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Default stupid scales

My weight has been bouncing around the same few pounds all month. I've been 169.0, 175.2 and everywhere in between, all while exercising, watching what I'm eating, and all that good stuff. It was finally headed back down this past week, but then this morning 174! Grrr! I've been at this long enough to know that I am NOT gaining pounds of fat that fast but it still sucks to see the scale go up. As much as I wish I could say I don't care if it does as long as I'm on plan, I do care.

So I took a breath and went to my measuring tape. I have, in fact, lost 1/2" off of my stomach (which is always where I lose the least) in the last couple of weeks. I didn't even bother to do the rest of my measurments, that was enough to make me feel better. That may well have just saved my scale from a trip out a window. I'm now convinced my scale just hates me, but who cares. Something's obviously working!
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hmmm. Once you get down to a lower weight though it is more difficult and slower going, so it could just be you need to change your routine?

Good job on the .5 inch!
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I know just what you mean! I go through the same thing all the time.
One day I was reading different things on 3FC and I came across this information about weight loss plateaus. I saved it...but for the life of me I can't seem to find the link again. I wish I could because there were several articles on this issue. This one stuck out to me the most. It helped me so much- I hope it helps you too! Note- your doing good if you are still losing in inches. The scale is not the only weight loss dectector Here is the article:

Weight-Loss Plateau is a Good Sign
By Loni Calie Reed
The 1st week of a calorie-controlled weight loss diet is easy. The 2nd and 3rd weeks are not too hard either. But around the 4th or 5th week it seems that the scale will not budge. You have reached your first weight loss plateau. Plateaus, the times when your weight stubbornly stays put, are normal. Of course, plateaus are frustrating – so much so that many people abandon their weight loss efforts. But surprisingly, a plateau is a positive sign. It is a signal from your body that you have lost body fat, but unfortunately, not body weight. This last statement may sound contradictory. How can someone lose body fat and not lose body weight? Basically, the answer is that in place of the fat you lost, your body now holds water. Until the water is lost, the scale will not register your achievement. Scales cannot tell the difference between weight that is fat and weight that is water. Unfortunately, you cannot see inside yourself either. But you can learn what is going on and why. The human body, like the food we eat is composed of nutrients – protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. If you were a trim 150 pounds, your body would contain about 90 pounds of water, 30 pounds of fat and 30 pounds of all the other nutrients. As you can see, you (and everyone else) are mostly “all wet”. Water is not just blood. Much of the body’s water is part of the chemical configuration of cells, tissues and organs. For example, muscle hold considerable water within its structure. Generally, 1 pound of muscle tissue in the body is associated with 4 pounds of water. Even fat tissue is about 15% water. So for example, 7 pounds of body fat contains about 1 pound of water. When you are eating fewer calories than you are burning up, your body must get the energy it needs from somewhere. That somewhere is you. When you lose weight, you are in fact consuming your own fat and protein to get the energy (calories) that you need. In effect, you “eat” yourself. During the first few weeks of any weight loss program, your body tends to use up more body protein in the form of muscle and organ tissue than in later weeks of dieting. As time goes on, your body becomes more selective and relies mostly on fat stored for energy, and less on the protein tissues essential to body functioning. When body protein and fat tissues are used for energy, the water associated with these tissues generally hangs around for awhile. In other words, you remain “water logged.” This is what accounts for the plateau periods. It is like the body is resting before it goes down to the next lower weight. To see the pounds disappear, you may want to assist your body to lose its excess water weight. You can do so safely by reducing your sodium intake. Try to keep from adding much salt in cooking, and do not put a salt shaker on the table. Cut down on condiments like pickles, mustard, catsup, and soy sauce. Instead of salty condiments, try applesauce, spiced peaches and other fruits to perk up meats and fish dishes. Use lemon, spices and herbs for flavor in cooking, but avoid monosodium glutamate. Avoid canned foods with salt. Buy fresh or frozen foods without added salt. For normal water loss, diuretics are not necessary, nor even advisable. Also saunas and steam baths provide only momentary dehydration, not lasting effects. Because one pint of fluid perspired away in a hot sauna equals 1 pound less of water, dramatic weight changes are possible in record time. However, as soon as you drink again, and you should drink, your water weight returns.
While water weight fluctuations are frustrating, they are temporary. The true test of dieting success is the pinch test, not the scale’s numbers game. It’s how much real fat you lose, not how much protein and water, that makes for a leaner and healthier you.
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Lauree: I've been experiencing a similar plateau for the past two weeks. I'm even up a pound since last week. I completely understand the frustration! Sounds like you seem some changes with the measuring tape, and that has to be encouraging. You gave me something to start checking now too. Tonight, we're going to take a picture and some measurements and maybe that will help me in the tough times.

Good luck! Thank you for posting your experience too! We're all in this together.
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I check my weight several times during the week always before i eat breakfast and when I don't have any clothes on to get a more accurate reading. Lately I've been going up to 265 instead of 263. I hope on wednesday though that I get down at least by a lb. I've been doing very good still and exercising. I don't know what it is. If I am up a lb or 2 I'll try to be more positive and just continue doing what I'm doing. Or maybe I should take someones idea and weigh myself every day but only count the lowest weight
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Mine does that as well. Usually goes back and forth between a couple lbs depending on if I've used the bathroom and what time of the month it is. Bloat and water weight can trick you but it's nothing to worry about. :P

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