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Default Frustrated!

I have been feeling really frustrated with myself lately. For the past 2 months or so my diet has sucked! I haven't been counting calories. I haven't gained weight but I haven't lost any either. I am finaly getting the exercise thing down. I have just got to get back on track.
I have lost around 50 ounds from my highest but really need to keep going! Has anyone been in a similar spot and beat it? If so what did you find helpful in getting back on track?
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I've been in that spot a few times, and what works for me is finding something to get excited about. Trying a new workout, a new healthy food, buying a new piece of exercise equipment or workout clothes, getting a weight loss related book from the library, etc. If I'm excited about one or two things that will help get me to my goal I automatically want to have other things, like logging my calories, be on track too.

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I've been in the situation many times. All I can do is keep re-trying every single day until, eventually, it does kick in. I do find that grasping calories by the neck, and logging every single one helps - the feeling of being in control helps.
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Thanks for the replies girls. So far today I have been on track whith eating so I guess it is just one day at a time.
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I had the exact same thing going on earlier this week and I finally posted my struggles. Here is the wise advice I received:

Originally Posted by Nola Celeste View Post
No kick in the arse, just a for you.

I think that after someone has done SO well for SO long, the worst aspects of being at a higher weight recede and it becomes easier to say, "I'm an average size now, why can't I eat like an average person?" Then there's the diminishing thrill of losing, either because your loss has slowed down naturally over time or because four pounds no longer feels as important as it once did. Add to that a list of comfort foods that you (understandably) ate while you were sick, but that left you with a strong desire for more of the same and it's no wonder you're having trouble.

Maybe it's time for a shake-up--a different plan, or very different foods within that plan. Whatever you usually get as your plan-friendly staples, look for other stuff that's got a similar calorie count, but feels/tastes different. Can't choke down another chicken boob? Get turkey, lean pork, and beef. Sick of sandwich rounds? Get wraps, light bread, anything that isn't another sandwich round. Eat cereal for breakfast? Get a completely different kind or go with eggs for a while. Sometimes shaking it up is all you need to get out of the doldrums.

There's nothing shameful about cookies. Cookies taste awesome and it's normal to want awesome-tasting things. The trick is to figure out how much awesomeness you can fit into your plan, fit it, and then stop. Maybe you could buy a single cookie from Mrs. Field's or a local bakery, then satisfy your baking jones by whipping up some homemade bread or pizza dough? That way you'd get the satisfaction of baking and the pleasure of a cookie without the temptation of a whole batch of the things.

Another thing that helps when I get the occasional "oh, why does it matter?" feeling is doing something I couldn't have done when I was at my biggest. Walk a couple of miles, or jog it if you're up to that (I'm not--yet! ). Sweep and mop the floor without pain. Ride a bike. Try on new clothes at a store you didn't even bother looking at before you lost the weight. Whatever you do, be really, really conscious of how it feels. With 65 pounds lost, I know there's a lot that you can do now that you couldn't do when you started; revel in it. It helps remind you of why it matters.

Your needle slipped the track into its old groove. You just need a little bump to shake it back into the one you were on, I'm sure of it.
I couldn't say it better myself and it DID work. I changed a few menu items, cleaned, and took notice of more changes I have seen for the 65# lost. I have three clean days in a row now and feel like I'm back.

It is reassuring to know we all go through this at one time or another.
Hang in there.
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