I lost 40 lbs overnight! Learn my secret....

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  • I weigh every morning and log it on my spreadsheet. So, imagine my surprise when I weighed myself this morning to see 194 lbs!! That's 40 lbs overnight! And you can do it too....all you need is my daughter and several gatorade lids that can be conveniently hidden under your scale.

    Well, it was nice to see the scale under 200 lbs - even if it was with a little help. I'm going to consider this encouraging. Someday (soon), I will see it for real.
  • LMBO!!! A great post Congrats now for your future success! :-)
  • Now that is just too, too cute, SunshineTater.....

  • Very funny! Consider it a preview of coming attractions!
  • Coming soon to a scale near you ...
  • Oh you gotta love kids!!! The things they do for your self esteem!!!

    Too funny!
  • LOL! Priceless!

  • *laughs* that is sooooo adorable <3

    Your daughter is welcome to come sabotage my scales any day
  • Hah! Love it
  • LOL love this
  • You made me smile!
  • :d
  • Hahahaha!!
  • Totally sounds like something my toddler would do. She has the most interesting hiding places for things!