reward... there's a bunch of expensive clothing I want but feel like I can't wear at this weight, and I want to get into horse riding lessons (I'm embarrassed sitting on a horse - all your weight gets scrunched up so thought I would make it a minigoal as it's something I really really want to get into).... and some fun ones planned like massages, manis/pedis, etc...

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