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Default How are you dealing with Halloween candy?

I feel brilliant. Every year is a struggle to get the kids to eat the candy in moderation and not sneak it! This year, I think I finally came up with a solution.

This year, we got all good candy. I can usually get rid of most of it, but this year it's all really good stuff and I just can't bring myself to get rid of any of it.

I got out two zip lock baggies and filled them each with 14 pieces of candy from the kids' buckets. That's two pieces per child per day for a week. Every Sunday I will replenish their baggies with 14 new pieces. I told them they could eat it all in one day if they really wanted to, but it was wiser to spread it out.

It's working quite well! There's no arguing, no wrappers, no sneaking and they're practicing moderation! Yeah!

And the best part for me? All the candy is hidden in the basement and it's a pain to go down and get it. I can't steal from their rationed portion. So there's very little temptation for me.

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That's a really good idea. My kids haven't asked for any of their candy at all since Halloween night. We usually let them eat what they want on Halloween (not good, I know) and once they have passed out from their sugar rush we take the buckets and empty them and put the candy up. I have yet to be tempted by it and they got a lot of chocolate this year.
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Eliana - don't have kids yet, but frankly, we're terrified that as two post-obese parents, we're going to screw our kids up eating-wise (I know modeling our good habits is going to help a lot, don't get me wrong, but we're very worried about being too restrictive which can backfire, so we think and talk about hypothetical situations, like "what are we going to do about Halloween candy", quite a bit). Your solution is pretty much the one we came up with...glad to hear it's working well!
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That is a great idea! I am doung terrible with Halloween candy. Last night I bagged it all up and dropped it off at my mom's house. I can't have it at home because I have no willpower.
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I did good until yesterday...its been a struggle for me! Honestly the second to worst part of the holidays for me!!!! :P
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My son is still way too young to care about candy. We took him around the block to see other kids and costumes and try trick or treating. He was so excited to go out and get "candies." We came home and he's had a small pack of M&M's after dinner one night and that's it.

My hubs got the rest.
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That sounds like a brilliant idea to me.
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I like that idea!

This year we got all good candy too... strange huh? We took all of it and put it in a big bowl (with 4 kids we got enough to almost fill our "bobbing for apples" bowl [we have an annual Halloween party here ]), hubby and I took that and hid it and give the kids a piece or two a day.
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out of sight, out of mind. i`m dealing by having as little contact as possible.

the kids and their dad have had some of it. not alot. it's in bags on top of the fridge.

i guess it's working ok for me. i try to just STAY OUT of the kitchen alot of the time. which is really new for me, since i could spend the whole day in there before. that's a whole other thread i guess.

what's annoying to me, is when they ask at the worst times. can i have candy? right before bed after they've brushed teeth already. or at breakfast time, before eating anything. of course, they know they have to eat food before candy. and they know if they eat anything right before bed, the choices are very limited. they won't actually brush their teeth afterwards, so i'll let them have some cheese. def. not candy. but that's almost everynight for dd5. she's always asking for more food after brushing her teeth. so annoying. hope everyone had a good day with resisting the candy.
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Halloween candy was one of the reasons I am here today!!! My sisters children got sacks of candy, and normally it is partitioned out much like you did very quickly. This year, she waited until yesterday, and I did more than my share of dipping into the stash. Finally, the children got 15 pieces each, and the rest went to my sisters school.... THANK GOODNESS! The ziploc idea is fabulous and works really well.
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Personally, I am doing terrible with it for myself lol. I have four kids and three of them trick or treat. They all got great candy. That's not my issue though- I can resist their candy. The candy I can't resist at the moment is in a box for my hubby and I.... Mostly me, I think he's had like 5 pieces of chocolate grrr..... He's a skinny guy though. I'm so close to my goal weight and have struggled to get here and I don't want this candy to get in the way!!!!! I also think that once I reach goal, that I'll need to keep going, as I am only four pounds away and still seem to have a big belly?!?!
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My kids were too young for Candy so we didn't trick-or-treat...but we got next to NO kids and a HUGE bag of candy.

I allowed myself to have a few pieces this week...all the gross ones are left...but it's being thrown out at the end of the week.
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I threw away some of the candy this year after Halloween. The rest I gave to my neighbor and she took it to her AA meeting.

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I sent it all to work with DH. My oldest is too young to remember that he got candy, or even know what it is (he'll be 2 on the 21st), and my youngest is only 2 months old so it wasn't hard to just ditch it all.

I have a cousin who has 3 kids ages 8, 4, and 1 and they each get a few pieces on Halloween and a couple of pieces after lunch the next day and then they get rid of the rest. They make it much more about the costumes and family and trick or treating itself rather than the candy. Seems to work well for them.
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All candy that isn't kids' candy went out of the house to workplaces. The kids' candy is theirs; it's on top of the fridge. They can have a couple of pieces in their school lunches (small ones) and a couple of pieces after school or after dinner. It has worked out okay, and I haven't touched any of it.

Thank goodness.
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