Pics with the child I have "lost"

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  • I have had it in mind to take these pictures ever since I started this. Here are pictures of me standing on the scale with my very tall 85 pound 9 year old on my back. (Please ignore the wallpaper...that's my next project.)

    And here is the number on the scale. There's a glare, but it read 233.2. Um...that's less than when I started.

  • Love it!! I'll bet it was a relief when you put him down, too! Just like losing all those pounds. WTG!!!
  • Pictures are worth athousand words . Congratulations !
  • Love this!
  • wow!!!! double wow!!

    now THATS what i call a whoooooosh!!! when you put him back down!!

    way to go.....keep it up!!
  • This is so funny and it made me think of my DH and I playing around last night with our scale. We are the same height, and to my absolute disgust, he is still less than me!!! Arrghhh!!!

    But, I'm closing the gap. He picked up our 14lb Boston Terrier, Teddy and stepped on the scale and weighed the same as me!!! So we laughed about it and realized that Teddy is the only real difference between our weights! At the start I outweighed him by 56lbs!!! A lot more Teddy's at that time. DH has assured me he only wants to lose to 180lbs and then work on strength training and toning. I want to get to 165, so EVENTUALLY, I will weigh less!!!

    BTW...Teddy was in no way hurt physically or emotionally from our scale experiment!
  • I love it! Such a good way to visualise your amazing achievement!
  • That's so awesome! What a great way to calculate your weight loss. Being able to say "I've lost a whole 4th (or 5th?) grader" LOL! Too cool!

  • He's actually in 3rd grade. Look at his giant feet. They're the same size as mine! LOL! He had fun taking the picture too.
  • Ha! It certainly puts it into perspective, doesn't it?
  • That is so awesome!!!! Congrats to you!
  • Great visual!!

    Look how strong you are, too!!!!
  • What a fantastic achievement! WTG! I also love the visual...
  • Great Visual! Eliana on the Weight Loss and getting into the 140's!

  • That's awesome. Congrats.

    Although, I initially misread the thread title.