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Default I Want To Lose Weight Because...

Sometimes I forget why I'm actually doing this, and I've been making a mental list of "silly" reasons. Here are some of mine (some I mentioned in my intro):

*I want to be able to fly on vacation without having to ask for a seatbelt extender.
*I want to be able to shop in any store, without having to go straight to the "fat lady" section.
*I don't want my young SD to refer to me as her "fluffy mama" and her mom as her "skinny mama".
*I don't want people to look at my hot, fit DH and wonder what he sees in me.
*I want to be able to swing on the porch swing without worrying about breaking something.

What are your reasons?
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Hi there! And...Welcome! I always found the reasons why someone choses to get healthy interesting, and posting them takes a lot of courage. Many of us want to lose weight for the wrong reasons, I enjoyed reading yours, and can relate to a few of them! I'm already at goal, but my reasons were:

*My daughter called me fat once, I didn't like it, and didn't want her doing it again.

*I didn't like feeling "judged" by people when I ate in public.

*I didn't like feeling embarassed to go out or meet people, or feeling that my family and friends were embarassed of me.

*I didn't like the unhealthy relationship I was in, and it was keeping me fat.

*I didn't like being described as overweight, or fat.
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I want to lose weight because:

1) I want to be healthy for myself and children
2) I want to instill good and healthy eating habits in myself and children
3) I want to set a good example to my children
4) I want to be in regular size clothes
5) I dont wanna have to worry if I will fit in a seat or not
6) I want to go to the amusement park this Summer and be able to fit in the rides with my kids
7) I have always been fat
8) I want to FEEL sexy
9) I want to be able to walk a long ways without getting out of breathe
10) I dont want to feel like people are staring at me because Im huge
11) I dont wanna be lazy anymore
12) I want to chase my kids around, jump on the trampoline with them, etc.
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I'm with Guam. These always interest me and it's a good reminder of where I've been.
  • I didn't like fearing I wouldn't fit on a roller coaster.
  • I couldn't tie my shoes comfortably.
  • My two best friends and I (also morbidly obese women) were packed in like sardines at the symphony. It was so bad we waited until everyone was seated and then spread out.
  • I had a harder time getting into and out of a bathroom stall.
  • Cimbing the stairs one time was exercise.
  • It hurt to stand at the sink to do dishes.
  • I had plantar fasciitis and I knew it was weight related.
  • I hated that every doctor visit was probably weight related.
  • My BP was 155/105.
  • I was pre-diabetic.
  • Mostly though, I was sad and felt no self-worth. I wasn't suicidal, but death seemed a pleasant thing and I was in such a bad mental place I thought my kids wouldn't care.

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What a great idea!

-I want to be able to shop in regular stores. Big girl clothes cost more money, IMO.
-I want to stop avoiding mirrors.
-I want to be able to ride roller coasters with my kids when they are old enough.
-I want to be more social. I tend to stay away from new people and situations because I am embarrassed of the way I look.
-I want to be healthy so that I can enjoy my family and my life as long as possible.
-I want my husband to think I am hot. Lol!
-I want to be a good example for my children.
-I want to run!
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  • Help manage my PCOS/IR/Hypothyroid/Syndrome X!
  • Not be the fat mom, keep up with kid better.

  • Health, of course, and enjoying play time with kid more.
  • Cuter clothes don't hurt.
  • Crazier sex with DH doesn't hurt either.

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Lets See...

