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Default Is losing 100lbs in a year realistic?

So, I'm so aggrevated right now I could scream. I don't know how we even go on this conversation here at work but some of us were discussing how much we need to lose. Keep in mind I am of course the biggest by far. But anyways, I said my goal was to lose 125lbs. I also said I would love it if I would lose 100 of by the end of the year. Well basically their thoughts were that that's impossible. It just really felt like a slap in the face. Like they were personally telling me I couldn't do it.
Sorry for the rant, maybe I'm just a little sensitive today. I am just wondering if I have set my expectations too high.
Any advice??
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If you stick to your plan consistently and even just lose the recommended 2 lbs per week then that would be just about 100 lbs. It will take a lot of hard work but I think it is completely doable. I once lost 80 lbs over the course of 8 months just with a huge lifestyle change so I am sure 100 in 12 months is completely achievable! You can do it!!

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It's far from impossible there are over 300 days in a year. That's a 3:1 ratio, and that's a basic amount of weight for anyone to lose. About 2lbs a week is incredibly doable. They have no clue what they are talking about. They probably feel that way because if they were to do it, it would seem impossible... The bigger you are the faster the weight can come off if you know yourself well enough to eat and exercise right for your body. I believe you can do it and I believe in you!

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You can loose 2 pounds a week by cutting your daily calorie intake by 500 and burning 500 calories a day through exercise. The best way is with a nutritionist that can tell you how many calories a day you should consume to reach your goal and one or two sessions with a personal trainer to learn about the best exercise program for weight loss.

Dont listen to people that have negative comments it will undermine your efforts, beside let s say that you start a weight loss program and at the end of the year you have not met your goal, you still will be lighter and healthier than at the beginning of the year. go for it you can only be a winner.
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"There's no way you can do it, it's impossible" is just a euphemism for "There's no way I could do it", do not let them get you down! It's totally doable.

If you choose to believe that you can't do it, then you choose to believe that I can't do it don't wanna let a sister down that way do you?
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I agree that is is doable as long as you are committed to exercising and eating right. Now use this as your motivation to show them it can be done! I also would like to lose 100lbs this year.
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It's absolutely possible. It might get a bit tough toward the end of that year as you'll be significantly thinner and will naturally tend to shed pounds more slowly, but it's definitely possible.

You're talking about an average of a little over eight pounds per month. That's nowhere near impossible and I don't know why they're gainsaying you for believing that it is.

One thing I've learned, though, is that my body may not have the same plans my mind does. I have done nothing different in the past week, yet the scale has taken an upward bounce of about a pound and a half--this is despite the end of "that time," which means it'd be more logical to expect a loss.

If you set a year-long goal, there may be weeks that don't show a two-pound loss. There may be months that don't show an eight-pound loss. You'll sometimes need to find a way to keep doing what you're doing in spite of the scale, not because of it. Tying your goals to behaviors, not results, is often a good plan; you can completely control your behavior, but results might not be as manageable.
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It certainly can be done, and has been over and over on these boards! I'd have done it myself if I hadn't stalled out so many times.

I understand you coworkers though. They probably have no concept of what it means to lose 100 pounds. When I started I kept that number secret because the few people who DID know where flabbergasted by the number. The think 100 is much bigger than it actually is.

Also, the larger you are when you start, the faster it comes off in the beginning. So someone near 300 pounds may take a year to lose 100 but someone who has those last 20 vanity pounds to ditch may also take a year. That's why they probably don't understand.
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Thanks everyone. You're right, I can do this and I WILL. I have to use these comments as fuel.
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It absolutely is! I've been at this since May 2010, and I'm just 6lbs away from 100lbs lost.
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I did it in 9 1/2 months (my one year total was 122 pounds). But I won't kid you, it was tough. Losing 100 pounds in a year is definitely doable but -- in my experience -- you have to be totally focused and committed. I didn't have "treats" or "cheats" or "off plan meals", ate squeaky clean, kept my calories low, and did two hours of exercise every day (cardio and weights).

Of course, not everyone can or wants to put that level of effort into weight loss and that's fine because it's not a race. Losing 100 pounds is a great achievement for anyone and in the end, it doesn't matter if it takes a year or four years. What matters is keeping it off!!
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It is certainly doable and there are people here that have done it. However, like Eliana, I understand what your coworkers have said. Let me qualify that - I understand as long as they were really trying to be helpful and not just being smarmy.

As for setting your expectations too high - Will you be discouraged if you start falling below your goal? If you start losing 5 pounds a month, will you be so discouraged that you quit? Setting goals and expectations are great as long as they motivate you.

I can't set time goals because I get upset if I don't meet them. If I plan to lose 8 pounds a month and then lose 6 pounds, I see myself as a failure instead of seeing myself as the success that I am. I just can't handle the lose x pounds in y amount of time. I do best by setting 5 pound goals without time limits.

You have to know yourself and set your expectations accordingly. Don' t let anyone else set your expectations for you!
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You absolutely can!! I started this journey in late June, so about 7 months ago, and I've lost about 80 pounds. I don't know if I'll get to 100 (not sure where my goal will end up) but if you stick to your plan like glue, you will get where you want to be. Show 'em!!
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Jumping in with this folk to let you know it is absolutely possible. I lost 137 pounds in exactly one year. I also didn't have any cheats whatsoever (no sugar, no white breads, no processed foods) so it was not an easy path to take at first, but it can definitely be done!
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I don't think it's impossible. But it's not a magic number and trust me I WISH that our bodies were like, "Oh, a week of being 100% On Plan with diet and exercise? Let me flush 2 lbs." But unfortunately there are stalls, and TOM and all missteps. Just do your best and don't beat yourself up about it.

Like so many people here say, it's "persistence, not perfection"
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