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Default half-as$ed effort

This weekend and a few days last week I've sort of just been phoning it in and not really doing the things I need to do. I feel like motivation creep is setting in and I need to get back to being completely on target and motivated. My weight is about the same (fluctuating up a pound or two from the lowest) and I'm determined to bust through into new territory by the end of the week.

My goals for the week: 1) run 4 days with a minimum of 3 miles each run. 2) stay under 2000 calories and preferably ~1700. 3) don't really have a 3rd goal, but all lists need at least 3 things

Its Monday, who is joining me for having an awesome week?!
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Me!!! I'm in. No phoning it in this week!
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I'll join! I've had a rough weekend eating-wise (of my own making) and I'm up 3 pounds. Here are my goals for this week:

1) excercise Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
2) Stay under 1300 calories a day
3) drink 2 liters of water a day

Yay!! Thanks Matt!
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Back in the saddle again
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I'm in here too I've found myself rationalizing higher calorie limits the past couple days, and that's a dangerous slope...

1) Stay under 1400 cals a day
2) Double check portion sizes with weights and measurements
3) Walk everywhere, hike Tuesday, gym Thursday and Saturday
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hi matt.... don't let the winter blahs creep in!!!! you are such an inspiration....please.....count me in...i want a GREAT 2nd week!!!
1. drink at least 48 oz of water a day
2. walk 1 mile a day at least 5 days out of the week
3. check into 3fc every day to get my daily dose of motivation!!!
THANKS MATT....for helping us all be accountable!!!
have a beautiful week!!

spixiet....thanks for the heads i will be able to recognize in advance if i am letting calories slip upwards...and avoid that slippery slope!! are one of the cutest little pixies on 3fc!!! keep up your good work!!
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Living and Learning
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I'm in!
1. Exercise at least four times this week for a minimum of 45 minutes each time.
2. Stay on plan eating wise
3. Drink at least 72 ounces of water a day
It's going to be a great week!
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slim endgame
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Hi Matt- I'm in.
I have been in a little stall the past few weeks. I know the truth...I have let the exercise slip. I have done good with my eating (or not eating) but I have been so lazy and not moving very much like a winter slug.
So I have decided to move more/exercise more. Drink more water. And try my best not to let the winter blas get to me.
Thank you so much for motivating me with this thread Have an awesome week!
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On a mission
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I am in too!! I need to kick it into high gear, if I am going to be in a better place for New Year. I am going to do Week 2 of C25K this week, as well as make sure I am walking the rest of it. (My rest day will be Saturday, when I am going to see the Nutcracker) I am limiting my calories to 1600 this week to see how it goes. I am going to make sure I do pushups at least once each day this week.
I am ready for a GREAT week, with a LOSS at the end of it!
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I'm in. I've been slacking.
So, this week:
- More water.
- More exercise.
- Less "estimating" calories.
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Me. Sigh. It seems to be like this with me these days.

I five straight perfect days M-F, but my Saturday was only so-so, and my Sunday was the pits-- grazing on stupid stuff. That seems to be my off-plan modus operandi. I don't even eat extra calories having delicious meals, instead I eat a whole bunch of flax seed. Plus, I didn't exercise Sat or Sun-- if I had, I would have managed my stress better.

So my three:

1. No grazing.
2. Exercise every night.
3. No grazing.

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Staying the Same
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I was going to make a thread just like this one but I see you've beat me to the punch. I've been getting lazy and feeling less motivated than ever. Just yesterday I seriously justified eating almost 1000 calories' worth of cookies to myself by saying "well my foot injury prevents me from running so I might as well eat cookies."

Krampus's Goals This Week:
-Weekly average of <1500 calories/day.
-Desserts/sweets must be limited to under 250 calories if at all. Eat real food.
-Blacklist: peanut butter, chocolate covered nuts, bread. These are my triggers.
-Tae Bo cardio and strength exercise every day. EVERY DAY.
-Don't slack on the water - minimum of 3 liters a day.
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Welcome everyone! How was your day 1?

Its after 9pm here on the east coast of the US and my day is now winding down. It was a good day. I probably ate 1600 - 1700 calories and ended up jogging 3 miles this evening. My food choices were healthy and filling.
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I'm in!!! goes it!

1. run at least 3 miles 4 days this week (ran 4 miles today...woot!)
2. weight train 2 days this week (new program)
3. shop for new eating plan (calorie counting)
4. Prepare weekly menu from low cal cookbooks
5. BREAK FREE of the 180's!!!!

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Back in the saddle again
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Did well on food today (1250 cals), but no real exercise. Lots of errands and walking though - and I'm thinking about throwing in a bit of yoga after my dinner has had a chance to digest. It's been a long time since I've done yoga, so this week is seeming like a good place to start. Tomorrow, I'm going hiking after work as planned-

My big challenge is going to be Friday - staff party/potluck, followed by socializing at a local bar It'll be fun, but there'll be a lot to say no to
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Oh uber, you described my week exactly! I was down to an all new low on Friday, then a rough weekend of eating bloated me back up. Grrr...

My plan is to stick to my plan! If I do it, everything works. It's so darn simple, and yet I manage to fall off the wagon anyway. I suppose the key is in the getting back on.

Today has gone well thus far, I'm off to go make dinner.

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