1) Because I don't want to be an embarrassment to my children
2) Because I hate how I look in pictures and in the mirror
3) Because I want to feel sexy
4) Because I want to lead by example for my family
5) Because I feel like people look at me and think "no wonder she's fat" if I dare to put ANYTHING in my mouth in public
6) Because I want to feel well and energetic, rather than unwell and lethargic
7) Because I want to shock the $#!+ out of my family and inlaws the next time they see me (we see them about once a year).
8) Because I am Insulin Resistant/Pre Diabetic
9) Because I have arthritis in my knees

10) Because I hate that people assume that since I am fat, I am lazy. I was walking to the store in my town with my kids (5 and 6 years old, and not at all overweight). It was -26C out, but the store is only 2 blocks away. A "friend" pulled up in her van and asked "where are you going?" so I told her that we were going to the store. So, I watch her drive to the store (there's only 1 in my town). When we got to the store, and we got inside, one of my girls said "WHEW", and the store clerk said "It's cold outside hunh?" and my daughter replied "Yes, and we walked!!" It wasn't a complaint but a statement of fact. The friend who had stopped to ask where we were going replied "yeah, but walking is good for you", to which I somewhat snidely replied "Yeah, I know, the girls play on the Wii every day, and I walk at least 2 miles with it daily"....her reply was "Oh...I should do that too". She didn't offer us a ride because she decided that since I was fat, i was lazy and never did anything healthy for myself, and used the excuse that it was "good for me" to walk...she lives as far from the store as I do (it's a TINY town) but drove.

Sorry #10 was so long, but it REALLY irks me what people assume!
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calorie counting works!
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I wrote these a while ago, but thanks for reminding me to look at them again!

I'll have more fun moving my body
It'll be easier to backpack and hike
My knees will be so much happier
I'll be an active older person
I'll look better
I'll have more energy
I'll reduce my chances of heart disease/diabetes
I'll enjoy wearing better-fitting clothes
I'll have proof of my self-discipline
I'll have an easier menopause
I'll enjoy a longer life to share with my partner
I'll feel sexier
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Hot LLama Mama!
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Oooh...the roller coaster thing is a big one! I used to love them! DH is in the restaurant business and every year he gets free season passes to one theme park and two one-day passes to Six Flags. He ends up taking his adult daughter with him to Six Flags, and I want to go, too! For the last few years I've had the pregnancy excuse, but those days are over. I can do this!

Great input! I love reading your reasons!
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*Because I want to move abroad and I don't want to be the statistic of an "obese American"
*Because I am only 21 years old and I want to enjoy the remainder of my life free of this weight burden
*Because I want guys to think I am hot! (Yeah, stupid reason, but I like it)
*I don't wear a seatbelt extender on the plane, but I want there to be leftover room!
*I wanna buy cute little dresses that other girls my age wear
*I don't want to die young.
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Hot LLama Mama!
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That's always my big fear, that the airline seatbelt won't fit. Hasn't happened yet, but they make those extenders for a reason, right?
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New start 24/10/10
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Losing weight so far has made me happier and more confident.
Because deep down I love clothes shopping, the only thing keeping me from enjoying it now is how I look in the clothes
I want to start a fashion blog
I want to for ther first time in my life try to maintain and weight and not just lose it
Because I want to be fit and healthy before having children and confident I can get back to my pre pregnancy weight.
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-I want to look in the mirror without hating myself
-I want to set a good example for my girls
-I want to go swimming!!
-I want to go shopping for nice clothes
-I dont want to dread every wedding or party invite
Overall, i just want to feel better, lose these aches and pains and get fit so i can really spend quality time with my children.
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This is a great post! and a great reminder!
I want to be at the beach and not be self conscious
I want to be able to run with my niece and nephew
I want to not have to worry about every morsel of food, because it is under control.
I want to be an athlete again, not "someone who used to be an athlete"
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Are we there yet?
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It's always helpful to remember why we're doing this...

1. I want to finally have self-esteem and appreciate myself.
2. I don't want to be the fat friend and feel left out when all my friends get to wear pretty things and I feel like a blob.
3. I want to live! I don't want to risk health problems in the future.
4. I want to FEEL healthy - not out-of-shape, or crappy from eating bad food.
5. I want to go back to being a runner and being able to SAY I'm a runner without feeling like people are laughing at me.
6. I want to be able to get dressed in the morning without spending hours changing because everything makes me feel fat.
7. I want to be able to eat and be outside in public without feeling judged.
8. I want a happier life and I want to love myself.
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