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Question How often have you or do you lose ten lbs in a month?

Good morning everyone, first let me say that I know this answer is going to be different for everyone but I am trying to get an idea of what some of you are doing as far as diet and exersize to lose ten lbs in month. The only time Ive ever lost ten lbs in a 30 day period is when I first started in 2008 with fatsmash (detox phase) anyways this is more so a curiosity question. And for those whom has lost ten lbs in a month if it has happened often please share your diet/workouts or anything that helped you. One of my goals is to lose 10lbs in a 30 day period sometime during this journey. thanks
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I lost 10 pounds the first two weeks I started and then that was it. From there on I have lost 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 pounds in a month's time. I'd say I average 5, but really it's more of a median.

Weight loss slows down as you get smaller, and it took me by surprise to know how quickly that meant.

The recommended loss is 4-8 pounds per month.
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I averaged almost 12 lbs a month. 9 months ago today I started and Saturday I made GOAL!!
I am a calorie counter 1200 a day usually.
walk 3 miles a day 5 days a week to leslie sansone DVD
drink 10 bottles of water/green tea a day
no frying
no white flour products
lots of fresh fruit & veggies
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Never. Even at my heighest weight (when folks expect to see big numbers) I didn't lose very fast. I've averaged @ 6 lbs per month. Now that I'm lighter, 2-4 lbs per month.
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Never, I've never been a fast loser
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When I first started to try to lose weight (in Dec 2001) - I was about 250lbs. Those first 20 lbs litterally flew off never to be seen again. But I can't remember how long it took them to fly off. It was only little changes I started with. 10 mins on the elliptical, eat wheat instead of white, and trying to "cut back". I was also only 22 years old.

Then I yo-yoed between 215 - 230 for years.

Now, it has taken me an entire year to go from 232 to 204 (as of this weekend! whoo hoo!) That is 28 lbs in a year. That's what, about 2.3 lbs a month? Lol! I don't ever expect to see a 10 lb loss in one month. Just looking for the downward slope.
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When I started in 2007, I focused on eating no junk and eating lots of veggies and fruits and walking out the door and back (which was all the exercise I could tolerate). The first 3 months I lost 13, 7, and 5 pounds and from there I was calorie counting and lost 0 or 1 pound some months and 5 or 7 other months.

After a long period of stall, I restarted with a vigor, did calorie counting again and last November lost 11 pounds. Then it slowed. In April I started a low carb low cal plan (1000ish calories, 100+ g protein, under 90g carbs/day) and lost 15 pounds the first month and then about 7 per month after that. This month I've lost 6 so far.
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Every month, if you count losing the 8 lbs I gain during TOM (but since I had to gain it before losing it, that doesn't really count, does it?).

In terms of "real" weight loss, I've acheived a 10 lb loss only a few times in the last six years.

In my 20's at this weight, I could and often did lose 10 lbs or more the first week, and could lose 30 or more lbs in a month... but those days are long gone.

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The first month I went low-carb. And then last August. But after August I didn't lose at all in September, so I think it was a period of body-adjusting. I'm back on my slow-but-steady pace of 4-6 pounds a month.
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I lost 15 pounds in my first 3 weeks of eating healthier, 1st week was 8 pounds, 2nd week was 3 pounds, and 3rd week was 4 pounds Im sure it will slow down I just hope not anytime soon lol. I eat LOTS of veggies, fruits, lean meats, I still have ice cream I just eat frozen yogurt instead, I still eat cookies its just 100 calorie pack of cookies, I stay under 1500 calories a day, and walk with my kids around the neighborhood thats it.
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I've averaged about 11-12 pounds per month. I officially started June 22nd, so it's been 4 months, and I've lost about 50 pounds (weighed in at 182 this morning). So far I am not doing much exercising besides being very active with two little kids, and walking the dog. I am eating about 1500 calories per day. However, I am also breastfeeding an 8 month old, so that has helped my loss along as well. When she weans I plan to go down to about 1200-1300 calories per day, which is a level I have eaten at before quite happily and will expect to continue to lose/maintain at that point.

Edited to add that I am 32, as another poster pointed out that age has a lot to do with rate of weight loss as well.

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3 + years maintaining
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During the time I was losing, every month was a 10 lb plus loss, averaging about 15 per month.
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Originally Posted by rockinrobin View Post
During the time I was losing, every month was a 10 lb plus loss, averaging about 15 per month.
Dude!! No wonder you say plateaus don't happen to everyone!! You are like the weight loss diva! LOL! Your body truly does like to be thin.

It all works out in the end. Weight loss certainly isn't a race.
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Mini Goal 1- 189.5 lbs
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I just did the kick-off (no-carb) week of a very low carb diet my friend was put on by her diet coach. I'm not no or even particularly low carb, myself but did it more in solidarity with her to encourage her to keep to it. And as at Saturday, I'd lost 7.5 lbs in 1 week. I don't think even my first week into this journey was that huge a loss (I may have lost 5 lbs I think). I'm usually a 5-7 lb a month loser, so this is amazing. However, I was absolutely miserable, hungry, weak as a kitten during my work outs, had the worst mood swings, so even though low-carb is something my body apparently likes, my mind and my soul hates it, and therefore, it's sooooo not sustainable. Maybe I can do like a low-carb week every month though or something.
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Originally Posted by rockinrobin View Post
During the time I was losing, every month was a 10 lb plus loss, averaging about 15 per month.
I hate to threadjack, but I've been wanting to ask you this for days...

How did you do that?! Everytime I see your numbers and dates I'm amazed. Just curious what your total approach was (you already convinced me I should count my calories so thanks for that)

If there is already a thread somewhere where you've shared, I'd love to read it.

Threadjack done... sorry.
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