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Default Before & After Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of me; the first at 313 pounds, the second about 75 pounds lighter. I can tell a difference, but I am still waaay too critical of myself! But I would say it's an improvement!
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And here is the after picture....
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Kayla, you look GREAT!
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OMG- that is amazing!!!!!! YOU LOOK WONDERFUL!
You are so pretty too!!! Do you mind if I ask what size you started at and what size you are now?

Excellent photos - aren't you glad now that you have a before photo?

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WOOHOOOO!! Incredible! And you look wondeeeeeeful!!!

What an inspirtation!

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The incredible shrinking woman!
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Thanks for the compliments... it is weird to see the results right there in front of me, because sometimes when I look in the mirror, I don't see that much of a change, you know. I don't know if I had a skewed vision of myself then or if I have a skewed vision of myself right now. Probably a combination of both...

Dana, when I started losing weight, I was a tight size 26 (ack!). Now, I am comfortably wearing size 18 pants (some are getting too big!) & my shirts/dresses are either a size 18 or 20. Ticks me off that my chest is so big that I have to buy a size bigger, but oh, well. I'm just happy that I can buy my jeans at Old Navy now, because I love they way they fit!

You know, I've lost weight before (about 5 years ago) & I've noticed that I'm losing it "differently" this time. Has anyone else that has lost weight before experiencing this, or am I just a freak?!
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Yes! I am experiencing the same thing, Kayla. My body has definitely changed. Also, when I gained this weight this time, I gained it differently. It's settled around different, odd places.

Ahh, a woman's body and the changes it goes through. . .

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Kayla!!! WOW girl!! You look great!!! I was just thinking that you should post some before and afters. Too wierd.

You are so pretty too! I hope you know how prous I am of you!!!!
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It is cool to me that we started with the same stats, I started at 313 and was a tight size 26 jeans. I bet we are the same height too. I am 5'8. You are inspiring be because I now know if I lose another 20 pounds I will be an 18 too! (I am currently a 20) I am at 249 now. I need to catch up with you!
keep up the good work and dont forget how great you look!!
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kayla... you look FABULOUS!!!! what a difference!
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You are so pretty, both in the before and after. Looking really hot in the after actually. Youve done a great job and I bet your body thanks you not having to cart all the extra weight around. Well done Kayla
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I agree, Kayla, you're pretty in both pictures but positively glowing in the after. And you should be - glowing with pride.
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