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Talking Nsv

I have been meaning to post this, but I haven't gotten around to it.

I had (for me) a HUUUGE NSV.

It was freezing cold, starting to drizzle, and windy as all get out on Wednesday night.

I ran from the time I got out of the door ALLLLL the way accross the parking lot (I was parked as far in the boonies as possible) without slowing down or stopping.

I still can't run on a treadmill or regularly because my knees and ankles protest loudly, BUT I still made it to my car! AND I didn't pass out when I got to my car.

I will tell you right now in February I would NEVER have been able to make it even a quarter of the way to my car through the parking lot. Heck I would have been all sorts of winded just GETTIng to my car with that wind.

Anyone else had some good NSV's here recently?
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That's wonderful!
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bright hearted
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Must have felt great! Way to go
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Good story. The realization after the fact that you can move like that is exhilarating.

A recent NSV for me is my swimsuit feels bigger. I don't know if it is just stretching out or if it is really bigger. I 'm going with the 'its really bigger' view!!
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Awesome!! I notice myself being able to go up multiple flights of stairs at school and I don't get as winded.

I haven't touched ONE piece of Halloween candy, and it's even harder for me since I work at a grocery store and I'm surrounded by the stuff. My dad has been bringing home donuts and other baked goods, I haven't even opened the boxes Sweets are definitely my downfall, and I'm proud of myself that I have the willpower to say NO

I'm also in new weight loss territory.. a few years back I joined Weight Watchers with my mom and wasn't very dedicated (i.e. saving all my points to eat 2 greasy high calorie chalupas from taco bell for dinner and not eat anything else the rest of the day) I lost some weight, but I wasn't making healthy choices at all..obviously! The lowest I got doing WW was 278, and I'm finally below that! Yay for healthy food and lifestyle changes! GO US!


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Congratulations! It's the little things in losing weight that mean everything.
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Way to go!!! What a feeling to feel better in your own skin
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