Stupid FLU!

  • I was all set on Monday to get my behind in gear again. I have really been slacking since October, but over the weekend I had some little epiphany's that I felt the motivation fire start up. It was doable, I was excited to hit the gym and start working out....then Monday I was hit with the worst flu I have ever had in my LIFE. Threw up ALL day yesterday...couldn't even drink WATER. Towards the end of the night I was able to get down some Coke and some saltine's, but how horrible. Today I still feel a bit sick, but very weak, and still can't eat anything major. So still eating saltine's and water. Urgh. This just bugs me...I haven't had the flu for years, and it just chooses now to hit me, right when I was ready to get moving.
    So I'm hoping tomorrow I will feel good enough even just to go and ride the bikes. But I hate being sick, I hate having to be in bed...sorry, just needed to get it out...
  • I'm sorry, the stomach flu is vicious this year, I had it right after Christmas. I hope you get to feeling better soon.
  • Look at it this way...yeah, the flu sucks, but maybe it gave you a jump start!?!?!? Hope you feel better soon!
  • Hope you are feeling better!
  • Isn't that always the way, PinkHoodie --- it's like the universe is listening in and just waiting to hammer your plans.

    However, I see that you are only TWO POUNDS away from OnederLand! (In fact, as nasty as this flu sounds you might already be there!) It doesn't matter what the universe throws at you, cuz there is NO WAY you are going to stop TWO LOUSY POUNDS from those glorious new numbers.

    So, rest and take care of yourself --- and then kick those last two hangers-on out the door and down the road.
  • Hope you are doing better!

  • Same thing happened to me. I started feeling sick Monday after lunch. Threw up all night and most of yesterday. Wobbly and weak today. I did go to work because they don't like people taking sick days. Who knows I'm probably still contagious.
  • Aaand this is why i got a flu shot this year.
    Im sorry, the flu just stinks. Its awful how it just sucks the life out of you.

    Be nice to youself
  • I get a flu shot every year...but did you know that it doesn't protect you from the Stomach Flu?? Yeah the stomach flu isn't an actual FLU its a bacterial virus. So you are still at risk for getting the throw ups. You are just protected from Influenza and things like Bird Flu. See what you learn when you are sick and can't sleep? LOL Just because I know you were all wondering!
    It was only a 24 hour bug, so yeah I'm all better. Still feel kind of ick, but almost 100%! Thank you for all the support/sympathy.