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Finally Losing Myself
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Talking Enlighten me all you Gym Divas and Dudes

While I sort of pride myself that my journey began (for a whole year) with no paid program or gym membership. I kept myself accountable to counting calories , I educated myself on nutrition and walked my neighborhood all for free. I lost 80 pounds on my own before joining a bootcamp program last January.

Last week I decided it was time for a big switchroo. I was in a predicament that I was limited to cardio only since having surgery (hystorectomy and abdominoplasty) but walking or running in the cold wasn't working for me. I get chilled easily now and I couldn't handle the weather. I was keeping a cold also from the freezing temps and wind while being outside. So I decided on a whim to join a 24 hour gym and its exactly what I need.

My observations so far. First off I go to the gym alone. I am a huge music lover and can get into my music. It seems like people in the gym are watching each other. I honestly don't care one single bit. I am way over feeling stupid for sweating or some body part jiggling. I am there for exactly that reason! But I get into my music , I do NOT sing aloud but I do mouth the words sometimes , bob my head, maybe alittle strutting to the beat. I feel happy and alive. And I noticed today people were looking at me like I was an idiot. I am SURE I am not the only person like this, right? I so far have refrained from talking to people there because I have noticed no one speaks and when I am there no one is working for the gym since it's 24 hour access it isn't always staffed. I will smile if I see them staring a hole through me. I'd love to hear how it is at your gym. I am in love with exercising once again after a almost 2 month break. It's really like a love affair because I was so depressed and felt like poo without it.

Also I do not like the treadmills by the walls. So I refuse to use them even if it means being next to a stranger. That seemed to piss off an old lady who was walking right next to me when I hopped on to run. I don't get it ? Doesn't seem to be a reason for attitude to me!?

Tonights workout was a 1 mile run, 5 mile bike on a interval setting, 1 mile treadmill climb on a incline I adjusted the incline every 5 minutes (12 ,10,15,8,6) and then another 1 mile run. I was drenched and felt amazing! I cleaned each machine after use, I brought my own towel to wipe all the sweat off me so I wasn't raining down.

So enlighten me you gym peeps , am I messing with peoples gym mojo? Haha
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Loving life!!
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No you aren't messing with mojo lol

This is what they are seeing....a 160lb healthy chick really into their workout. To the ones that complain about working out or not at the level you are, some can be resentful.

Just ignore them & get your groove on
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Kickin PCOS's Butt!
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I do the same thing sometimes. When I start dreading being at the gym, I hope on the elliptical and pretend I'm dancing my music. I have gotten some weird looks, but who cares? It makes working out fun.
I also sometimes mouth the words...I also have realized people want you to not work out by them if there are other machines available. I just don't care. These people need their own home gym if they are going to have their own imaginary rules about the gym!!
I think your workout sounds awesome, and you should have walked out there dancing LOL. That would have been funny. But you are not alone in observing these things, or deciding to ignore them!
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Back at It!
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Congrats Nikki on getting back to the gym! Sounds like you are doing a great workout!
I've just restarted after a 2 week lull. I know what you mean about the atittudes at the People just seem to be in their own world at the gym, so don't mind what you are doing. I also sing and move my head when listening to my tunes LOUD!

A 24 hour gym sounds great! I wish there was one of those here. Keep at it, and just do your Thang!
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Finally Losing Myself
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Oh and for the record I did not wear my black glasses and clown nose to the gym. Hahaha! I am just loving life right now maybe my good energy will rub off on some of the gym fuddy duddys.

Thanks ya'll for making me feel a little more comfortable while I am on the Hamster wheel.
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I've gotten the idea that everyone is watching everyone, which at first bothered me a lot, and then I got to the point where I was just like hey, I'm paying for this for one thing, I'm doing this for me, not anyone else, and I just don't care what they think At least I (all of us) are having fun with our workouts!
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